It Must've Been Love

Chapter Five: A Girl In Love

"You're quiet tonight."
Topaz glanced across the living room floor, sending Sylva a quizzical glance. It was evening and the quartette had elected to stay in, for California was experiencing one of it's violent rainstorms and none of them fancied a wet night out. As it happened they were not working that night, so Copper had offered to ring for pizza, and the girls had settled down to watch a movie. However, the film had not been as good as they'd hoped, so eventually they switched off the set, simply sitting round on cushions and chairs eating and discussing the day.
"I'm not." Sylva shook her head. "Bit tired maybe, but nothing else."
"You sure you're all right about this Jack thing?" Copper sounded concerned. Sylva groaned.
"Oh, for heaven's sake, Jack is so last week now." She exclaimed, frustrated. "So he got a girlfriend while I was outta state, who gives a damn anyhow? It's not like I wanna marry him. He's just some guy who was cute, that's all."
"Concern once more wasted in light of Syl's shallow attitude to men and love." Nancy observed dryly. Sylva poked out her tongue, stretching out on her stomach and reaching for her third slice of pizza.
"Like I expect you to understand." She retorted. "You cling onto Dean because you're scared no other guy will ever want you if he ever dumps you."
"Syl, that wasn't called for." Copper chided.
"Well, she was nasty first." Sylva shrugged unrepentantly. "I'm gonna take this and go upstairs. The level of conversation is boring me."
With that she got to her feet, stalking out of the room, as much on her dignity as was possible in her pyjamas and fluffy slippers.
Nancy rolled her eyes.
"Drama queen." She muttered. "I can't believe after all that she really doesn't give a damn. It's a good thing she didn't manage to win Jack's heart, you know...that poor kid of his would be so messed by the end of it!"
"I know I'd be devastated if I were her." Copper frowned, glancing towards the doorway. "But she seems all right, if a bit...well...quiet. And she was flirting like mad with that friend of Cameron's earlier, grabbing his hand and putting her arms around his neck and hugging him when he scored a strike at the bowling alley. Guess Syl works on a different level to the rest of us."
"Mm, you think so?" Topaz looked troubled. "I dunno. I know Syl pretty well, you guys...I think it's knocked her more than you realise."
"If it's knocked anything it's her ego, in finding that some stud she has her eye on doesn't want to return the favour." Nancy responded tiredly. "When we were in Vermont, she flirted with the ski instructor. When we were in England she was always looking for a cute guy to chat up. Today she was all over Gary. This doesn't seem to me like a girl in the throes of mortal heartbreak."
" seems to me like one in deep denial." Topaz sighed. "Well, maybe I'm wrong. I just can't help thinking she's more into Jack than she lets on."
"You think she's okay upstairs?" Copper asked. Topaz shrugged.
"I don't know, but either way I don't think we should intrude." She replied. "If she is more upset than we thought, well, she's proud and she wouldn't thank us for barging in on her problems...she'll talk to us when she's ready to. And if she isn't upset, she's just tired, she'll be back to normal tomorrow and that'll be that."
"Guess you're right." Copper acknowledged. "All right then. Anyone want to watch another video?"
Meanwhile, Sylva had secluded herself in her bedroom, heading to the window to close it as the rain and wind drove in to soak her curtains. As she did so, she caught sight of a couple outside, huddled together under an umbrella as they hurried to find shelter from the bad weather. She frowned. Okay, so what was the deal, then?
"Jack's just another guy. A guy I barely know." She said with a grimace, dropping down onto her bed. "So why does it bother me? Cos he lied about being ready to date - is that it? But then, if he met her and fell for her at first happens. Mm, maybe it's not that at all. Praps it's Courtenay...I'm gonna miss playing with her."
She paused, a pensive expression crossing her face. Then she got a grip of herself.
