A Mountain Adventure

Chapter Four: On The Slopes

Sylva's Narrative
I hate Sirena. I hate her. What on earth Nancy sees in her is beyond me. She's nothing but trouble...well, maybe that's just it. They're both trouble. I swear sometimes if Nancy weren't so good at writing...
But still, I got rid of the creature for the morning. Skiing out on the mountain was fun...even more fun once this drop dead gorgeous ski instructor stopped by and asked if we needed any help! I almost wished I was a total novice myself right there and then! Boy was he hot! But once he realised I could ski, he complemented me on my style...which, incidentally, shows how good his taste is, and came to help me teach Nancy and Copper to ski. At first I was a little put out at the attention he was giving Copper, because, well, let's face it, Copper is the bombshell Jewel that all the guys seem to fall mad in love with when they first meet her. But then again, I can't be jealous of Copper, it just isn't possible. She's the sweetest person you'll ever meet. And of course she has Aaron back home, so she's not looking. In any case, she really was hopeless on the snow. Awful as it is to admit, Nancy was getting the hang of it way better. I'll have to be careful how much to teach her, don't want her to look better than me on the snow with that guy around. After all, just because Copper has Aaron to think of, it doesn't mean, that those of us less attached can't enjoy the view.
He invited us back to the ski lodge for lunch and of course, I accepted for all of us. Well, do you think I'm mad? The guy is gorgeous! Copper didn't seem to mind, but Nancy the hermit sent me dark glares all the way up the hill. What is her problem, anyhow? Just because she managed by some fluke to secure California's hottest TV presenter as her beau it doesn't mean the rest of the female population of America don't want to keep their options open. And believe me, this was a majorly positive looking option.
And no, I'm not jealous of Nancy hooking Dean. I'm not! You have to be kidding. All right, so maybe I'm a little put out that of all people he chose her, the mouse over someone with a bit more class. But hey, if that's how it is, well, fine. I like Dean well enough, but believe me if he's her type then he sure as hell isn't going to be mine. How she got his attention is a mystery to me, but there you go. Weirder things have happened, though, admittedly, not many. Mm, perhaps she puts subliminal messages in her music. Wouldn't surprise me.
But anyhow, enough about Nancy. Back to the gorgeous ski instructor.
His name is Darren, and he's a philosophy student in Minnesota, but he's working up here as an instructor to pay for his course over winter break. Apparently his grandparents live in the Vermont area, and he's been skiing since he was a tot. Well, that much is obvious. I mean, the guy is reeeally fit. When I said as much to the others Nancy got all scornful, demanding to know how I knew under all the clothes he was wearing. God, she is sooo naive. You can so tell that she has no experience with men. I mean, come on...you can just tell when a guy has a body to die for, and I swear this one does. Mm, I think I'm going to like the mountains.
Things were just going really nicely in the lodge, we were discussing Jewel and Darren's family up here, and he kept on smiling at me and looking my way, so I knew I was doing pretty good - I said that this ski outfit was a bargain buy and I was right! No guy in his right mind could ignore a cute little ski girl like me dressed up like this! But just as I was about to be daring and ask if we could meet up later, the ski lodge door swung open, and that witch entered, with Topaz, back from shopping. And then, of course, the mood changed...

