Spanish dolls are far from being the same thing as Mexican dolls. For a start, Spain and Mexico aren't in the same continent, and, contrary to popular belief they do not speak exactly the same Spanish. Castilian (Native Spanish) Spanish and Mexican Spanish are very different in both pronunciation and sometimes vocabulary, and since my A level is in Castilian Spanish (being that I'm European based ;)) I find it much easier to read the bumf on the back of these gals' boxes than the mexican equivalent.
It's also a point of note that all of my four spanish dolls originated from Spain itself - I bought Kimber and Jem direct from Spanish sellers and Stormer and Aja came from a Jem collector who had bought them on holiday in Spain. So Spanish dolls are, therefore, quintissentially SPANISH.

Thanks to Laura Dunlop for any pictures from Spanish Pizzazz's box.

However, for this page, the important bit of information is the following picture:

Yep, that just proves it. For anyone who *doesn't* know, Fabricado en España means Made In Spain :)

Spanish dolls do have Made in Spain on their backs, too. I can't do a picture of this because my four Spanish Jem dolls are all mib and although I took Kimber slightly off her backing card to see what was written there, I don't want to disturb them more than necessary.
All four had had the seals on their boxes disturbed, but were otherwise mint and still sealed. This is the way they still remain, and so the images on these pages all relate to MIB dolls.

Since I have their boxes, and also boxes for my Mexican Jem and my Mexican Shana, there are differences here too which you can spot at a glance.
Spanish doll boxes say Jem: VERDADERAMENTE FANTASTICA on them (see above photograph). This means, quite literally, Truly Outrageous.
MEXICAN boxes on the other hand, say "Jem: ES FABULOSA: (Jem, she is fabulous, or simply Jem is fabulous).
BIG difference there ;)

Also, Mexican dolls are produced by Juguetes Con Vida for Hasbro Inc. Spanish dolls are produced simply by Hasbro Inc and the boxes are marked as such and also with MB España (Hasbro merged with Milton Bradley in the mid 1980s)..
Again, evidence of Made in Spain - even a locality - Valencia :D

Finally the Spanish box has flaps to open by, the mexican (and most all other boxes) have tabs.

Spanish dolls also come with English cassettes. However the text on the boxes pertaining to these tapes can be in English or Spanish.
Well, I'll explain.

It's not so clear on the one on the left (From Stormer's box) but the text says
"Incluida Cinta Cassette con sus fantasticas interpretaciones "Ganar Es Todo", "La Musica Es Magica" y el tema musical "Jem".
(Includes cassette tape with the fantastic songs Winning is Everything, Music is Magic and the Jem Theme)

The one on the right ...from Aja's box...says:
"Con los grandes exitos "Like a Dream", "She's Got The Power" y el tema musical "Jem"
(With the big hits "Like a Dream, She's Got The Power and the Jem Theme)

Funnily enough it does seem to be relative to the band - because my Kimber has the same style as Aja, and Laura's Pizzazz the same style as Stormer.

Jem's box, of course, has no reference to a tape....however my spanish Jem did come with a tape.
(More about that on Jem's page)
Instead of the information about a tape, Jem's box says:

"Con sus luminosos pendientes Jemstar que brillan como estrellas"
(With her light-up jemstar earrings which shine like stars)