I do not know much about Spanish Shana - but, thanks to Rudy's pictorial help, I do know she definitely exists! What I can see from the above facial shot is that Shana has some major curls going down - interesting to me because this is similar to the Mexican edition of Shana, but the same wild curl is not replicated on the Spanish version of Stormer.

Her face has a nice almost dreamy expression to it. Her makeup is clearly LAVENDER and her blush is quite clear. She has no widows peak, either. Her lipstick is a more vibrant colour than your average HK/China Shana.

Her outfit looks more or less the same from the images I have. Her underwear, I am told, is pink rather than the purple Shana usually has. Her shoes are most likely of the rubberish plastic that my own Spanish dolls are. They remain purple, not pink like many Spanish dolls seem to have. It might be my imagination, but her guitar also seems a lighter shade of pink than normal Shana's!

Thank you, Rudy, for lending me pictures of your beautiful doll!