The Jem
~Formerly Jem in the UK~


Welcome to the Jem Encyclopaedia - formerly Jem in the UK, but utterly renovated now to include better navigation and, I hope, more useful information!
The internet does not need another Jem vs Pranceatron because Prance's site is still the best there is for ID. This site deals with the dolls - not the fashions - and specifically with the doll variations pertaining to Europe vs the USA, among others. Of course, this is still the home of the guide to Mexican Jem Dolls - a big part of the UK's line -and the Jem Database still remains part of the site also, for anyone who finds it useful to see lots of mugshots together.

Each doll has one page to herself (the original three holograms have two each to mark their distinct first and second editions, as does Rio and Jem has four) and then the variants also have a page each. I knew there were differences between normal and ball wrist editions (the latter most prominent in Europe), but it's only since I started examining things very closely that I realised how MANY differences there really are!

So this is to try and help those confused by these accessory variations (and hopefully not muddle the issue any further in the process!)

I hope you enjoy the site!

This format as of 2004

Last Updated: 19.08.13
Many links and images fixed, though the images belonging originally to my doll photoshoot are still missing as I haven't located the originals and don't have time to take new.
Encylopaedia of Dolls is still missing 1st Edition Aja, Shana, Kimber. All forms of Jem and Rio, Starlight Girls.
Variants: Some Spanish information is missing as I am in the process of selling my Spanish MIB dolls.
Database: Linked pages all work.