It Must've Been Love

Chapter Six: Topaz's Advice

"So, did you sleep well last night?"
Topaz retrieved her toast from the grill, spreading the slices with butter as she casually asked the question. Sylva rubbed her eyes, stifling a yawn.
"I dunno. I still feel wacked." She admitted. "Any toast going spare? I hate early morning sessions!"
"Sure, help yourself. I did plenty." Topaz nodded. "I didn't think you'd eaten yet. Nancy and Copper are in the lounge, but I'm glad I caught a moment with you. I kinda wanted to talk."
She put a couple of slices of toast on a seperate plate. "Want anything else on it?"
"Nah, it's cool." Sylva shook her head, taking the plate with a small smile. "Thanks, Topaz. I'm not real hungry today - I kinda have a headache."
"I'm not surprised." Topaz said softly, buttering her own toast and taking a seat at the kitchen table, indicating for her companion to join her. Sylva looked startled, taking a tiny mouthful of toast.
"What do you mean?" She asked, swallowing.
"You were upset last night."
"I was tired." Sylva corrected her. "That's all."
"So tired you cried yourself to sleep?"
"What?" Sylva stared.
"I came to say were fast asleep and you looked like you'd cried up a storm before dropping off." Topaz lowered her voice. "I didn't tell the others, of course, but if there's something you wanna talk about, get it off your chest..."
Sylva sighed.
"What's the point?" She asked morosely. "It's past changing, anyhow. It's my own fault too...It's probably better left alone."
"You're in love with Jack, aren't you?"
"Oh, God, I don't know." Sylva buried her head in her hands. "That's the honest truth, Topaz. I was pretty cool with it yesterday afternoon...I mean, it bugged me, but it was like, well, whatever. But last night I felt a bit weird 'bout it, when you guys were talking I just needed outta there. Then I did a dumb thing..."
"Mm?" Topaz pressed gently, as her friend fell silent. "What did you do?"
"I called him." Sylva outlined the call, her voice wavering slightly as she did so. "I guess when he said that last bit, I...I felt pretty awful. That's why I got upset."
"But you're not sure why it should make you so upset?"
"No." Sylva spread her hands. "I swear, Topaz, I've never felt all muddled up like this before. I've dated a zillion guys, and I've never been this way over any of them. Okay, so, if in high school I'd dated a guy for a couple of weeks and he split with me, well sure, I'd get upset and all, but it didn't last longer than it took me to flirt with some other guy and feel better. It was all about feeling like I'd lost my touch, back then, if a guy finished with me rather than the other way. This's not like Jack and I have even dated. Hell, we're friends...and yet here I am." She clenched her fist. "Dammit, I can't believe I cried myself to sleep over a stupid guy!"
"Love is screwed." Topaz got up, coming round the table to hug her friend. "Trust me, it is."
"Thanks, that helps." Sylva rolled her eyes. "Well? So what do I do? God, if Nancy found out...she'd take me to pieces!"
"I'm not telling anyone anything, that's up to you to do if you feel you want to." Topaz responded. "But regarding Jack, I think your idea of going over there is a good one. You need to talk to him face to face. Also..." She paused, considering.
"Also?" Sylva looked hopeful.
"Well, he told you your opinion meant something to him, and that he valued you as a friend, right?"
"Yes." Sylva nodded.
"Well, then would it be too much to go for broke and tell him how you feel? Either way it'll settle things. If he's really into this Melanie chick, well, then you'll still be friends. And you might find that he's been suppressing as much as you."
"I wish I knew exactly what I was suppressing." Sylva sighed. "I dunno about telling him, Topaz. I'm not clear on this whole deal yet myself...what if I'm still wrong and I'm actually not in love with him, or something?"
"Syl, honey..." Topaz spoke softly. "You cried yourself to sleep over this guy. Take it from're in love."
"Then love stinks." Sylva rolled her eyes. "Sirena was right. Getting involved with guys is nothing but trouble!"
She pushed back her chair, standing up. "I'm going to get dressed, we have a practice."
"Your breakfast!" Topaz exclaimed, but it was too late. Sylva had gone.

