It Must've Been Love

Chapter Eleven: One Night At Le Klub Kool

The club was buzzing by the time the couple arrived and, after holding the door of the taxi open for his girlfriend, Cameron gazed in awe at the dazzling neon sign and the crowds of people milling around.
"This place is somethin'." He murmured. "You never told me this joint was such a big deal club!"
"Mm, we've played here." Topaz owned. "It's fairly common for the local stars, however big in name to play here once or twice a year at the very least. I dunno what it is about Le Klub seems to have some kind of allure that the other clubs in the district just don't have."
"I almost feel like they're gonna chuck me out for not 'avin' some star studded background." Cameron joked. Topaz laughed.
"Silly." She scolded, kissing him on the cheek. "You're a star to me and that's all that matters."
"You don't mind people seein' us 'ere together?" Cameron sounded worried. Topaz rolled her eyes.
"Couldn't be further from my mind." She assured him. "I'm honoured to have such a handsome escort. Now come on!"
"Okay, I'm comin'." Cameron laughed, allowing her to lead him inside. She evidently knew the doormen, for she cast one a friendly smile and he acknowledged her with one of his own, allowing them both in.
The club was just as busy inside as out, and loud music from the brightly lit stage at the far end filled the room. Topaz indicated the singer with a smile.
"Sirena." She shouted, over the loud backing music. "She's signed to the same label...Phyllis' daughter and a friend of Jewel's."
"She's damn good." Cameron acknowledged. "Why ain't she come to the UK, huh?"
"Oh, she's had a baby and she only made her music comeback last October." Topaz explained. "She hasn't had time to arrange a tour yet. Come on, the bar is this way."
"I ought to buy you a drink." Cameron decided with a wink. "If you'll let me, to apologise for bein' a total git to you about that pressman."
"Forget it." Topaz's soft blue eyes twinkled. "It was dumb and we survived it. But sure, I won't say no to a drink, if you're offering."
"The guy didn't come back, you know." Cameron observed, once they were settled away from the dance floor and were able to hear themselves think a little more. "Guess he found somethin' more interestin' to follow up than some university bum from England, eh?"
"Mm, guess you and I just don't cut it in the world of hot gossip." Topaz laughed. "And I'm damn glad to hear it, too. I'm glad we made up, Cameron."
"I'm glad too." Cameron took a sip of his drink.
"Topaz!" A friendly voice called and turning, the couple registered the presence of the Diablo songwriter and keyboardist. Topaz cast the younger girl a grin, for all of Jewel were fond of the sweet natured Marissa.
"I won't intrude." Marissa eyed Cameron with an interested grin. "I just wanted to say hi...and pass on the message that we're all gonna be coming to your party. Luca and I came to hear Sirena play."
"Thanks for letting me know." Topaz dimpled. "Marissa, this is Cameron, he's a close friend of mine, from England. Cameron - Marissa Young. She plays keys for a group called Diablo."
"Pleasure." Cameron's green eyes twinkled. "I've 'eard you guys mentioned since I've been in LA."
"Well, nice to meet you too." Marissa grinned. "I'll let you guys carry on with what you were doing...but it was nice to see you, Topaz."
"Likewise." Topaz grinned. "Later, Mari."
"She seems nice." Cameron observed. Topaz nodded.
"We all of us like Marissa." She agreed. "She's very sweet, and very talented, too."
"Mm, like someone sittin' not a million miles away, eh?" Cameron grinned, kissing her gently. Topaz blushed.
"You overestimate my abilities." She chided him.
"Maybe you underestimate 'em." Cameron suggested. "'Ere, the music's finished!"
"I'm guessing that she wants a break." Topaz decided. "It's hot work singing live, you know. Especially in a joint as smoky and hot as this."
"Mm, guess I didn't think o' that." Cameron admitted. "You know, through datin' you, I'm gettin' to realise that people in the public eye ain't really that different from the rest of us...jus' richer, is all."
"You." Topaz laughed, swiping him playfully, then, "Ooh, oh. Fireworks on the stage!"
"Fireworks?" Cameron turned to look, where Sirena was busy haranging an unfamiliar man of their own age. The young man seemed utterly unperturbed by her bad temper, and it was unfortunate for the crowd as a whole that the microphones had been hurriedly switched off, for it was clear that the singer was quite animated.
Topaz laughed.
"That's Luca Ranieri. He's another of Marissa's band, and it's a well known fact in public and private circles that he has a big thing for Sirena." She explained. "No doubt he offered to buy her a drink or help her down from the stage or get her some water or something...and she's bent on telling him how she feels in the most embarrassing manner possible."
"Mm. Nice girl." Cameron said dryly. "Poor bloke. 'E's takin' it better than I would be."
"Sirena's okay." Topaz said with a shrug. "You have to get down below the layers of hostility and defensiveness, but there is a nice girl at the bottom. I think that Luca's going about things wrong, though. I mean, Sirena's son isn't all that old yet...she's not ready to jump back into the world of dating."
