Arc Three: When Life Goes On...
Shadow Of The Girl

Chapter Six: A Special Quest

"So who in hell is this Michael!"
Eric shoved the pile of recent newspapers down on the table with a frustrated sigh. "Pizzazz goes and drops a name in front of me and dammit, now I can't find head nor tail of the guy! What gives here? Has my daughter got some...flunkie running round after her? God forbid! I don't need any rough business - I just want to tackle Emily, one on one. See if I can't bring her round to my point of view."
He got to his feet, pacing across the room to where the telephone stood and lifting the receiver.
"I suppose I'm going to have to be more direct." He mused. "Call the brat herself, perhaps. Good thing she left that birth certificate in my office last time we met - I know exactly how to find her."
He deftly keyed in a number.
"Operator, I want a local number - probably here in Los Angeles." He said briskly as the call was picked up. "I'm looking for my daughter - one Emily-Jayne Raymond?"
There was a moment silence, then,
"I'm sorry, sir, there are no Emily Raymonds in Los Angeles."
"What?" Eric's eyes narrowed in suspicious confusion. "But that's impossible!"
"Maybe she's ex-directory, sir." The woman suggested, rather unhelpfully. "There are no Emily Raymonds listed in the Los Angeles vicinity."
"Not Emily, woman, Emily-Jayne!"
"No Emily or Emily-Jayne Raymond in the Los Angeles area." The woman insisted. "Thank you for your call, sir. Have a nice day."
The line went dead and Eric cursed at it, dropping the phone back into the cradle and pacing to the window, staring out at the intimidating logo of the music company. With the sunset behind it, it almost seemed to glow, mocking him in his attempts and he growled, pulling the curtain roughly shut.
"So the brat has another name." He muttered. "What is this, the secret service? What's a guy got to do to find anyone round these parts?"
He grabbed the pile of papers once more, skimming back through the gossip columns for anything he might have missed. There was plenty on Jewel, he noted with an irritated sneer, and a couple of snippets on some band called Diablo who worked for Rebel Records...
Eric's eyes narrowed.
Rebel Records? Why did that ring a bell?
"That's where Emily used to work!" He realised. "Pizzazz said that she worked for Misfit Music now...but in my office in Canada she distinctly mentioned both Rebel Records and Rory Llewelyn - Riot! I wonder..."
He returned his attention to the phone, dialling the disenchanted operator once more, and demanding the number for Rebel Records. This time he was put through to a secretary, and a smile crossed his face.
"Hello, I'd like to make an appointment with Mr Llewelyn. As soon as possible." He said softly.
"Mr Llewelyn is very busy - is he expecting your visit?"
"No, that's why Im making an appointment, my dear woman." Somehow Eric kept his patience. "And I'm sure he'll be glad to see me - we're old acquaintances and I have something important to discuss with him."
"Your name, Sir?"
"Oh, didn't I mention it? Raymond. Eric Raymond."
"One moment, sir." There was the sound of a switch being pressed and Eric pulled a face as music pumped out of the receiver. Great, he'd been put on hold, and he really didn't need a longer phone bill on his hotel tab. He was just about to give up and try again the following morning when there was another click and a more familiar voice came down the line.
"Eric?" The voice said, sounding both surprised and a little wary. "This is Riot. What in hell do you want?"


