Set: Misfits
Year: 1987 (Second)
Sold: USA, Canada, Brazil
Jetta came with the following items:
~Black and white polkadot top with silver tabard fringed with black
~polkadot black and white skirt
~white velveteen belt with black spots
~Black and white trousers
~Black scallop cut shoes
~Black saxophone
~Cassette featuring Jem Theme, Who Is She Anyway?, Designing Woman
~Hot pink comb
~Clear stand and grip speckled with black

Existing Variations:
Jetta exists in two forms - both of which are Made In China
One (the most common of the two) has her manufacture stamp between her shoulderblades. The other has hers above her waist.
There are also minor variations in make up.

Mexican/Spanish/European versions?
Jetta's Head
Jetta: Doll
Normal Wrist Comments: Black haired caucasian doll with silver tinsel rooted into her hair. Hair can be rooted with a left or right parting. Her scalp is painted black. Her eyes are pale pinkish. Some Jettas have pinkier eyes than others, others have greyish eyes. Lips are painted purple (shade can vary). Jetta has a white slash across her face and silver eyeshadow on the eye that the slash does not touch. Head is unstamped and shares a mould with Clash and Danse. Jetta is stamped 1985 Hasbro Inc, Made In China on her back. She can be stamped between the shoulderblades or just above the waist.
Jetta has normal hands/wrists (see right) and does not appear as a Superstar doll. These hands are usually of the more "inserted into socket" kind (as pictured). She was likely the last of the line, explaining her unusual stand colour and lack of Misfit bracelets. Perhaps she was not originally intended to be a Misfit by Hasbro's design team - we will never know.
Jetta's Top
Jetta: Top

:Black sleeveless top polkadotted in white (like skirt) with a silver lame tabard fringed with black. Fastens at the back with velcro. No known variation.
Jetta's Skirt
Jetta: Skirt

: Black skirt polkadotted with white fabric paint spots (like top beneath tabard). No fastening at the back, elasticated waist. No known variations.
Jetta's Belt
Jetta: Belt

White velveteen fabric with black polkadots (dalmation print, similar fabric to Gimme Gimme Gimme's overdress). No known variations.
Jetta's Trousers
Jetta: Trousers

Black and white striped trousers. No rear fastening, elasticated waist. No known variations.
Jetta's shoes
Jetta: Shoes

Black, scallops. No known variations.
Jetta's Sax
Jetta: Instrument

Comments: Black saxophone with silver strap (not gold like other Misfit instruments). No known variation.

Jetta's Cassette
Jetta: Cassette

Comments: Black tape with white print dated 1986. Features the songs Jem Theme, Who Is She Anyway? Designing Woman. On side B features instrumentals without an instrument playing the vocal track, like most other second year dolls. No known variation.
Jetta's Comb
Jetta: Comb

This is the comb that came with my Jetta. It is the same dark hot pink as Pizzazz and Stormer from the first edition. Strange colour choice considering the theme of the rest of Jetta's accessories!
Jetta's stand
Jetta: Stand

Clear stand speckled with black in much the same way as Glitter and Gold Jem and Rio's stands are speckled with gold glitter. Strangely not neon yellow like other Misfit stands.


Jetta: Mint In Box
Jetta (From Talent Search) Jetta: From Poster Jetta: Myths and Mysteries
  • Jetta was never sold with Misfit Bracelets, unlike her fellow Misfits. Silver Misfit Bracelets do exist, but they belong to European first year Misfit dolls and not to Jetta.
  • Jetta was never sold in the UK, despite the fact that her cartoon alter ego was British born. Whether she was sold in continental Europe yet remains uncertain, but it seems unlikely.
  • Jetta was possibly the last Jem doll made for the second year line - so late that she didn't even make the back of her own box! The package features Pizzazz, Roxy, Stormer and Clash, but Jetta is only pictured in the graphic on the front and is not mentioned in the Misfit blurb. Perhaps because she was such a late addition, she is also the most correctly animated Misfit on the Jem cartoon :)
  • For some reason, the promotional picture of Jetta featured on the poster she came with (see left) shows her with no tinsel in her hair. I much prefer this version, and wish it had made it into stores!!