Fushigi Yuugi: Otome no Kokoro

Hello, and welcome to yet another Fushigi Yuugi fansite! This is the new and revamped version of Otome no Kokoro because the old one was a nasty mess...but hopefully the content will be just as useful (useless?) as on the original site!

For anyone who doesn't know, Fushigi Yuugi is a manga that was developed into an Anime series during the mid 1990s by manga-ka Watase Yuu. Watase-sensei has also produced such works since as Alice 19th and Ayashi no Ceres, as well as the spinoff Yuugi "Genbu Kaiden" story, but my favourite is and probably always will be the original Suzaku/Seiryuu Fushigi Yuugi arc.

Set in modern Tokyo and a world kin to ancient China, Watase-sensei's story follows the progress of a young girl, Yuuki Miaka and her close school friend Hongou Yui as they get sucked into a book-world known as the ShijinTenchishou. Misunderstandings drive these two best friends into rivals as they find themselves on opposite sides of a brewing war which threatens the future of the ShijinTenchishou world.

Surrounded each by their seven "Seishi" or "Celestial Warriors", its a battle to see who can fulfil her role as "Miko" first and raise the God to 'protect' the land for which she's fighting.

For me, it's always been the Seishi's individual depth and quirkiness that attracted me to the Yuugi series and which keeps me interested in it even now. This site is really in dedication to my favourite Seishi, Chou Ryuuen or "Nuriko", but I have a great fondness for many of the others, too. The site's name, "Otome no Kokoro" comes from a Nuriko quote when he tells Miaka that he has the heart of a woman but the body of a man.

Although I encountered the manga in English first, I've long since discarded with the horrible "Chinese" names the characters are given. Since the original names (despite the setting) are given Japanese readings in the Gaiden, the anime and the Japanese language version of the manga, I've chosen to stick to them instead. It's probably a matter of personal preference, but I also find the Japanese names easier to remember (since I speak not a word of Chinese...erk.)