"What about the baby's dad? Did 'e do a runner?"
"No...he died." Topaz replied softly.
"Ooh." Cameron fell silent, considering. "Well, if nothin' else it's provided some drama for the night, eh?" He grinned. "I'm jus' goin' to the little boys room, okay? I'll be right back."
"Sure." Topaz nodded, taking a sip of her drink and settling to watch the end of the confrontation onstage. No doubt, she mused, the tabloid writers were having a field day.
"Still, Sirena's used to it and Luca will need to be." She mused. "I'd rather it was on them than on Cameron and me, selfish as it sounds."
As the young English student made his way across to rejoin his date, he found himself waylaid by an unfamiliar figure, dressed in a chic black dress and with her elegant dark curls tied neatly back in a fashionable style.
"You're Cameron Milligan." She observed idly, taking a drag on her cigarette as she did so. Cameron frowned.
"You 'ave an advantage over me, then. I don't know your name."
"Oh, my name is Stefana." The girl told him sweetly. "I'm a friend of your girlfriend, didn't she mention me to you?"
"Stefana? Mm..Diablo?" Cameron asked. Stefana's green eyes took on a look of feigned delight.
"Oh, you do know who I am then!" She exclaimed. "For a moment then, I thought I'd made a big fool of myself!"
"'Ow can I 'elp you, Stefana?" Cameron looked non-plussed. Stefana glanced around her, then lowered her voice.
"I thought you should know." She murmured. "Things are being whispered about you and Topaz. People are saying all kinds of things...that she thinks you're not good enough for her, and all that. The rumour is that it's going to be printed in tomorrow's edition of a certain infamous local tabloid...I thought someone should tell you. The press are nasty people."
"The press? Hah. I've 'ad enough of them and their troublemaking." Cameron said bitterly. Stefana nodded in pretend agreement.
"Oh, I don't blame you." She purred. "And I'm sure that it's not an ounce of it true. After all, she thinks so much of you. I've heard her say more than once that you're not like any of the other guys she's dated...and as I'm sure you know there have been a few of them."
"I had heard something about it." Cameron said abruptly. "Look, Stefana, I appreciate the warnin' an' all, but I don't quite see where you're goin' with this..."
"Well, I wanted you to be prepared." Stefana said softly. "Topaz is a girl with a big heart, Cameron, but if the rumours are true, she's perhaps not as discreet as she'd like to be. The story goes that the press are printing direct quotes from her own testimony on your relationship...something about a row at the Red Rock Restaurant, and an expose on her previous...relationships and how well you match up. I couldn't help but be horrified for the both of you when I heard what they were doing."
"Expose, huh?" Cameron's expression turned grim. "Are you implyin' that there's a lot of stuff to print, on 'er past relationships?"
"Oh!" Stefana pretended to look stricken." You mean, you don't know about all the guys she slept with in Canada? Oh, I thought you did...when you said...I mean...oh, forget I said anything! Topaz is my friend, I didn't mean to cause any trouble!"
"Then why are you telling this to me an' not to Topaz 'erself?" Cameron asked quietly.
"Topaz is used to the press. You...well, it's all new to you." Stefana said simply. "I wanted you to be prepared...I didn't want you to get a nasty surprise. Oh, I thought I was doing the right thing and doing Topaz a favour! The journalist actually came to ask me questions about you guys, would you believe it! They offered a ton of money...of course, I refused to comment, but I'm not so sure everyone has been so loyal." She frowned, adopting a look of perfect contrition. "I feel bad now. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything."
"No, it's fine." Cameron said darkly. "I appreciate being forewarned. Now, if you'll excuse me..."
And with that he was gone into the swirling crowd, leaving Stefana to give way to her amusement in private. She had not believed her luck when she had seen Topaz and her red-headed boyfriend enter the club. All it had taken had been a little bit of improvisational talent, and the seeds of suspicion and mistrust were once more well planted into Cameron's confused brain.
"And the more upset I make her, the worse Jewel will perform." She mused, her eyes glinting with evident delight. "That Cameron's a damn fool, so naive to the ways of the LA scandal sheet! And better still, Topaz is the lead singer on their new song! She'll botch the show and we'll have to take over. Rory Llewelyn, eat your heart out!"

Meanwhile, Cameron had spotted Topaz at the bar and, grabbing her by the arm he demanded to know in low tones what was going on. Her eyes becoming big with surprise at his mode of attack, Topaz stared at him, unable to account for the sudden change in his mood.
"What's gotten into you?" She demanded. "Cameron..."
"I jus' got informed that tomorrow mornin' some tabloid rag are plannin' on printin' some big expose story." Cameron interrupted her, his tone grim. "Not only that, but that they're usin' testimony direct from your own lips, an' are not only gonna talk about me, but evaluate me, dammit, with whatever 'airy louts you bedded in Canada!"
"What?" Colour drained from Topaz's face, and for a moment Cameron thought his girlfriend was in shock, but in an instant he realised that her pallor was caused by nothing but pure rage, and she cursed loudly.
