A Mountain Adventure

Chapter Six: Buried

Sirena's Narrative
This world sucks.
Just when you think you've been handed a break, life just comes and swipes it away again.
If I'm honest, I wasn't gonna go back up on the mountain. My knee was hurting worse than I let on to the others, but I wasn't gonna be a baby in front of any of them, specially not Sylva. And it's not like it's broken. I mean, I walked the whole way down, and sure, it hurt, but I managed it. Almost passed out half way, but they don't need to know that. I decided I'd just get a hot drink and curl up, get my stamina back and relax.
Im not sure I was ever made to be a skier.
Anyhow, I felt much better once I was sitting down in the lounge, drinking coffee. My knee was a bit swollen and sore, so I guess I did twist it, but it's no big deal. It'll be fine soon enough and the aspirin helped. I figured by the time they got back I'd be able to tell them that it was nothing, I just didn't fancy the trek back.
I guess I fell asleep, because the next thing I knew the door of the lounge was flung open and noisy miss big mouth came stomping in in some kind of a temper. I never bother too much about Sylva and her tantrums, usually they're not worth much attention anyhow. But she was dripping snow everywhere and making the floor wet, so I told her to at least go get changed before she came to scream at me.
It was then I noticed how dark the sky was getting outside, and how heavy the snow was beginning to come down. When I asked Syl what the deal was, she just snapped at me that I must be an idiot if I couldn't recognise a snowstorm when it hit. Fine, if that was her attitude. I guessed I was stuck here with her till it passed, but worse things have been borne.
But then there was a loud, ominous rumble from somewhere outside the chalet and almost before either of us could get to the window things began to get very much darker. The rumbling sound got louder and louder and with a strange wooshing the chalet went almost black, cutting the electrics and leaving us with only the dimmest of light to see by. Like an earthquake had hit, the whole chalet shook and Sylva screamed...
And then it was quiet.

    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

"What in hell was that?" Sylva was the first to speak, her voice fearful as she tried to make out what was going on. "Sirena? Dammit, where are you!"
"Quit squawking, its not going to help." Sirena snapped out of the darkness, and despite her tone Sylva felt relief that she was not alone, even if the company was the hated singer. "How do you expect me to know, anyway?"
She groped around for her purse, finding it and rummaging for her cigarette lighter. With some relief she located it, and the flame, though small, helped illuminate the room.
"There. That's better."
"Might've known you were a smoker. Figures." Sylva said cattily.
"Oh, this isn't the time." Sirena rolled her eyes. "It's not a habit, Sylva, if you must know. It's a casual hobby, if you like. And if I hadn't had my lighter with me, we'd still be in darkness. Make yourself useful and find some candles, will you?"
"You have the light!"
"Here, then!" Sirena thrust the lighter at her foe. "I'm going to find out what's going on out there."
With a muttered curse Sylva took the proffered lighter, getting to her feet and cautiously heading into the kitchen to hunt for emergency candles. Sirena, once more in darkness got gingerly to her feet, moving slowly towards the door and trying the handle.
Using all her strength she tried to open the door, but it was jammed shut. Frowning, she felt her way to the window, peering out.
As she did so, a shock realisation hit her.
"Snow..." She breathed, then, "Sylva? We're buried in snow! It must've been an avalanche!"
"What?" Sylva re-emerged in the doorway, lighter in one hand and her arms full of candles. "An avalanche? But we're not squashed...we're fine. Aren't we?"
"Grandpa told me before I came out here that this place was built to withstand anything." Sirena dropped back down onto the couch with an involuntary wince of pain. "He said the storms can be violent and he wanted to be sure it was everything-proof. That's why it's still standing."
"But...are we buried completely?" Sylva dumped her burden on the table, hurrying to the window.
"Near enough." Sirena said curtly, picking up a candle and her lighter and lighting it. Carefully she lit several, placing each in a niche around the room which had been designed for the times when the weather cut out the power. "Somewhere too there's backup power but I don't know where."
"You expect me to hunt for everything? Why can't you do it!" Sylva pouted. "I went rummaging in cupboards with big hairy spiders for those things you know!"
"Oh for heaven's sake, you're scared of the spiders? We're trapped in a snowdrift and you're worried about the spiders? Brilliant, Sylva, just great." Sirena groaned. "Of all people I got stuck in a chalet with a flake."
"I don't like spiders and you wouldn't either if they crawled on your hand in the dark." Sylva defended herself. "Anyway, I'm not doing everything. You want to find the power switch, you go hunt it out!"
"Fine." Sirena snapped, getting to her feet and scooping up the nearest candle, having put her lighter away to conserve it's fuel. "If you're going to be a baby, I will."
She headed into the kitchen, trying to ignore her throbbing knee. Inwardly she cursed the misfortune of her unwilling companion's identity.
"Even that wretched Copper girl Nancy's so fond of would've been better." She muttered. "But Sylva! Dammit, I'd rather be out in the snow than stuck here with her!"
She flung cupboard doors open with very bad grace, hunting for the hidden power switch her grandfather had told her was there in case of emergencies. The light from the flickering candle was both frustrating and barely sufficient to help her see, but in the end she found it, flicking it on with some relief. The lights glowed into life and the chalet was illuminated once more.
"Well, there's that." She mused, blowing out her candle and setting it down. "At least we have light. Food, too, thanks to Topaz and my trip yesterday." She raised her voice.
"What now?" Came the reply.
"Oh, for heaven's sake grow up." Sirena snapped. "You have a phone, right?"
"Yes, of course. How did you know that?"
"You're the type of airhead who doesn't dare leave home without it." Sirena said cuttingly, lounging in the doorway of the sitting room. "Call someone, huh? Anyone. Tell them what's happened and that we need digging out of here. We've power and food so we're not critical, but I don't know that I wanna spend more than a few hours more than I have to in your company."
"The feeling is mutual." Sylva snapped, pulling her phone from her pocket and dialling Topaz's number, putting it to her ear.
She frowned.
"No dial tone." She reported.
"Did you remember to switch it on?" Sirena demanded. Sylva rolled her eyes.
"Don't be stupid, of course I did." She shot back. "There's just no tone!"
"Give it here." Sirena snatched the phone from the other girl's grip amid protests, examining it. She cursed.
"The snow must be blocking the signal." She decided, tossing it back at her foe. "Great. Just great. What now?"
"Guess we sit it out." Sylva pulled a face. "Well, I don't want to talk to you, so I'm going to my room till we're rescued. Don't bother me, okay?"
With that she was gone and Sirena rolled her eyes, grabbing her jacket and heading into her own room, remembering to extinguish the various candles as she did so.
Much as she hated to admit it, the other girl had been right.
All that was left to do was sit it out.
However long it took.

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