Arc Three: When Life Goes On...
Part Two

Chapter Two: Topaz Interferes

"Nancy, can I have a word?"
It was later that evening, and Topaz, having carefully thought out the conversation she had had with Copper earlier that day, had decided to take something of a gamble. At no point during the conversation, she mused, had Copper sworn her to secrecy, but even so, she felt a little apprehensive, knowing that she would be breaking her friend's confidence all the same.
"But I can't just sit and do nothing about this, and Nancy deserves to know that Copper isn't sick again, at the very least." She told herself firmly. "I only hope that I'm doing the right thing...if I'm not, Copper will hate me forever, but I have to try!"
"Sure, come in." At that moment the guitarist's voice came through the bedroom door, and gently Topaz pushed it open, stepping into the gentle blue and lavender bedroom which had become Nancy's domain since she had moved into the Starlight Mansion three years earlier. She cast Topaz a confused look, noting her troubled expression.
"What gives?" She asked. "Don't you usually go to Syl for your deep and meaningfuls?"
"Yes, but this one I'm bringing to you." Topaz responded, coming to sit on the end of the bed. "Listen, Nancy, I found out something today about Copper and Aaron. I don't know if I should even be talking to you about it, because even though she didn't swear me to secrecy she did say she didn't like to talk about it. But I wanted you to know at the very least that she hasn't had a relapse and it isn't cancer. She's not sick, don't worry."
"That's good news at least." Nancy narrowed her eyes thoughtfully. "But something tells me you know more than that, am I right?"
"Yeah." Topaz nodded. "I have something of a dilemma, actually, Nance. I know the reason she turned down your brother, and though I think its a little screwed, I can see her logic behind it. I mean, a lot more makes sense now. Normally, I wouldn't even think of mentioning anything like this to anyone else, but it just struck me...Copper is so miserable and so is Aaron. I wondered if I know...take a gamble and see if I couldn't help somehow?"
"Okay, well, are you gonna tell me what this big secret is?" Nancy asked, settling herself crosslegged on her bedcover and setting the precious golden saxophone she had been polishing back into it's box. The saxophone was a family heirloom, once belonging to her great grandfather, and Jetta had entrusted it to her care. Nancy had used it during the recording of the Exotic album tracks, and she always took the best possible care of it, knowing that it was a special instrument and not to be abused.
"I probably shouldn't." Topaz looked troubled. "Look here, Nancy, how well do you know your brother?"
"Fairly well." Nancy frowned. "Why?"
"Well, how bad would you say he had it for Copper?"
"How bad? He adores her." Nancy responded immediately. "Seriously, Topaz, Aaron is a fairly laid back guy and if something happens he tends to hold it together outwardly, it's hard to know sometimes how bad it really hurts him. But he's gutted that Copper turned him down. Why?"
"Well, do you think there is any reason - in your mind - that he would change that opinion of her?"
"Only if she was unfaithful, I think." Nancy considered. "Why?"
"I know I'm beating around the bush, be patient with me." Topaz begged. "I'm trying to tell you without telling you because I dont want to betray Copper."
"Oookay." Nancy pursed her lips. "Go on then. What else?"
"Has Aaron ever mentioned to you what he wanted to do with his life? I mean, in terms of ambitions and that stuff?"
"That's an odd question." Nancy remarked. "He's happy at Misfit Music, I think. What has that to do with Copper?"
"I didn't mean in terms of work. I meant in terms of life."
"Oh, I see." Nancy looked confused. "No, actually, I don't. Can you help me out a little here? In terms of life?"
"Nancy, quit being dense." Topaz rolled her eyes. "Listen, does Aaron want a family?"
"Of course, he's that kinda guy." Nancy nodded. Then she gasped. "You mean...Copper doesn't? Copper, the most naturally maternal one of the lot of us doesn't want a family?"
