Set: Misfits
Year: 1986-7 (Both)
Sold: Worldwide
Roxy came with the following items:
~purple shaggy top with one sleeve (First Edition) (Second Edition)
~metallic splatter-print trousers (First Edition) (Second Edition)
~Yellow belt
~Guitar (First Edition) (European Edition) (Second Edition)
~Shoes (First Edition) (European Edition) (Second Edition)
~Bracelets (US Edition) (Euro Edition)
~Cassette featuring "Jem Theme", "Click/Clash" and "Takin' It All".
~Stand (First Edition) (European Edition) (Second Edition)

Existing Variations:
European and US differences. Some differences between first and second edition dolls (hard to distinguish on loose dolls).

Mexican/Spanish/European versions?
Yes, both Mexican (hybrid and pure) and Spanish editions of Roxy exist.
  First Edition Roxy: US Edition
Roxy: US First Edition Doll
Comments: It's slightly lazy and generalistic to refer to anything as a "US" edition or a "Euro" edition, because this does not give the full complexity of how these dolls were actually issued. But since this style of doll is prevalent as the first edition doll in North America, I tend to think of her as an American doll, just for simplicity's sake.
This Roxy has hair rooted in a particular style, often with a fringe or with a section at the front which could be a fringe if it wasn't sticking up (er, like my doll. :P) Her hair is styled somewhat to curl under at the ends, and her head is stamped Hasbro 1985 on the back. Her makeup can have several minute variations but this seems a pretty general example out of my First Edition Roxy dolls - her 'flame' is fairly yellowish, and her eyes are a violet-brown.
These Roxy dolls are, without exception, stamped Hasbro Inc Made in China. However, second Edition Roxy dolls are also stamped this, so you cannot differentiate by this method. First Edition Roxy, however, does not have such pale skin as the Second edition as a rule.
This Roxy also has the normal style of wrists, as can be seen in the inset.

  Roxy: European Doll
Roxy: European First Edition Doll
Comments: There is absolutely no doubt about the origins of this doll, because she was acquired and deboxed entirely for my research for this page! There are two versions of the "European" Roxy (though these are also quite common in Canada, hence the other reason for calling the doll above the US version). One - like the one pictured to the left - is made in Hong Kong, and the other has no country of manufacture stamped on her back. The principle difference between the two that I have found is that the no-country issue Roxys tend to have more rod-straight unstyleable hair, whereas the Hong Kong ones appear to use a nicer fibre - as you can see, my Hong Kong Roxy is quite pretty.
The European doll heads are slightly wider than the other issue, and have Hasbro Inc K stamped on the back (the K is for Kimber, Roxy shares Kimber's face mould).
As you can see from the picture, the makeup is quite distinctive also on these dolls. The flame is often much more greenish in hue, the skin tone richer and the lipstick less bold and dark. Her eyebrow is also at a slightly different angle, giving her a more impish expression. Roxy also has balled wrists and her body will, in both the Hong Kong and No Country examples, be slightly smaller in proportion to a normal Chinese Roxy doll.
  Second Edition Roxy
Roxy: Second Edition Doll
To date, I have not managed to discover any great disparity between the second edition Roxy doll sold in North America and that sold in Europe and the rest of the world. Misfits are notoriously difficult to sort by edition anyway, out of their boxes, so this is based a little on guesswork. This is the doll I believe to be a second edition Roxy. As you can see, her complexion is paler than the first editions (not to be confused with Mexican Roxy). Her flame is not significantly greener than the first editions - in fact, quite the opposite. Because of her pallor, her makeup appears to stand out more boldly. Her hair is styled in much the same way as the US first edition Roxy, and she has the same stamping on the back of her head and between her shoulderblades. There is also a version of Second Edition Roxy with the hasbro stamp above her waist join instead of across her back.
The doll has the normal non-balled wrist style.

