Hybrid Shana: A Jem Mystery
And this is the weirdest doll of the lot.

A couple of months ago, I received an email from someone in the UK who had come across this Jem creature. I say creature, because it is the only word I can think of that adequately describes what we have here. The collector - a pony collector - knew little about Jem and was utterly befuddled by what she had when she tried to identify it. I have to admit that, when I saw these pictures, I was just as confused.

"Shana" on her inlay card The collector's words about the doll were as follows:

"She has never been removed from her box, and is Shana. However, she looks different to the ones I have seen before in that she has white hair, a pale complexion and no under eye make-up. She also has a different coloured guitar (purple). Also on the box is "Jem Es Fabulosa" so I am assuming she is not the English version."

From that description, white hair aside, she sounded like Mexican Shana. And, as it turned out, her box, her shoes and her guitar did indeed belong to Mexican Shana, along with her jacket. But - and it;s a big but - her dress and belt belonged to Mexican Jem, and the doll itself was, well, barely Jem in figure or features. Whilst her head was blatantly NOT Jem related, it is difficult to tell from the image what her arms or legs or torso are like. The fact she is wearing Jem's dress, however, and it appears some sizes too big for her, does suggest that maybe she isn't entirely "Jem" from the neck down. And then, when you get to examining her undergarments - they are decidedly not "jem" either, since they are, if you believe it, trimmed with LACE."Shana's" Lace Panties

I have absolutely no idea what this doll's origin is, or whether she has been tampered with along the way. The collector who found her thought not, and though she said the tape had gone missing along the way, it is fairly clear from the picture on the left that this doll probably NEVER HAD A TAPE, since the guitar is affixed in the place where the doll cassette is usually found. Most significantly, too, there is no sign that the doll's accessories have been moved about, or that the cassette was once in the higher position, with the guitar down at the doll's side, for the card has not been punched with additional holes.

It seems that this doll was a genuine end of line put together job - a true Mexican doll superstar.

Below are some more pictures of this Jem weirdity. If anyone knows any information they can share on this girl or any like her = pictures and all - it would be much appreciated. As far as I know this doll was found in the UK, since the collector who found her is here in the UK like myself. This would add further support to the idea that our equivalent to the Superstar dolls in the States was some weird Mexican/normal/whatever doll crosses, but it is not definitive enough to prove it conclusively, so I would appreciate any information anyone can give me on oddball dolls!!

I have been told since doing this page that the head of the doll is likely Creata Lace in origin, so so might the body be. Yep, yet another weird moment in collecting Mexicana :S Sadly I do not know the whereabouts of this doll now. If you're reading this and you can give me any further information on this or any other unusual Mexican-linked Jem doll, please drop me an email. I'd love to hear from you, no matter how odd!

My sincere thanks to Debbie for ALL of the images on this page!!!

Shana Mint In her Box
"Shana" MIB
Back of "Shana's" box
Back of "Shana's" box.
Close Up Of Outfit
"Shana's" Apparel
Shana's Makeup
"Shana's" Face