"So, what exactly are you looking for?"
Sylva sent Aaron an expectant glance, an excited twinkle in her blue eyes. "An engagement ring, obviously, but what kind of deal are we talking? I mean, how are you planning to propose to her?"
"God I don't know." Aaron admitted, a sheepish smile touching his face. "I want to do it so badly, but I get so spooked. I realise that I'm with one of the most sought after women in American rock and roll and I chicken out."
"Copper loves you, you're so being ridiculous." Sylva scolded him playfully. "Men! You're so damn hopeless! I mean, you want to marry this girl, right?"
"So then you can't be scared to ask an itty bitty question!" Sylva took him by the arm, leading him into the jewellery store. "After all, it's more or less a given that she's gonna say yes. All you have to worry about is the right way to do it and the perfect ring."
"You make it sound so simple." Aaron admitted. "When you put it that way I don't know why I haven;t done it yet. We have been together so long, too."
"Exactly." Sylva dimpled. "And it would be so cool - the first Jewel marriage!"
"I'll generate hate mail from all her fans, if I do it." Aaron laughed. "Okay, come on. You know way more about jewellery than I ever will, and I trust your judgement where Copper is concerned, too - so what do you suggest?"
"Diamonds, definitely." Sylva pulled him over towards a display of expensive rings. "Here, look. This is the kinda deal - if you can afford it."
"I've been saving up part of my salary for the last couple of months." Aaron replied. "I want to do this properly, Syl. She means a lot to me."
"You're so romantic, you know." Sylva told him, embarrassing him thoroughly in the process. She didn't notice his discomfort, however, for at that moment they were approached by a curious clerk, eager to make a commission.
"Hi, may I help you?" She asked.
"Yes, I'm sure you can." Sylva nodded purposefully. "My friend here is looking for the perfect engagement ring for his girlfriend - he's planning to pop the question sometime soon and he wants something extra-special."
"Oh, I see." The woman smiled. "Do you have something in mind?"
"That's why Syl's here." Aaron admitted. "To make sure I don't go wrong."
"We want something chic and with diamonds." Sylva added with a grin. "Not too over the top - you know, can't be too garish or showy, because she's not that kind of girl, but something pretty and sophisticated."
"Sounds good to me." Aaron agreed. "What do you have?"
"Well, we had in a couple of new ring styles this last week." The woman told him, reaching for the key of the ring cabinet and carefully unlocking the glass lid. "Here, take a look. This is the kind of thing I think you're looking for." She reached in, producing a delicate piece of jewellery neatly studded with three small diamonds.
"Ooh." Sylva's eyes became big, then, "Can I?" She held out her hand, and the woman handed it to her. Sylva turned it over in her fist, then held it out to Aaron. "What do you think?"
"Mm, dunno." Aaron admitted. "I know you said not too showy, Syl, but don't you think...well...isn't it kinda..."
"Small?" Sylva asked. Aaron nodded.
"Well...yes." He looked uncomfortable again. "Not that I know a thing about rings."
"Hey, if you don't like it then it's a no-go." Sylva handed the ring back with a smile at the clerk. "Anything else you can suggest?"
"Mm." The clerk looked thoughtful. "Well, there's this one..." She reached into the back of the cabinet, pulling out the ring and placing it on the unit. "That's one of the more expensive rings in this line, it prices at around $800 plus tax - but it is a stunner."
"It's beautiful." Sylva breathed. "Man, I wish I had a guy who'd buy me a ring like that."
"I like it better than the other." Aaron admitted, taking the ring and turning it over in his hands. "Syl, a favour, huh? Can you put it on your finger for me? I want to see how it looks on."
"Well, sure, I'd love to." Sylva's eyes twinkled. "But remember that my skin tone is a lot fairer than Copper's and my complexion totally different, so I don't know what you hope to get from it."
"I just want to see it as an engagement ring, see if it has the right kinda feel." Aaron replied. "Humour me, okay? I want to make sure we get this right."
"Okay." Sylva shrugged, slipping it gently onto the fourth finger of her right hand.
"Isn't that the wrong hand?" Aaron looked bemused.
"Well, yes." Sylva nodded. "But I'm almost sure it's bad luck for anyone to wear an engagement ring before the prospective bride. Or is that wedding rings? Oh, I don't know." She grinned. "I won't take the chance, though." She flexed her fingers, allowing the light to catch the gems. "Wooh. Well, if it was me you were asking I'd say yes just for the ring, Aaron. It's a beauty."
Aaron grinned at the clerk.
"Looks like we have a sale." He said, his light tone betraying his awkwardness.
"Copper and I are almost the same ring size and this one's big on she could have it fitted here, couldnt she?" Sylva glanced up. The clerk nodded, laughing.
"Of course, for no extra charge." She said with a wink. "If you'd like to come with me, sir..."
"I hope you take plastic." Aaron said with a grin, fishing in his wallet.
"Ooh, this is soo exciting." Sylva murmured. "I can't believe that two of my friends are really getting married! Can I be a bridesmaid?"
"I might not have done this before, Syl, but I'm pretty sure the bride chooses her maids." Aaron laughed now, as the clerk took his credit card, leading the way to the cash register. "So I'm not the one to ask. But this is definitely a step in the right direction - now I can really do this properly!"
"I'm sure you're gonna be so cool together." Impulsively Sylva hugged him. "Did you tell your folks yet what you're planning?"
"I mentioned it briefly to Dad, but noone else." Aaron responded. "And I made him promise not to tell Mom yet. I wanted his advice - wanted to know how he proposed to Mom and stuff. So he and you are the only ones who know."
"Um..." Sylva bit her lip.
"Syl, who did you tell?" Aaron wheeled on her.
"Topaz?" Sylva looked sheepish. "Noone else, I swear, and I didn't say a word to Copper or Nancy. Neither of them know a thing."
Aaron rolled his eyes.
"S'pose I should've known you'd have to tell someone." he said, resigned. "At least I know Topaz will keep her mouth shut." He cast her a grin. "Come on. Once we've finished up here, I'll buy you coffee. Whilst I'm spending I might as well continue!"
"Not complaining here." Sylva grinned. "Lead the way!"

Prologue: February 1997  
Chapter One: Sirena's Show

Chapter Two: A Plot
Chapter Three: In California
Chapter Four: About Chimera
Chapter Five: Sirena's Aunt
Chapter Six: A Special Quest
Chapter Seven: The Plot Hatches
Chapter Eight: Eric Strikes
Chapter Nine: Webchat
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Chapter Eleven: Handling Emily
Chapter Twelve: A Discovery
Chapter Thirteen: A Birthday Surprise

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