    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

"Well, here comes trouble." Sylva sent a frown in the direction of the doorway, and Nancy turned, seeing Sirena and Topaz making their way over.
"It's only Em and Topaz. Quit fussing." She ordered.
Darren Makepeace, Sylva's new skiing acquaintance sent the young keyboardist a curious look.
"Not friends of yours?"
"Oh, Topaz is my best friend ever." Sylva nodded. "It's the other girl...she's trouble."
"I recognise her." Darren remarked. "My Grandpa said that a bunch of girls were coming to stay up at the Gabor chalet, but I had no idea that he meant Jewel and Sirena." He grinned. "Guess I got lucky, working out on the mountain this morning, huh?"
"Hi, guys." Topaz cast grins around, pulling up two chairs and indicating for Sirena to sit, doing so herself. "Good morning? Who's the new friend?"
"This is Darren - he's a ski instructor here and he's been helping us ski." Copper explained. "Me especially, to be honest. Darren, this is Aurora Stapleton - Topaz - and Emily Gabor - Sirena. So now you know the whole bunch of us."
"Hi." Darren cast both girls a smile, much to Sylva's chagrin. "Either of you need skiing lessons?"
"I ski." Topaz responded. "But Emily might need your help."
"Emily now?" Sylva looked startled, and the words were out before she could stop them. Copper sent her a dark look.
"We have company. Cool it." She murmured, too softly for Darren to hear. "Unless you want him to think you're a troublemaker."
"Okay, okay." Sylva sighed. She cast Darren a smile. "Darren, how far from the resort do your people live?"
"It's about a twenty minute drive down, so not far." Darren grinned at her. "Why, are you wanting to book my services some more this week?"
"I think Copper needs it." Sylva grinned. Copper giggled.
"I spent most of this morning on my backside." She admitted. "Nancy's about got her balance, don't ask me how, she must be a natural or something, but I'm just hopeless on skis."
"Well, you'll haveta get Aaron to bring you out, practice some." Topaz suggested. Copper nodded.
"Guess so." She agreed goodnaturedly.
"Aaron can't ski either." Nancy pointed out. "So you'd spend more time in the snow than on the skis."
"Frolicking in the snow...what a nice picture." A wry smile touched Sirena's face and Topaz grinned.
"I don't think Copper or Aaron would complain." She said teasingly, causing the drummer to blush.
"You should have brought your boyfriend along, Copper. I could teach you both." Darren suggested, and Nancy noticed Sylva's eyes light up at this. Clearly the attention he'd given Copper on the snow had purely been for the purpose of instruction, and nothing else. Nancy rolled her eyes.
"Great." She murmured to her neighbour, as it happened, Sirena. "Syl thinks she's in with a chance of this guy. You get to know the signs."
"Lucky him." Sirena smirked.
"Hey, did you guys get everything? You were a long time."
"We talked about a bunch of stuff." Sirena shrugged, dismissing it with a wave of her hand. "We got back to the chalet, put the stuff away and had coffee, because we were both parched...time just slipped away."
"You like Topaz, huh?" Nancy looked startled. Sirena looked sheepish.
"Guess so." She agreed. "She's pretty on the level, isn't she? I don't feel like she's playing games with me."
"Topaz talks straight." Nancy nodded. "That's why I get along with her, I guess, and have pretty much from the start. She's not a demanding or complicated friend to have, if you know what I mean."
"Yeah, I guess I do." Sirena agreed.
"Sirena, did Topaz say you were in need of ski lessons too?" At that moment, Darren interrupted the little conversation and startled, Sirena raised her gaze to his, aware that all the time Sylva was looking daggers in her direction.
"I don't ski." She admitted, and a devilish spark inside of her prompted her to return his genial smile with a pretty one of her own. "But I'd like to learn, if you wouldn't mind. After all, you already seem to have a lot of students already." She gestured around the group with a carefree shrug.
"I've room for another." Darren grinned. "Sylva can ski like a pro anyhow, and Topaz said she can ski, so between the three of us we should be able to handle Copper, Nancy and you, don't you think?"
"Well, if you're sure." Sirena permitted herself another pretty smile, which bordered on flirtatious in the eyes of the furious Sylvina. "Then I'd love it if you'd help me. I've always wanted to ski."
"Has she my foot." Sylva muttered, but, fortunately for her her comment went un-noticed.
"It's a date." Darren told Sirena with a wink. "Figuratively speaking. Tomorrow morning?"
"Fine." Sirena agreed daintily. "If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go back to the chalet and take a nap, it's been a busy morning and I didn't sleep a lot last night, must be the change in altitude. But I'll see you tomorrow, Darren...it's a definite date."
And with that she swept out of the ski lodge, casting Sylva a triumphant wink as she went. Sylva glared after her, knowing exactly what the singer's game was, and hating her foe all the more for it. Sirena, she knew, could be a class A seductress when it suited her, and the press had often covered her high profile, star-spangled flings, none of which had been more infamous than her liason with r&b star Blade which had resulted in the baby boy she was currently missing so badly. Blade had been shot dead more than a year ago now, and she had never been in love with him, but the press still believed that she nursed a broken heart over his loss, for she had not dated once since then.
In truth, Sirena's abstinence from the dating scene had largely been due to her devotion to her son's needs, but she still knew how to turn on the charms when it suited her, and turn them on she had.
"So looks like we've three novices for tomorrow's ski class?" Darren joked, sending Sylva a grin, which she did her best to return with her usual carefree friendliness.
"Guess so." She agreed.
"Well, if noone minds I'm gonna grab a bite to eat." Topaz got to her feet. "And I'll come ski tomorrow, for sure. Bags me Nancy as pupil, if she's the best of the bunch." She grinned impishly. "I don't know how good a teacher I might be, I get easily distracted."
"Charming." Copper tossed a serviette at her friend, laughing. "Okay, well, that's fine with me. I don't mind who tutors me."
Sylva bit her lip, in a quandary. The last thing in the world she wanted to do was teach Sirena to ski, but on the other hand, she couldn't bear the idea of letting Darren tutor her foe, when it was so clear the singer was hell-belt on using all her many charms on him. She sighed heavily.
"I guess I'll take Copper." She said finally, almost wistfully, and Copper cast her a startled look.
"If you don't want me, Syl, just say." She teased. Sylva shook her head.
"It isn't that. I just couldn't bear to teach Sirena anything."
"Don't you like Sirena?" Darren eyed her keenly.
"No." Sylva said bluntly. "I don't."
"Why not? She seems nice enough to me."
"She's not like that to everyone. Only to cute guys." Sylva said darkly. "And incidentally, she's currently raising the little mistake from the last 'cute guy' she decided it'd be fun to seduce. She does it to boost her publicity - it's all an act."
"That's not fair." Nancy frowned. "Darren, Syl and Emily have no love lost between them, and it's true that Emily has a baby son, but she's not the kind of maneater Syl's painting her as."
"I'm not getting mixed up in a catfight." Darren held up his hands. "I like you all so far, and I don't intend on it changing unless I see something else to the contrary. I'm working up here, not looking to seduce or be seduced by anyone, if that puts your mind at rest, Sylva. Tomorrow we're gonna have a ski lesson...that's all."
"I guess." Sylva sighed. "Suddenly I'm not looking forward to tomorrow quite as much."

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