Second Edition Kimber
KIMBER (Second Edition)
Set: Holograms
Year: 1987 (Second)
Sold: Worldwide
Second Edition Kimber came with the following items:
~Trousers (Green version) (Yellow-Green Version)
~Cassette featuring "Jem Theme", "Can't Get My Love Together" and "Love's Not Easy."

Existing Variations:
Second Edition Kimber has one main variation - her hair can either be streaked with the same pink hair as Raya has, or can be pure cherry red of the first edition doll. Both are valid variations - the latter appears more prevalent in the UK :)

Mexican/Spanish/European versions?
None, though Mexican Kimber's instrument bears great similarity to Second Edition Kimber's.
  Second Kimber: Pink-Streaked
Kimber: Doll (Pink Streaks)

Protruding Wrist Comments:
This is what I was once told was the only "proper" Second Edition Kimber doll - the more well known version with the pink Raya-coloured streaks rooted through her red hair. She has very pale make-up and her pink streaks (obvious when you have her in front of you, less obvious in the photo) and earring holes confirm her as a second edition. So does her hairtie, which, even when missing, leaves plugs or plug holes in the doll's head. Kimber II looks fairly dreamy. She has Hasbro 1985 stamped on her head and she is made in China, unlike the most of the First Edition Holograms which are made in Hong Kong. I have never yet heard of a pink-streaked Kimber being unearthed in the UK - the doll pictured is Canadian in origin :) She also has normal but "protruding" wrists - all second Kimbers I have seen have these hands (in which the hinge joint is clearly visible and not within the wrist), regardless of hair colour.
Second Kimber: Cherry Red
Kimber: Doll (Cherry red)
Cherry Red Kimber: Remains of Hair Plug Comments: When I first got into Jem, I was told in no uncertain tones that this was probably a "faked" second edition because she lacked the pink streaks in her hair. However, this is not the case. Cherry-Red Second Kimbers are fairly prevalent over this side of the world (I have had six or seven Cherry second Kimbers from the UK over the years) and they are a GENUINE variation. Though they can be found abroad as well, this does appear to be their main market, here in the UK and possibly Europe.
It's harder to confirm the authenticity of a Cherry Second Kimber unless you know what you are looking for. Aside from the earring holes - which can indeed be faked - if she has no hairtie, she should have either the remains of a plug or a hole where the plug would have been on her scalp (the one shown has remains of a clear plastic plug - see picture to the right.) Red Kimber also has the same hand style as shown with "Pink streaked" Kimber above.
This edition of Kimber seems to have various hairstyles but the most common is to have it curling under the chin somewhat, with one side longer than the other. This is not a feature of the pink Kimbers, who seem to have more "shaggy" hair ;)
Second Edition Kimber: Hairtie
Second Edition Kimber: Hairtie Plug Kimber: Hairtie
Comments: Blue fabric tied around the head in a bow. Same fabric as used on Second Edition Aja's hairtie. Originally plugged onto the doll's head with a milky clear plastic plug - loose dolls may have remains of this plug (see picture to the right, please note contrast in this picture has been altered to allow the plug to show up better) and often the doll and hairtie are seperated. (I do not have a seperated example).
 Second Edition Kimber: Jacket
Kimber: Jacket

: Based on the style of the First Edition Kimber jacket, but far, far nicer to look at! Made of an almost wood-pattern purple fabric, with metallic purple lapels of the same fabric as Video's jacket, and lace collar and cuffs. Fastens at the front with a snap fastener, like the First Edition. Because of the nature of the fabric, the patterns can vary from doll to doll but otherwise the jacket is fairly uniform.
Second Edition Kimber: Trousers (Green)
Comparison of Seams
Kimber: Trousers (1)
Comments: This is the usual, uncontroversial type of trousers associated with Second Edition Kimber. They are grass green fabric which creases and which has a reddish velvety belt attached to the trousers that fastens at the back with velcro. These are the trousers which came with my Canadian Kimber, so I presume that these are normal for pink-streaked Kimber, though there is nothing conclusive to indicate it either way. The stitching on these trousers is lighter and bluer than on the yellowish trousers - a more aqua colour that blends well with the fabric.
  Second Edition Kimber: Trousers (Yellow Green)
Comparison of Seams
Kimber: Trousers (2)
: And these are the controversial trousers called by the unimaginitive as "faded". The trouble is that Kimber's trousers do and can fade with wear, light and too much play. However there does seem to exist a version which are a lighter yellowish-green from new and which have such an even colour overall that it's likely impossible that they faded to that shade (even being yellow-green within the seams). These are the colour more often found with Kimber dolls here in the UK, so my suggestion is that they belong with the cherry red Kimber doll. Of course, as yet no Mint in Box cherry red Kimbers have been found to confirm or deny the suggestion :) The real key to the fact they are different from the above trousers though lies in the stitching. These have darker stitches than the green ones (strange for a faded thing, wouldn't you agree, for the stitches to go darker in colour?). The stitching is a dark greenish aqua.
  Second Edition Kimber: Shoes
Kimber: Shoes

.Salmon pink scallop edged shoes. They are identical to Fire and Ice.
  Second Edition Kimber: Keyboard
Kimber: Keyboard

Like all second edition instruments, Kimber's keys have been given a new glittery look instead of the matte finish from the earlier edition - it is flecked with tiny gold glitter and should not be confused with the much harder to find Mexican Kimber Keyboard. The keys are painted in dark purple still, as are the two buttons. The strap is silver, like all Hologram straps.
   Second Edition Kimber: Earrings
Kimber: Earrings
Yellow hoops with triangles on the base. The colour of the earrings can vary minutely from pastel to neon yellow and shades inbetween. Whether the colour shades link with the two versions of the doll or not is inconclusive. The earrings are very hard to find seperate from the doll, and are often lost, damaged or both.
 Second Edition Kimber: Stand
Kimber: Stand

Neon pinkish colour, same shade as first year stands only cloudy to mark it out as a second edition Hologram stand.
Kimber: Comb


Second Edition Kimber: Cassette
Kimber: Cassette

Tape is white with pink writing. Features the songs "Jem Theme", "Can't Get My Love Together" and "Love's Not Easy." Side B features instrumentals for these without an instrument playing the lead vocal line.


Kimber: Mint In Box

Second Edition Kimber: Myths and Mysteries