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Well, this is the first of two Jem annuals sold in the UK. Personally, I find the stories either ridiculous or hilariously funny...but they have a purpose beyond that. They, like the episodes, are one of Hasbro's many ways of promoting their new line of fashions and dolls. As you're about to see....

As can probably be imagined, Jem and the Holograms appear in the annual with their original outfits on. (Hasbro ain't stupid!). It's interesting to note that Kimber, Aja and Shana have their correct colour and style instruments (Unlike on the cartoon) which proves in my mind that the illustrations were done from dolls or pictures of dolls which were closer to the issue design than the pictures given to animators. Most likely, since Jem in the UK was a year behind America, they were drawn from the actual issue doll.
The outfits are pretty clearly correct...Aja is missing her belt, but that's it. Jem's belt is also missing it's logo (Ignore what's in the picture, that was from a kid with a felt pen :P) but Shana;s shoes and jem's mic colour are correct. Jerrica is also shown fairly liberally in her correct outfit, down to belt and beret :)

Unlike the later '88 annual, the '87 annual is riddled with fashions. Hardly surprising, since '87 was Jem's first year in the UK. However, it's not necessarily true to say that the same fashions appear on dolls that they do in the series.
Also, it's easy to spot a few little variations which match up with the advertising pictures better than they do the actual sold fashion. Award Night (picture from annual to the left) is one such fashion. It's missing it's boa, but otherwise looks identical to the picture from the advertising leaflet that came in doll packages. (These leaflets appear to be universal, regardless of country) which is shown to the right. If you look carefully you can see the belt is purple with a silver J on it (I'm sorry, the picture itself on the leaflet is minute :/) This is also carried over onto the cover of one of the Superstar books..and the design is used throughout the 1987 annual.

Award Night is not the only On Stage fashion that's worn in the annual, however. Encore, Permanent Wave, Dancin' The Night Away, Twilight in Paris and Only The Beginning all make guest appearances too :) The picture to the left shows Jem in Encore and Aja in Dancin' the Night Away. Encore is missing it's tights, and has the wrong shoes, but is still clearly recognisable.

Dancin' The Night Away has the correct colour dress, sash and shoes, though it misses it's tights also.

Aja seems to have adopted Dancin' The Night Away as her own, since she wears it at several points through the annual. Here's another example of it, to the right. Also, though, you can clearly see that in the picture Kimber is wearing Only The Beginning, and Shana is wearing Twilight in Paris (Okay, that one is less clear, but trust me...she is :) Sadly you can't see the colour of Kimber's belt or shoes, since on the advertising leaflet Only The Beginning is shown with a black belt and dark pink shoes, with the rest of the fashion being as it was sold. Again Aja seems to have misplaced her tights :/ 


Jem has also been raiding her sister's  wardrobe in the annual, too. But then, I think this can be explained. Jem;s frequent appearance in Permanent Wave, with a splodged not striped jacket probably comes from the fact that on the advertising material  it;s Jem that's shown wearing it (see pic). Note however that the graphic of Jem from the annual is missing the belt.
Oddly enough, there does not seem to be any image of Command Performance or Music is Magic in the Annual. At least, if there is...I haven't found them yet :)


I think it's fairly safe to say that the annual illustrators did not understand the concept of Flipside Fashion :P I've only found 2 shown in the annual... and neither of them are shown as Jem/Jerrica switch outfits...ah well.

The two fashions are: Getting Down To Business (both versions worn by Jerrica) and Music In The Air (Worn by Jem an...um...Shana :P) I can't help feeling too that Jem's portrayal of Music in the Air is a leetle bit mix and match between the Jem and the Jerrica forms.  <shrugs> Does suit her, mind you...I think she's wearing the Jerrica version of the fashion only without the overshirt...which as you can see, Shana has :/ Perhaps the Holograms share too much!
The tights shown with Getting Down To Business are white lacy tights, which is not correct to the actual fashion. However, it is correct to the advertising photograph...:)

Well, there they are...the stars of the piece. I'm not quite sure what the illustrators thought the Misfits should look like...to me this picture makes Stormer look more evil than Pizzazz, and Roxy looks kinda like she's pressing her face up against a window, pulling faces. but never mind...in terms of fashions and accessories, the girls are pretty accurate. Though you can't see it so clearly, Pizzazz's guitar is correctly portrayed throughout the annual, and Stormer has her odd shaped guitar as opposed to the synth she had in the series. It does seem however to be reversed, because the actual guitar is left-handed :P. Roxy's guitar is same as it should be. The fashions are also very accurate...though Stormer's flower is the wrong colour (see the Germany 1986 page for a clue to this) and they even have gold Misfit bracelets! It's perhaps important to note that no disparity in character exists in the annual for the Misfits - they're all 2 dimensional villains, even Stormer. Shame, that...

Blink and you miss them. This is the only picture I can find anywhere in the book where the Misfits wear Smashin' Fashions and not their original garb. Nice really how they've all switched around fashions from the show :-D. Let The Music Play and Just Misbehavin' seem, from what's visible, to be pretty accurately drawn. Outta My Way has gone oddly white...but I believe this is not just an illustrative blip..check out the Germany 1986 page to see what I mean!!
Makin' Mischief does not make an appearance, and nor does Winnin' Is Everything.

Well, I know technically Rio's fashions are for the first year Smashin' Fashions, but let's face facts here. Firstly, there is nothing Smashin' about Rio or his outfits. And secondly, the card for the fashions does state that it's a line of fashions for the Misfits, further backed up by the fact that in Second Year only Misfit fashions came under the header of Smashin' Fashions. So, with that little explanation out of the way, on to Rio's portrayal in the book...:)
Oddly enough, you never see Rio in the wear he was sold with...(though he wears it liberally through the '88 annual). Instead you see him in Truly Outrageous and On The Road With Jem (though the jacket is missing the logo)
Oddly Rio is always shown as having brown hair...^_^