Name: Tomo (氐宿)
Real Name: Ragun
Also known as: Aono Tomo
Family: Unknown
Place of Birth: Likely Kutou

Power: Ability to create illusory worlds and events through the power of his shell medium, "Shin".

Seiyuu (Japanese): Tobita Nobuo
Voice Artist (English):


A stage performer, Tomo is a real oddball. He has no attraction to women, although he is handsome enough to attract them, and wound up staying at the palace after revealing himself to Nakago as one of Seiryuu's celestial warriors. A sorcerer who manipulates memory and creates illusion, Tomo

The first word that comes to my mind when dealing with Tomo is "sadistic". He seems to take great delight in torturing people - Tamahome, Miaka, even Nakago himself by hinting at his past. He uses the shell, "Shin" to control and manipulate worlds, and manages to confine the Suzaku Seishi in a pretend city as well as convince Miaka that her time in the Shijin TenchiShou was all just a dream. He forces Tamahome to suffer at the hands of his magic and even goes to rape Miaka because it's something that will help Nakago - even though he has no interest in women, he seems interested in her reactions to his torture, and yeah..he's just creepy ;) Possibly the most manipulative of Nakago's entourage, you have to wonder how much influence he's had at times in the ruthlessness of his "leader's" decisions. Certainly, although he "loves" Nakago, he's not above parading Nakago's painful memories for him in all their blood-stained glory (Nakago novel). In this respect, I actually think he's possibly a nastier piece of work than Nakago - though Nakago's behaviour can be somewhat understood, if not forgiven - Tomo just seems to get a kick out of being a sinister, face-painted jerk.

Tomo is killed by Suboshi after he dares to hurt Amiboshi. There's so much Seiryuu betrayal in that sentence that I'm not going to even try to weed it out - but unsurprisingly, noone re-e-ally seems to care too much that he is dead...certainly not Nakago, who scolds Suboshi rather more in the way one might scold a boy for letting the cat out in the rain after dark...