"Wait till I get my hands on that reporter!" She exclaimed. "Cameron, I don't know what this is about, but I didn't tell them anything. I haven't even spoken to a reporter about this! Some guy called the Starlight Mansion umpteen times yesterday but I didn't take the call, and that's all. I swear."
"They know about our tiff at the Red Rock." Cameron murmured darkly. "'Ow in 'ell could they know somethin' like that, even to the point of bein' able to quote things we rowed about, unless someone who was there spilled the beans, huh?"
"Oh, so you think that's the sort of person I am now, do you?" Topaz flared up at this. "The kind of girl who plays kiss and tell with all her love interests? Oh, thanks a lot!"
"Mm, well from what I understand there 'ave been rather more than a 'few ex-boyfriends'." Cameron shot back.
"I already told you that it's none of your business what I did in Canada and who I dated!" Topaz protested. "What do you want me to say, Cameron? That I'm a slut? That I slept with half of the Canadian male population and I'm proud of it? Dammit, what do you want me to tell you?"
"The truth, that'd be nice." Cameron's tone became beseeching. "Rora, listen...please. Tell me honest. Did you tell the press at any time anything about us? At all?"
"I already told you I didn't." Topaz was clearly near tears. "But if you don't believe me, well, what can I do? I can't make you trust me, and if you don't trust me why in hell are you even here? If you think I'm some kiss and tell flirt, then why do you bother with me?"
"Rora, that ain't fair." Cameron returned, his own frustrations bubbling back up under this mode of address. "I love you, you stupid girl, don't you get that? But all I've 'ad since I came to America is 'assle about our relationship an' your bleedin' sex life before we met. I'm startin' to wonder if the girl I met in London is the real Aurora Stapleton at all!"
"Well, if that's how you feel, maybe I'll go home." Topaz said flatly, scooping up her purse. "Maybe you're not who I thought you were, either. If you're so insecure that you'll question everything I do, and so desperate you're willing to go with someone you consider no better than a...a...a wannabe hooker then I'm not sticking around!"
Cameron cursed.
"Dammit, I've had enough of this." He muttered. "Fine. Do what you want. Think what you want. If you'd 'ad nothin' to do with this stupid rag scandal then you wouldn'tve reacted like this."
He downed the rest of his drink, grabbing his coat and standing. "I'm outta 'ere."
"So you're just gonna walk out on me, now?" Topaz was far too upset to care who was watching her and what she was saying. If the truth were told she had had rather too much to drink already to be utterly rational, though she was far from being physically drunk, and her emotions were only heightened by the alcohol in her system.
"Some gentleman you are!"
"If that's 'ow you feel, maybe it's best we end this 'ere an' now." Cameron said flatly. "Goodnight, Rora. It's been fun."
"You're breaking up with me?" Utter horror crossed Topaz's pretty face as too late she realised where the conversation was heading.
"Sometimes it's best to cut your losses." Cameron said quietly. "Don't worry. I'm sure you'll get a great press story out of it."
And with that, he was gone. Tears overwhelming her, Topaz buried her head in her arms, sobbing violently. Whatever he'd said and whatever he'd accused her of, she loved him, and the last thing she had expected was this.
"Is this a private cry or can anyone join in?"
A friendly voice, tinged with gentle sympathy interrupted her tears and she glanced up, wiping her eyes and blinking to focus on the face of Luca Ranieri. She offered him a wan smile as he dropped down in the seat opposite.
"You look like you've had the same kind of night I have." He admitted at length. Topaz shrugged.
"Cameron and I had a fight." She murmured brokenly. "I love him so much, Luca...but he doesn't want anything to do with me! He thinks...oh god, he thinks I sold our story to the press, but I didn't! Hell, I swear..."
"Shh." Luca told her. "Calm down, you'll get hysterical and that isn't good for press relations, okay?" He offered her a tissue. "Here. you want a friendly ear to listen?"
"I...I'm not sure. I mean, I don't want people to think..." Topaz trailed off uncertainly, blushing and lowering her gaze. "Hell, I'm all over the place. I don't want people getting the wrong impression about us sitting here."
"Well, Marissa's here too, if you'd rather I got her." Luca said gently. "But you look like you need a hug, either way."
"I need a drink." Topaz murmured. "Something strong..."
"You're not the only one." Luca glanced at his hands.
"She was pretty cold to you tonight." Topaz remembered. Luca nodded.
"A guy can take so much, but it still hurts." He agreed. "I like her a whole lot, Topaz. I don't think she realises it, to be honest. But either way, I'm in the mood to drown my sorrows too."
"Well, they say misery enjoys company." Topaz managed another wan smile, getting to her feet and picking up her glass. "Fancy a drink?"
"What about the press?" Luca asked her gently.
"To hell with the damn press." Topaz said bitterly. "They've already ruined my damn life tonight, they couldn't possibly do worse to me now."
"Well, all right." Luca shrugged, casting her a smile. "Count me in."

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