Year: 1986-7
Sold: UK, Mexico
We KNOW mexican KIMBER came with the following:
~White jacket
~blue trousers
~white socks
~pink keyboard
~pink shoes
~Cassette featuring songs "Tema De Jem", "Solo El Principio" and "Atardecer En Paris"
~pink stand

HYBRID mexican Kimber came additionally with:
No idea! Possibly yellow earrings, but as yet, noone has ever unearthed one to be sure!!

Existing Variations:
Well, we PRESUME there must be a hybrid....see also "Weird Kimber" Page.

I would like to thank Cleothunderwith for the donation of the pics for Kimber's shoes and comb. I'd also like to thank AMY for the loan of the Kimber keyboard picture.
  Mexican Kimber Head: Pure
Kimber: Pure Mexican Edition (Facial)
 Comments: Well, there is no mistaking the fact that this is *the* most distinctive of all of the Mexican dolls. Definitely the easiest to spot a mile away because of her orangeish red hair, her big blue eyes, her wide face and her vacant look. She really is up in the clouds! Her skin is pale and so is her make-up - very much a contrast to some of the European Kimber dolls!

 Mexican Kimber Body: Back
 Kimber: Pure Mexican Edition (Back)
  Comments: You shouldn't NEED to check Kimber's body for stamps after seeing that face, but just in case you do, and you want to be sure, as you can see, no stamps! Nothing on the head or the torso. Nice, pale, shiny body.Apart from the obvious shiny (ceramic looking, but it is NOT ceramic) body, the lines where the arms and legs' moulds were sealed are far more defined, the hands are longer, thinner and marked in the palm quite often with a number or letter. Mexican hands break off VERY easily, for some reason, and are also prone to a white speckly deterioration. Both of these things are clues to a Mexican doll. Finally the doll has greater proportions to a normal doll - she will stand a touch taller than your average Shana of the Holograms! This is true for BOTH Hybrid and Pure dolls.

  Kimber: The Hybrid (Facial)
Comments: Well, we presume she exists, but as yet noone has come forward with one to prove or disprove it! Anyone help me out here?

Kimber: The Hybrid (Back)
  Comments: See above :)
     Mexican Kimber: Jacket
Kimber Jacket
: A lot of classic signs here. The ruffle collar and cuffs are of that pleathery Mexican alternative to Jem lame and the jacket itself is rather more 'fluffy' feeling. Also, that love of velcro again - Mexican Kimber's jacket fastens with a velcro piece and NOT a snap fastener as in the normal version. (Sigh - obviously velcro is the cheap alternative to snaps!) New in the box this jacket is snowy white and fluffy to the touch, but many loose ones are faintly beigeish and not quite so furry :)
 Mexican Kimber: Trousers
Kimber:  Trousers
Just like the top - the trousers are made from the same pleathery fabric as the blue lapels and are a slightly bigger size proportionally to normal Kimber trousers (at least, they look it to me!) Fasten at the back with - any guesses? Yep...VELCRO! Basic pattern the same as Kimber's trousers, though :)
  Mexican Kimber: Sock
Kimber Socks
Comments: These socks are from my MIB doll, so we can be absolutely sure now of an example of Mexican Kimber's socks. The weave is different from a normal Kimber sock if you look at it and they appear somehow more delicate than your average Kimber sock. They're also stitched along the hem with a zig zag white stitch and folded over neatly. This makes it hard to know precisely how long the socks really are when found loose, but I would guess about the same as Kimber's normal socks.

Mexican Kimber's Keyboard
Kimber Keyboard
Comments: The picture doesn't really do it justice, but Kimber's keyboard is very bright pink, as you can see in my display photo of the doll at the top of the page. Ignore the pink cord shown on that keyboard - that has been replaced. Kimber's keyboard should have silver cord like the one to the left. The keys are black, not purple, and it is flecked with glitter but the overall colour is brighter than second edition Kimber's keyboard. It is also slightly different in proportion. Very cute ;)

  Mexican Kimber shoes
Kimber:  Shoes
Comments: I haven't seen these in person, but they look quite close in the photograph to those belonging to normal first Kimber, colourwise. You can see very clearly on this example the number/letter stamped inside and the slightly curved edges. Not to be confused with European shoes because of the number. Mexican shoes are always more rounded and European ones more angular.

 Mexican Kimber: Cassette
Kimber: Cassette
Comments: The cassette includes the songs "Tema De Jem" (Jem Theme), "Solo El Principio" (Only The Beginning) and "Atardecer En Paris" (Twilight In Paris.)On the B side are instrumentals WITHOUT an instrument playing the vocal line, far more like second year instrumentals, but for the first year issue songs! Mexican dolls are unique in that they are the only foreign packaged dolls to come with a specific language tape. Kimber's tape is also different in another way. It has no label stuck on it and the text - in dark blue and not pink - is printed directly onto the cassette itself.
   Mexican Aja: Stand
Kimber Stand
Mexican Stand: No TM stamp Comments:
Mexican Jem doll stands are distinguishable quite easily - there are two types, Hologram and Misfits and of course, that means pink and yellow. All of the Hologram dolls had this stand - pink, clouded like the second year dolls, but with no TM beside the M of Jem (or anywhere else on the stand!) This is the easiest way to tell a Mexican stand from a normal second edition stand! (The inset shows the missing TM, that picture has been edited in art software to make the contrast show up better and the image clearer)
    Mexican Kimber: Comb
Kimber: Comb
Ack! It's PINK! I'm starting to think that most all the Mexican doll line had the same pink comb, you know? :)
Definitely Mexican though, because there's no TM stamp after the M of Jem!
   Mexican Kimber MIB

Pure Doll Mint In Box
Comments: This is my Mexican Kimber Mint in Box. Her box is fairly classic - she has Es Fabulosa beneath the Jem logo, giving it away that she is Mexican, and she is named as "Kimber De Las Holograms" (Yeps, spanish text!). The Es Fabulosa is important though. Spanish dolls have Verdaderamente Fantastica instead!!

The artwork and box style is the same as a normal first edition Aja box, though of course it says "Hecho In Mexico" and has the Juguetes Con Vida logo as well as the Hasbro copyright. Mexican dolls were made under licence from Hasbro by Juguetes Con Vida :)

The text beneath the cassette picture says "Incluye un cassette con los exitos "Tema De Jem", "Solo El Principio" y "Atardecer En Paris". (Includes a cassette with the hit songs Jem Theme, Only The Beginning and Twilight In Paris."

Yep, fairly standard.
Kimber: Hybrid Doll Mint In Box
Comments: I have no picture to prove it, but as far as I can ascertain all hybrid dolls were sold in exactly the same packaging as the pure dolls.
Kimber: Myths and Mysteries
The Oddball Doll
See the page on Weird Kimber for more information :)