"It isn't that she doesn't. She thinks she can't, and she might be right." Topaz spread her hands. "Because of the cancer therapy she had. She's seen several doctors - hence the sneaking out, the changing moods and the strange calls. All of them have told her that her chances of conceiving naturally aren't good. That's why she turned Aaron down - because he wants a family and she doesn't know if she can give him that."
Nancy stared at Topaz for a moment, then,
"Of all the dumb brained, romantic, airheaded nonsense!" She exclaimed. "Aaron loves her, is she blind? He wouldn't care if she had three heads and no legs, he loves her! Man, if that's the only reason she broke my brother's heart..."
"Woah, girl, cool it." Topaz held up a hand. "This really upsets Copper, she's totally gutted about it and my pregnancy isn't helping. I guess it's fair to say she's overly sensitive about the whole deal. I'm guessing from your reaction that you think Aaron would marry her regardless, and wouldn't care, but you have to realise that this is a big deal to Copper. Maybe too big a deal. She's become fixated with it as the thing preventing her from being happy, so don't you go make her feel worse about it. It mightn't seem a big thing to you, but for Copper it's huge."
"Okay." Nancy sighed, settling back down. "I guess I see what you mean. What do you suggest we do?"
"I don't know." Topaz admitted. "I rather hoped you might have an idea, seeing as he's your brother and she;s your best friend."
"Love isn't my strongest point." Nancy admitted. "I dunno. Leave it with me, huh? I'll think it over."
"Okay." Topaz nodded, getting to her feet. "Don't mention to Copper that I told you, huh? I just want to help somehow."
"Don't worry, I won't." Nancy promised. "I'll think of something, too. However long it takes me!"


Mary Martescu swung open the door of her apartment, casting her eldest child a surprised look. Mary, once Stormer of the Misfits, was devoted to the needs of both of her daughters, though Anna spent most of her time at University in Washington DC, and it had only been since her divorce from businessman Elliot Martescu that Mary had come to live once more in her home state of California. Her work was now entangled with that of Misfit Music, for she was one of their most successful and talented songwriters. Her reputation spread far beyond American borders, but to Sylva she was simply "Mom", and a source of both comfort and advice.
She needed both now.
"Hi're not busy, are you?" She asked. Mary shook her head, ushering her daughter inside and closing the door behind her.
"No. Actually, I just decided to take a break on the song I'm writing, because the chords aren't working out and my head needs some space." She replied. "Besides, I always have time for you and Anna, you know that." She frowned. "Is something wrong, Sylvie? You look a bit down."
"Oh, everything's wrong." Sylva sighed, dropping down onto her mother's couch. "I know you'd never say 'I told you so', Mom, but it's basically that I'm here over. You remember I told you about that Jack guy? The single dad who I said I liked the look of?"
"Yes, I remember." Mary agreed, sitting down beside her, and, as if she was a small child once more, Sylva snuggled up against her.
"Well, it was kinda more than just a passing phase." She admitted. "I mean, nothing ever happened, don't get me wrong, it wasn't that. Just I...well...guess I fell for him pretty badly, to be honest. And I know you said that I was too young, I'd get hurt, I wasn't ready to settle down...but I kinda felt like something was right when I was with him."
"I thought he was dating?" Mary looked confused.
"He is." Sylva glanced at her hands. "This is the thing, Mom. I listened to what you said about him, and Topaz and Anna and everyone else, and Melanie seemed to be such a nice person. I figured she was gonna make a great Mom for Courtenay, and so I didn't tell Jack I liked him. But..."
"I saw Melanie treat Courtenay badly. I told Jack, it slipped out that I had a crush on him, he got mad at me and now he doesn't want me anywhere near him or Courtenay. Worse, he and Melanie are getting married. Mom, what can I do?"
"There probably isn't a lot you can do." Mary's expression became grave. "I'm proud of you, Sylvie, first of all for putting Jack's interests before yours, and secondly to have the courage to tell him what you saw, even though you risked this kind of backlash. The trouble is, when you love someone, often someone else pointing out that person's flaws isn't going to have any effect. Jack has to see Melanie's other side for himself. Have you spoken to him at all since?"
