Fushigi Yuugi: The First OVA

{Warning - this page contains spoilers}


Opening Theme: Yo Ga Akeru Mae Ni
Closing Theme: Ashita No Watashi O Shinjitai

There's still a big part of me that doesn't wholly understand the OVA 1 and what it's trying to achieve, so forgive me if this page is a little bit befuddled.

As far as I can gather, this OVA - if it is to tie in with the TV series at all - MUST be chronologically set in between the battle with Nakago in episode 52 of the TV series (after Miaka and Tamahome are first seperated), and the epilogue (were Taka turns up with his ring in the real world). This is possible, because we do see time pass for the characters at this point, during the credits - Miaka has taken her exams, and got into High School before she meets up with Taka.

So we'll work on the premise that the OVA 1 begins some time after this fight with Nakago. Somehow, Tamahome manages to get into the real world - we don't know precisely how, and if this is manga recorded, I haven't got that volume to find out - but he's there as Tamahome, confused as ever about the things that exist in Miaka's world.

At the start of this mini series, a figure is seen going into the Library and taking the Shijin-Tenchishou from the shelf. Then we come to Miaka, Tetsuya, Keisuke and Tamahome taking the train to Morioka to visit Ousugi Suzuno (Byakko No Miko)'s adoptive grandson and pay respects to her grave. In the process of doing so, they also see the grave of Okuda Takiko, the Genbu No Miko, and during this, Tamahome thinks he hears Takiko calling out to him. Shortly after this, he is bathed in red light, and dragged back into the book world, disappearing from view completely.

Miaka and her companions head back to Tokyo, Miaka distraught at the fact Tamahome's been ripped away from her yet again. The fact the book has also disappeared is not helpful, either - they're not quite sure what to do about working out what has happened.

Meanwhile, in the book world, Tamahome has gone to Kounan's palace and at first, he is greeted as an old friend, finding himself in the world of Hotohori's grandson. But when the barrier around the Suzaku relics refuses to admit him, he is turned out, as noone will believe he truly is Tamahome. Here he is encountered by a girl, who calls him...Nakago.

In the real world, Takiko's grave is growing smaller, and it seems like she might disappear from existance completely. Miaka and her companions know that something is messing with the history of the book and that it might affect all the Miko one by one. What they do not know is that Tomo, resurrected by the magic of Tenkou and given sway over the living body of another human, is responsible for this - dragging Yui back into the book under his hallucinogenic spell and making her the new Genbu No Miko. (I guess with Seiryuu sealed away, that's all there is to be done - Tomo has his original powers, but it seems like these are gifted him by Tenkou temporarily to take care of his wishes).

This is where it all gets a little bit hairy.

Tamahome's confusion is increased by the fact everyone seems to think he's Nakago, and when he fights a resentful Kouji (apparently looking for vengeance for the death (?) of Tasuki (!?!), he emits a powerful life force blast, Nakago's symbol appearing on his brow. Although he tries to convince the dying Kouji that it is all a mistake, he fails...and so is driven to drink himself into a stupor, taking the sake from the girl who is really Tomo.

As the real world posse discover that Yui has been taken into the book and what is going on, Miaka realises she has to go in and find her friend. She dresses in Yui's school uniform, and heads into the book.
Meantime, Chichiri and the real Tasuki (very much alive and throwing a temper tantrum about having to walk everywhere! Yeesh, are they travel companions now?!) are walking from village to village when Chichiri senses Tamahome's ki and transports them to where Tamahome is (more complaining from Tasuki!). Nakago's spirit also appears (I haven't worked out quite why, however, because he doesn't do much really). As Miaka is drawn into the book world again, it becomes apparent that Tamahome is suffering from Kodoku poisoning once again.

Across the country (and the bit I have the most issue with, if we're meant to take OVA 1 as continuous canon), Amiboshi is startled from his work in the fields by his brother's voice. Remembering (we assume) his past, he allows Suboshi to possess his body, and both brothers hurry off to help Yui, who is clearly in danger. After Tenkou kills Tomo (he has outlived his usefulness), he materialises in front of the gathering Seishi (and the dead Seishi soon appear also, summoned to where their Priestess is), taking control of Yui himself. He has the Seiryuu Shinzahou around his neck, and it becomes clear that he wanted Miaka to come into the book, to bring him the Shinzahou for Suzaku (her promise ring).

A complicated spat ensues, during which Amiboshi urges Suboshi to dive into danger and save Yui, although he knows the effort will destroy his body and kill him. (That's the bit I dislike...Amiboshi should not die!). They manage to do so, (although it is at the expense of Amiboshi's life) and Yui is returned to her senses. Realising what has happened, she knows she must use her Genbu wishes to put the situation to rights. (Why doesn't Mitsukake heal Amiboshi?!).

Tamahome is still fighting his Kodoku delusion, with Miaka close at hand, and Mitsukake *has* used his power to heal the physical wounds on his companion's bodies (so why not Amiboshi...WHY NOT AMIBOSHI! Ahem). As he comes out of his daze, Yui makes her wishes - firstly, for the four gods to rise up and seal Tenkou away, secondly, to return Okuda Takiko to her position as Genbu No Miko (preserving her existance in the real world) and thirdly, to seal the Shijin-Tenchishou away for ever.

At this point, Miaka and Tamahome are forced to part, because they can't exist in the same world. Tamahome returns his ring to Miaka, and Miaka and Yui are returned to the real world, Miaka in floods of tears.

Tamahome and the other Seishi consult Taiitsukun, and it becomes apparent that if Tamahome seals his Seishi memories in seven jewels of memory, he will be able to be reborn into Miaka;s world. Although he will forget most of the things he;s done, and there is no guarantee he will ever meet up with Miaka again, Tamahome agrees to take the risk - he wants to be with her, no matter what.

The next day at school, Yui suggests they bunk off classes and they go to a coffee shop, where an oddly familiar figure seems to be awaiting them - enter Taka!

(The series ends with this epilogue but without Taka and Miaka exchanging words. So, although this manner of meeting him would contradict the TV series, it is possible that they do not speak in this scene at all, and that Taka merely observes Miaka for the first time. Perhaps then, recognising her as the girl from his fleeting memories, he talks to Keisuke and Tetsuya, who make the connection and then introduce them properly in the way seen at the end of the TV series.

I don't know...but it's the only way I can explain it so that they all fit together, and it seems clear they're meant to fit together, since the memories that Taka regains in OVA 2 relate to events in the TV series...

So draw your own conclusions.

Personally I think OVA 1 is a bit messed up. And I will not accept the death of Amiboshi...^_^. This has no connection to the manga or the other written stuff, so....HE'S NOT OFFICIALLY DEAD! MWAHAHA! (Ahem). There are a few sparse but not many crossovers between this and Sanbou Den. That's all I'm really gonna say regarding that...

OMAKE :"The Hot Springs Trip"
The omake for OVA 1 has often been described as better than the actual three episodes, and I won't argue. It is the most hilarious FY thing in existance, I swear - even funnier than the Mecha Hajikete Gattsu Toboshite song from the soundtrack. It plots a mini-story of the characters going on a trip to a hot spring for all their hard work on the series...it's a clever merging of the real life people involved and the personalities of the characters themselves. Aside from getting to see Mitsukake in a dress (oh boy, Mitsukake in a dress) as well as all the others, there are a lot of really funny cracks picking up on the humorous aspects of all the characters...I won't say any more about it, but it's well, well worth watching!! If you've read the manga, its sort of based around that scene from volume eight when they're trapped in Amazon country - but it involves Nakago and company as well. Just watch it. Really ;)