Spanish Pizzazz  
All the images and stuff on this page are with the kind permission of Laura Dunlop :D

This page is dedicated to Spanish Pizzazz. Since she's not my doll, I'm doing my best to interpret what she's like :) These are all I can find atm in the way of pictures of her - so bear with me :)

Pizzazz is kinda neat :) The picture to the left shows her in full Misfit attire and it's fairly clear what she looks like from this shot. Her tape is, as has been mentioned before, in English, and her fashion is very similar to the ordinary Pizzazz fashion, even down to the Misfit Bracelets. The belt seems to be a little bit wild and wavy, mind you, and then...we come to the shoes and the guitar.

Well, what can I say? Pizzazz's spanish guitar is actually PURPLE. Not grey, as a normal first edition Pizzazz doll has, but real purple behind the silvery label. Equally, those shoes are not regulation gunmetal grey, but a far lighter colour, almost mauvish in hue. Seems to me that there is a pattern of Spanish dolls having different coloured shoes (like Hasbro didn;t already make enough colours of shoe!) from their Hong Kong/Chinese counterparts.

As you can see from the edge of the pic, Spanish 'Zazz also has a poster :) My Spanish dolls came with posters too.