   Roxy: Top (First Edition)
Roxy: Top (First Edition)
: This is the normal first edition top common to both styles of first edition doll. Please note it is NOT a different shade from the second edition top below - that was just the lighting on my photography (noone ever said that was my gift -forgive me). The only way I can think of to describe this top versus the other is that it has a less fluffy appearance to it, and there are more sections which are somewhat seethrough (not to be confused with the Mexican Roxy top which is very see through!) The top is purple with one sleeve and fastens with velcro at the back.
Roxy: Top (Second Edition)
Roxy: Top (Second Edition)
: This top at a distance looks the same as the one above, but on closer inspection you can see that the "fluff" is closer together and it seems, well, fluffier somehow than the other one - maybe an attempt to make the top stronger, because seam damage and fraying is not uncommon with Roxy's top. It is still a one sleeved top with velcro fastenings at the back and it is the same colour as the one above. (Honest).

Roxy: First Edition Trousers
Roxy: First Edition Trousers

: Metallic lame with big coloured splatters on them. Colours are vibrant greens, pinks, yellows and blues but the trousers are easily worn and can often be faded or ruined when bought second hand. The type of fabric means that the pattern can differ slightly with each piece. The trousers are stitched with creamish white thread. There is no significant variation between the Ball Wrist and the Normal Wrist editions of Roxy's trousers.

Roxy: Second Edition Trousers
Roxy: Second Edition Trousers

: These have a very distinctly different pattern to the colours! The splatter is more in shapes, like coloured blobs of pink, yellow and blue that overlap each other in places. The rest of the trousers are silver and bear a far closer resemblance to Roxy's box art than do the first edition ones! The legholes for these trousers are also different - there are slits each side, as you can just see in the picture. The First edition trousers do not have slits. Very distinctive!

   Roxy: Belt
Roxy: Belt

 Yellow with three silver diamond stickers on (the same type as used for Stormer's top.) Often loses the stickers loose, though. Easily confused without stickers with Mexican Roxy's belt. No significant variation between US and Euro editions, or first and second.
  Roxy: First Edition Guitar (US)
Roxy guitars (comparison)
Roxy: First Edition Guitar (US edition)

Comments:  This is the normal first edition guitar that comes with First Edition Roxy in the USA and Canada and places like that. It is the most common Roxy guitar in my experience. There is a significant colour difference between it and the European edition (see second picture - this one is the guitar shown on the LEFT) In colour it matches more or less to Stormer's normal edition shoes and it has a glittery pink sticker.  It has a gold strap.

Roxy: First Edition Guitar (Euro)
Roxy: First Edition Guitar (Euro/Ball Wrist edition)

  Comments: This is the first edition guitar that came with my Dutch Roxy. who is a Ball Wrist doll Made in Hong Kong (A European edition, then!) It is quite a few shades darker in colour than the American issue guitar as you can see from the picture comparison above. It almost matches to Roxy's European edition shoes, but is maybe a touch darker. It might match to We Can Change It's shoes, but I don't have those for comparison :) It also has a corresponding sticker and gold strap.
Roxy Guitar: Second Edition
Roxy: Second Edition Guitar

Comments: Very different from the above two. Glittery opaque with gold specks of glitter in a raspberry pink plastic. The shape and style of the guitar is the same though and the decal is printed straight onto the plastic. Gold strap. If you have a PURPLE guitar that has some of these features, check out the Mexican page :)

   Roxy Shoes: First Edition *USA*
Roxy: First Edition Shoes *USA*

These are first edition Roxy's shoes. NOT to be confused with Dancin' the Night Away, because there seem to be several different slight shade variations on Roxy's shoes and some are quite close to DTNA in colour. Roxy's shoes are a pale yellow colour and are straight cuts.