"Oh, come on, Syl. Just because he's got a girlfriend doesn't mean you can't play with Courtenay or stay friends with him! That's what you are, after all! Friends! You agreed it with him, you've been to his apartment, you've played tag and hide and seek round the living room with Courtenay. There's never been a's not just going to change because suddenly there's a chick in his life! After all, guys can have friends who are girls...Dean and Aaron are both friends of mine, after all."
She grabbed her pillow, hugging it to her chest as she pondered.
"Maybe I'll go over there in the morning." She mused. "After practice is done. Just to friends and all that, and see Court. I know he doesn't work so much at this time of year, anyhow...chances are he'll be in...I'll call and ask him. Then maybe I'll get my head clear on things and it'll be fine. After all, I have a good prospect for a Christmas party date in Gary - he's cute and friendly and a lot of fun to hang with, so. I don't need Jack. Who needs a guy tied down by a three year old, anyhow?"
After repeating this to herself a few times, she reached for her phone, dialling in his number and waiting impatiently for it to be answered. Jack picked up on the fourth ring, and, hearing his voice made her all the more flustered and confused. Getting control of herself, but only just, she greeted him in her usual, carefree manner, asking him how he was, and berating him for not calling her first.
There was an uneasy silence, then,
"Damnit I'm sorry, Sylvie...I've been so busy."
"It's cool, I was just teasing." Sylva assured him, though for some reason her heart ached at the oversight. "How's Courtenay, anyhow?"
"In bed, but I'll tell her you called." Jack seemed more relaxed. "She's missed seeing you - apparently working isn't a good excuse for not coming to play."
"Well, tell her I'll come see her soon." Sylva promised. "Hey, you have work tomorrow?"
"No-o...not exactly." Jack was uneasy again.
"Some hot date, huh?" Somehow Sylva kept her voice light.
Another silence, then, "Well, as a matter of fact..."
"Hey, that's cool." Sylva dismissed it airily. "Do you s'pose it'd be possible for me to drop by and see Court tomorrow anyhow? I mean, if it won't interfere with...with your plans?"
"Sure." Jack laughed. "I feel a bit silly now, actually. Would you believe I was actually nervous to tell you about my date with Melanie? That's kinda why I didn't call you, to be honest...I wasn't sure how you'd react. I mean, I know I told you I wasn't up for dating..."
"We're friends, and people's ideas change." Sylva assured him, though inwardly her heart was screaming the exact opposite and declaring war on this Melanie for causing her such pain. "You don't have to justify everything to me, you know. I'm not your mother."
"No, but you're like my best friend in a lot of ways." Jack admitted. "Oh, I know we've only known each other a while, but I definitely feel we're good friends already, don't you? I didn't want you to get mad that I did something without telling you about it. After all, I trust your judgement."
"You do?" Despite herself, Sylva was touched. Jack sounded embarrassed.
"Of course I do. Not many people I know are so willing to have patience with a three year old rascal like Courtenay." He paused, then, "I'd like you to meet Mel, of course. She's just so...well...right, somehow. She's sweet with Courtenay, and we have so much in common." He paused once again. "I don't think, you know, that I'd have had the courage to even go for it if it hadn't been for some of the conversations you and I have had. You were right...Courtenay does need a mother figure, and I've let my pain prevent her from having one. She's too young to remember her real Mom and one day she'll need a woman to turn thank you, huh? I owe you one."
"You're welcome." Now Sylva knew she could not bear to continue the call. As tears threatened, she made an excuse and rang off, tossing her phone down and burying her head in the pillow as the tears came. Helpless to control her anger or her grief, she could not pretend to herself now. She had never felt this way before about any guy, but this time it was too late, and the killer realisation that she had prompted the action unwittingly herself hurt her more than ever.
Soon, worn out from her busy day and her heartache, she fell asleep to troubled dreams. It was like this that Topaz, coming to say good night found her, and, observing the tears on her friend's lashes she resolved to talk the matter out the next day.
But as she made her way to her own room, she frowned.
It looked like Sylva was finally in love.

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