"Hey all!"
When Jewel arrived at the studio they found someone waiting for them. Zoe Montgomery had directed all of Jewel's music videos so far, with great success to boot, but she was also a good friend of the quartette, and they greeted her warmly.
"What brings you here?" Copper asked, as the girls began to set up their instruments, ready for the gruelling runthrough for the Christmas Party concert. "We don't have a video to shoot, do we?"
"Nope, you don't, though I'm hurt that you think I must be here for work reasons." Zoe's bubbly smile belied her words and she perched on the windowsill, making herself comfortable. "This might be a social call."
"Well, is it?" Nancy demanded. Zoe grinned.
"Actually, no." She admitted. "It's to do with the Christmas Party. Pizzazz thinks it might be cool to film your set - you know that in the New Year she wants to release the compilation video of your tour footage, right? She said it'd be neat to end with a Christmas theme back here in Cali. So-o-o..."
"She wants you to film it." Topaz deduced. Zoe nodded.
"Yep, pretty much." She agreed. "You guys don't mind, do you? I know it's gonna be airing on TV anyhow, but Pizzazz insists on her own footage."
"It's cool by me." Sylva nodded her head, shrugging off-handedly. "We're professionals and stars. We're not scared of the spotlight."
"There speaks the prima donna." Nancy intoned dryly. "But it's okay, Zoe. I think we can hack it."
"Cool." Zoe dimpled. "I'm glad. I wanted to run it by you guys, though you know that the boss' word is law. Oh yes, did you know that Diablo are going to be playing the show too now?"
"Diablo?" Copper and Nancy exchanged looks, then, "Since when?"
"Since one of the local bands dropped out." Zoe replied. "Their singer was hurt in some kind of motorcycle accident...he'll be okay, but not in time for the show, so Diablo are filling the void. Rory Llewelyn is quick off the mark. Anyhow, I was at Rebel Records the other day and I found out then."
"Why were you at Rebel Records?" Sylva demanded sharply. Zoe laughed.
"Syl, I'm freelance." She chided. "I can't be shown to favour one company over the others, even though I do work most often for Misfit Music." An impish look crossed her face. "Also, if I go and shoot videos for Diablo and Rory's other bands I can keep up with what they're up to. Pizzazz asked me to...said I could get closer to the bands than any of her own double agents."
"Oooh, evil Zoe!" Topaz exclaimed. Zoe shrugged.
"I don't do any harm." She responded calmly. "I don't sabotage or take sides. I just find out what's going down if it's mentioned and pass it on, that's all."
"Mmm, we believe you." Copper grinned. "Oh, on another note, Zoe, you are coming to our Christmas bash, right?"
"Wouldn't miss it." Zoe agreed. "Thanks for the invite - I meant to let you know sooner."
"Who're you bringing as your date?" Sylva wondered, and, glancing at her, Topaz realised her friend was better at concealing her true feelings than she had ever realised. When the issue was superficial, Sylva could generally be found to be the first to complain, but when it was something deeper, she preferred not to address the issue at all, and clearly she had no intention of invoking the sympathy or otherwise of the other girls.
Zoe blushed deeply at the question, looking somewhat uncomfortable.
"Do I have to bring a guy along?" She asked slowly. "I mean, I'm not really...that is, I haven't..."
"Syl's teasing, of course you don't have to have a date." Copper assured her. "You can bring a friend if you like, but don't feel under any obligation."
"Copper's right." Topaz agreed. "It's just a fun bash, not a formal thing. it doesn't matter if you bring a guy or not. And you won't be alone - I don't think Cynthia is going to bring a date."
"Oh! I see." Zoe's features relaxed. "I just wasn't sure who I'd ask. There...isn't a guy in my life right now and after all..." She cast Nancy a smile. "Dean took me to my High School Prom, and he's kinda taken now."
Nancy returned the grin rather self-consciously.
"I didn't go to my senior prom." She admitted. "I'm making up for it now."
"Well, I don't know if I'm gonna bother having a date either...the whole idea is so tacky and high school." Sylva observed airily. "I mean, come on, it's not like it matters! People wanna see celebrities out in the public eye and generating interesting gossip, not the same ol' same ol' in their love lives!"
"Don't knock it till you've tried it." Nancy told her with a wry smile, tuning up her guitar as she spoke. Sylva did not deign to respond, much to Topaz's relief, instead turning her attention to her synth. Had her companions but known it, the impetuous young musician was trying her best to maintain a strong grip on her emotions. The more she had thought about it, the more she was dreading her visit to Jack's home that afternoon. After all, what could she say?
"At least there'll be Courtenay." She mused, programming in the settings for the first song's runthrough. "Ah, who knows. Maybe it'll be all right, after all."

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