"Nope." Sylva shook her head. "And I hate it, Mom. I've told Topaz and the others that I'm going to put him out of my head, I'm gonna find someone else to take to the wedding, and I'm gonna damn well have a good time and forget about him. But it isn't working out quite as easy as that." She paused, gazing up to meet her mother's gentle blue eyes. "Did you feel like that, when things broke down between you and Dad?"
"A little." Mary nodded. "Your father and I were always very different people and we wanted conflicting things in life. You girls held us together, and without you there the marriage just couldn't survive." She gently stroked her daughter's curly hair. "It's never nice, is it, to have your heart broken?"
"No." Sylva shook her head. "And it's stupid, because it's never been like this before. I dated a hell of a lot of guys in high school, you know that. You used to have a nightmare trying to remember each one's name. But even though I've had the odd date since I met Jack, I can't help feeling something different where he's concerned. I dunno, Mom, is it just me? The challenge of the one I can't get? The thing that hurt me most was that he said I was only hanging out with him to displace Melanie and get his attention. To begin with I flirted with him because I was attracted to him, but God, I didn't tell him anything because of that! I only did it because of Courtenay..." She groaned, rubbing her temples. "I feel like I let the kid down, too. She trusts me - she doesn't trust Melanie."
Mary pursed her lips, then,
"I owe you an apology, Sylvie." She said quietly.
"Huh?" Sylva looked startled. "You do? What for?"
"I thought you were still too much of a child to deal with the situation of Jack being a single father, and that's why I didn't want you involved with him." Mary responded. "But I think I misjudged you. You're fond of the little girl, aren't you?"
"She's like the little sister Annie and I never had." Sylva admitted. "Yeah, I love her to death, Mom."
Mary sighed.
"Poor kiddy." She observed. "It's not gonna be easy for her, if Jack does marry Melanie."
"I know. I'm mad at Jack but not at Courtenay." Sylva replied. "Trouble is, I know Melanie went off at Court because I showed up and she ran off after me - she always does. So I kinda feel if I try and get involved any more, I might make it worse for her. I don't want that." She grabbed the cushion, hugging it to her chest. "Life stinks when you grow up, Mom. It was so much easier when all you had to worry about was which party dress to wear or which doll to spend allowance on, and that whenever you had a problem you knew it could be fixed."
"It's true." Mary nodded. "It's just as hard for a mother, too, not being able to solve all her daughter's problems." She smiled. "But I am very proud of you, Sylvie. Very proud indeed."
"If it wasn't for Vi's wedding, and the album, I think I'd go away for a weekend, go to Washington and see Annie, maybe." Sylva mused. "I need some headspace. But I have work and I won't miss Vi's wedding. I swear it couldn't have happened at a worse time, though. I've no idea who Im gonna go with and right now, I could care less, too." She shrugged. "Oh well. I'm sure it'll work out somehow."
"These things generally do." Mary nodded. "Look, I'm not gonna work any more today. How about we go for a drive and a mother daughter chat, and leave Los Angeles and work behind for an hour or two? I think we could both use the break."
"I think so too." Sylva looked relieved. "Count me in, Mom. Things are crazy at home, with Copper upset over Aaron and Topaz..." She frowned, biting her lip.
"Topaz?" Mary looked startled. "What about Topaz?"
"Will you promise to say nothing, if I tell you? I'm not meant to tell anyone." Sylva looked troubled.
"If its a sworn secret, Sylvie, I won't pry." Mary said softly. "You can tell me when you're able, okay?"
"Okay." Sylva smiled. "Thanks for understanding, Mom. I will tell you, just right now things are up in the air."
"They'll settle." Mary told her gently, hugging her daughter tightly. "Trust me. These things always do."

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Chapter Two: Topaz Interferes
Chapter Three: Stefana Discovers
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Chapter Nine: Aaron...and Copper
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