Germany (1986)

I've chosen to seperate Germany from the rest of Europe for this simple reason. For Germany I have a photo booklet of products and items that I don't have for the rest of Europe, and whilst I'm fairly sure what's in here applies to more than just Germany, it seems prudent not to jump to conclusions.
I don't often watermark my pictures, but these I am stamping for the simple reason that it's much easier to identify a photograph of a doll I've taken than it is a scan like these. I watermarked them back in the days of Jem In The Uk's subsite. Bear with me and the watermarks, okay? It's sad but really, people do swipe images :(. Page will still be worth the read, I promise!.

The booklet itself is not very big - I had anticipated it to be A4 size but it's actually smaller even than a Jem poster folded in quarters. The booklet contains various promotional information about the dolls and fashions, with photos...and some original ideas come to light!! The booklet only deals with first year...there is no Raya or Jetta present in any of these pages.

It's important to note these are just prototype photographs and it's highly unlikely that any of these weird and wonderful ideas were actually reproduced in the German line (Certainly not at all, from what I've seen).
Die  Holograms
The Holograms from the first year  -all easily recognisable and clearly labelled (if you happen to have the big version, hehehe). There are two interesting concepts at stake here, minf you. First of all, take a look at the guitars of Shana and Aja - Shana's is particularly clear.
She has no label!
No strings, no bridge, nothing. The guitar is label-free and merely a shape cut from plastic!
The second concept comes in the writing, and is entirely contradictory to the idea given on the cartoon that Aja is the band's lead guitarist. The text by Shana's name reads:
 "Shana spielt die Gitarre bei den Holograms"
Fair enough. Shana plays guitar for the Holograms. No arguments there.
But next to Aja's name, it simply says:
"Aja am bass."
Yes. Aja on bass. So according to the German publicity machine, SHANA was the band's lead guitarist, and AJA the group's bass guitarist! Thankfully Kimber and Jem seem to be the right way around ;)

As for the fashions, this is the page dedicated to the Holograms. No distinction is made between Flipsides and On Stage Fashions, since Sophisticated Lady and Permanent Wave are bang next to each other - although they are sort of colour coded, so I suppose that's the distinction. The notable thing about this page is that the fashions seem to be suffering from a severe belt shortage.
Like a Dream

Like a Dream, Music in the Air, Permanent Wave and Only The Beginning are missing their belts completely from these pictures and Jem is wearing the belt for Let's Rock This Town around her *head*! Still on the belt theme, Award Night has that odd purple belt with the silver 'J' on it so often found in prototype pictures.
Other than that, there are the following oddballs - Rock Country's wrap has a decidedly unfloral theme, Command Performance is dark blue and missing it's tights, Permanent Wave's jacket has the splodge pattern, Twilight in Paris has no shell and Gettin' Down To Business has the lacy tights.
However the line is complete - there are no On Stage or Flips missing from the first year line here :)

(Oh, and Rio. :P)
Die Misfits
Yay, my favourite part of the book! The Misfits!! Well, and Rio, Funny thing is, Rio isn't shown anywhere in this book in his original wear. This page shows him in the Smashin' Fashions "Rappin", "Truly Outrageous" and "On The Road With Jem". However not even in the photographs for OTHER things which Rio happens to be in is he shown with his original garb.
I do know that he was sold in Germany with it though, I've bought a Rio from there before now :)

Again, look at the guitars. No labels. Must be pretty embarassing to turn up on stage and realise you have no strings attached - LITERALLY!. Roxy looks pretty disgusted about things as it is.
The other thing - look at Stormer's flower. Yes, it's white. Not orange but WHITE. Now, regular cartoon viewers will know that 9x out of ten, Stormer's flower is red or red-orange on the show. But at least in Germany she is shown with a flower. This is my piece of evidence for Jem coming out later in Germany than the US after all. On the US prototype image, Stormer is NOT shown with a flower at all.

This is just bizarre. Outta My Way, white style :) In the cartoon we often see Stormer wearing a green version, but this is a new one on me. However, it got my brain to ticking. In the 1987 Jem annual, Pizzazz is drawn wearing a white version of Outta My Way (check out the 1987 annual page to see what I mean) and it really is just like the one in the image above. That does suggest to me that these prototype images were also used in the UK and given to artists who illustrated the annual. Further proof is in the following facts:
1: Rio appears in the annual in On The Road With Jem and Truly Outrageous, but never his original outfit.
2: The Holograms are drawn with no strings on their guitars (like the lack of labels in the photographs)
3:Stormer has a white flower when in her original outfit, and Stormer, Roxy and Pizzazz are shown wearing Let The Music Play, Just Misbehavin' and Outta My Way respectively - EXACTLY the same way around as shown on the prototype photographs.

So, instead of Germany, perhaps we should be classifying this as Europe in general?

Finally, the back cover.

This is fairly straight forward. It's a competition to win one of 50 walkman stereos and, perhaps most significantly, one of ten thousand jem cassettes. According to the german text, the cassette features much music and a story about Jem and her career as a popstar. I have not yet traced what this cassette is, but believe me I am on the hunt for it. It's possible that it's in the same vein as the Spanish tape I have, which also features songs and a story. But at present, guess we just don't know :)