Who Is She, Anyway?

Chapter Eleven: Synergy

Stormer glanced up from her manuscript book, sending the blond girl a surprised smile. "When did you get back?"
"Just." Jerrica's expression was troubled. "Kimber spoke to me, Stormer...how did you come to see?"
Stormer blushed.
"I just...did." She said slowly. "I didn't mean to, but I heard voices..."
Jerrica sighed.
"Well, its done." She said resignedly. "And Kimber says you can keep a secret...I'll believe her."
"I won't tell anyone." Stormer responded quietly. "So you needn't worry about that."
"Kimber wanted me to explain Synergy to you." Jerrica continued. "Are you busy or can you take a break?"
"I can break. Kimber and I have done a lot of work today already." Stormer put her book aside. "Synergy?"
"Yes." Jerrica nodded. "She was built by my father Emmet for me, Stormer, and Kimber too to use to our best abilities. He never lived long enough to complete the paperwork to patent her, and for that reason we must keep her secret. If someone else was to get hold of her - if she was to fall into enemy hands, well, who knows what might happen? She's a very powerful piece of equipment and would make a formidable weapon if her powers were abused."
"Why do you refer to it as she?" Stormer looked curious as the two headed into the house. "I don't understand...it's a machine, isn't it?"
"Synergy is something else." Jerrica replied, pushing open the door of the room which Stormer had witnessed the strange events in. "Essentially, Stormer, she projects holograms. That's her basic function. But she is more than a mere projection unit, as you will soon see. Sometimes I wonder if she has a whole independant personality of her own." She sighed. "She was modelled on my late mother, you know. Father never really recovered from losing her, and I think building her characteristics into Synergy was a way to deal with his loss in a more personal way than Kimber, Aja, Shana or I could ever offer him."
"I understand." Stormer said gravely. "My father was killed in an accident when I was seven, and I remember my mother often saying that she'd never remarry, because he was irreplaceable to her. She lived ten years without him, and I know she thought of him every day. It's nice in a way that your father had some way of appeasing his missing your mother."
"Indeed." Jerrica smiled. "Come on, through here."
"That's a wall." Stormer hesitated, looking confused.
"No, it's an illusion. A hologram projected by Synergy to shield her from view." Jerrica replied. She held out her hand to the other girl. "Come on, it's quite safe, I promise."
A doubtful look on her face, Stormer allowed herself to be led through the 'wall' and into the subsequent room, stopping dead at the sight of the contraption that took up most of one wall.
"Synergy, I brought you a friend." Jerrica said. The monitor flickered into life, and Stormer realised that the face on the screen was not dissimilar in features to the pictures she had seen of Jacqui Benton.
"Well, well." The voice was low and melodic, but not frightening. "Stormer of the Misfits...Jerrica, what is this about?"
"She saw more than she should, but she's promised that she won't betray us." Jerrica explained. "I thought that if she met you she might understand better why."
"I see." Synergy paused, then, "Stormer, what are you thinking?"
"I...I don't know." Stormer looked startled. "I guess I was wondering how you...I mean...why you...why were you created? What for?"
"Special effects, predominately." Synergy smiled. "But I am more than that now. Really, Stormer, keeping my secret is of ultimate importance. If people were to know of me...I don't want to be either duplicated or altered to cause harm to anyone."
"I understand." Stormer regained an inch of her composure, managing to return the smile. "I think. This is all very confusing for me, Synergy."
"Of course it is." Synergy sounded amused. "But when you think about it more, it'll make more sense to you. I'm not worried about you knowing. You are not like the other Misfits, I have noticed this."
"How?" Stormer looked surprised. "I never saw you before, how do you know about me?"
"I speak to Kimber often." Synergy laughed. "But also, Stormer, I am aware of more than you think. I am always where Jerrica is...in the red star earrings that she and Jem both wear. They are my projectors."
"Oh!" Stormer breathed. "So that's why they're so important!"
"Yes." Jerrica nodded. She reached up and touched her earring self-consciously. "I live in dread of losing them. Showtime, Synergy."
"As you wish, Jerrica." Synergy agreed, gently bathing her in a pinkish glow as her features became those of Jem.
"It's amazing and so realistic." Stormer said, impressed. "I would never have known...but it explains so much now that I do know."
"I'm glad that it's you that found out and not one of your friends." Jem sighed. "That would've been messy. As it is, things might work out okay. And you have songs to edit, so I guess you better get back to work."
"Thank you for keeping my secret, Stormer." Synergy said gently. Stormer smiled.
"It's okay." She replied. "I...wouldn't feel right if I didn't. Not now I understand. And, like Jerr...Jem...said, I have work to get back to. But maybe we'll meet again?"
"Yes, I'm sure we will." Synergy's projectors glittered thoughtfully. "I am always here. Goodbye, Stormer...and good luck to you and Kimber on your record. I'm sure it will be a huge success!"

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