Roxy's Shoes: First Edition *Europe*
Roxy: First Edition Shoes *Europe*

These shoes are 100% confirmed as belonging to the European/ballwrist edition of Roxy, because they came from the above deboxed doll. They are very dark in colour, somewhere along the lines of First Edition Stormer's shoes, but honestly, a shade or so darker. These are *often* confused in trading circles with We Can Change It's shoes, but they are distinguishable by the type of plastic they are made from. They are a touch harder than normal Jem shoes, and a bit larger on the doll's foot. They also have letters or lines printed inside the toe of the shoe. They are *not* (as has been believed) fake shoes...they are the genuine article produced for the ball-wrist line. For some reason in Europe Roxy's shoes matched her guitar...

  Roxy's Shoes: Second Edition
Roxy: Second Edition Shoes
Comments: These are Roxy's second edition shoes. They are neon yellow -the same colour as Raya's and Flash and Sizzle Jem's, but straight cuts not scallops.
Misfit Bracelets (gold)
Roxy: Misfit Bracelets (USA first and worldwide Second edition)
Comments: Normal Misfit bracelets are gold - and whilst the paint can flake off them, or they can discolour, they are found on all American edition Misfits. Second editions of Roxy, Stormer and Pizzazz also had them across Europe. The picture makes them look more bronzy, but they are actually a vibrant gold colour.
Misfit Bracelets (Silver)
Roxy: Misfit Bracelets (European first edition)
Comments: Another fallacy of Jem identification is that all silver Misfit Bracelets must be faded. This is not the case. European Misfit dolls were often (but not always!) sold with faintly gold or even silver Misfit bracelets (Some were also sold with coppery-gold. I have observed both mib). These have also been linked with Jetta, but this is another mistake since Jetta never had Misfit bracelets (though they do look good on her, I must say!). Please note that bracelets can indeed fade from gold, but that some are meant to be silver!!
  Roxy: Cassette
Roxy: Cassette
Comments: Universal regardless of First or Second edition, European or American. Black tape with yellow writing, features songs Jem Theme, Click/Clash, Takin' It All. Features instrumentals with an instrument playing the vocal line on side B.

  Stormer: First Edition Stand
Roxy: First Edition Stand

All normal first year Misfits  were sold with this stand. It is neon yellow, and fairly transparent, with a matching grip. Please note that the Jem logo will have a small "TM" by the foot of the M. It's possible that the stands sold with ball wristed dolls are slightly more transparent but hard to prove with no brand new stands to work with :)
Misfit Stand: Europe
Roxy: First Edition Stand  (Europe)

I noticed this just recently, that there is a third type of stand for the Misfits that does not belong to a Spanish or Mexican variation. These stands are completely seethrough yellow as opposed to lightly cloudy like the first edition and very cloudy like the second. These stands came with European ball wristed Roxy, Stormer and Pizzazz.
Stormer: Second Edition Stand
Roxy: Second Edition Stand

Four out of the five second year Misfit characters were sold with this stand, Roxy being one. It is a cloudier plastic than the first edition, though in the same distinctive neon yellow. Mexican Misfits also had stands to match this design, except that theirs did not have the characteristic "TM" at the foot of the M of Jem. All normal edition stands have this, regardless of their colour or edition :)
Roxy: Comb


Roxy: First Edition Mint In Box
Comments: The first edition boxes for America and Europe are pretty identical in style. The one shown is Dutch, but the design is the same in America, with the side flap featuring Roxy, and the Jem logo along the front, with a purplish colour along the bottom indicating that this is a Misfit box. Boxes in English say Jem! then Truly Outrageous. Italian and Dutch boxes also say Truly Outrageous, whilst French ones add "Vraiment Extravagante!" instead (Canadian has both languages, whilst Belgian have Flemish and French but still say "Truly Outrageous! Vraiment Extravagante!".
Spanish Roxy's box reads "Verdaderamente Fantastica!" and has a different style of box opening (flap instead of tabs). Mexican Roxy's box reads "Es Fabulosa!" though maintains the same style of box as most editions.
Roxy: Second Edition Mint In Box
Comments: I do not have a Second Edition Roxy mint in box, but her box style resembles that of Second Edition Stormer.
Roxy: Myths and Mysteries