A Christmas Story


"Well, you got your way in the end."
Jetta stood on the balcony of one of the Gabor Estate's biggest rooms, gazing casually down at the ground below. "The Misfits had their concert, after all."
"Topaz's baby came at a convenient moment, looking back." Her companion nodded her head, coming to join her, and handing her a glass of champagne. "We sure as hell surprised them, though. Who woulda thought that the surprise act at the Christmas Spectacular would be the Misfits, in all their former glory! And they loved us!"
"Didn't they though." Jetta smirked. "Roxy may be a neanderthal sometimes, but she's a damn fine guitarist, and hey, we ain't that badly outta shape. They got the Christmas concert of a lifetime, an' Sylva an' Nancy an' the rest could spend their Boxin' Day fussin' round Topaz an' the new arrival. I gather that they've not released it to the press yet...though of course, tongues are waggin', since noone's seen head nor tail of a Jewel, much less 'eard them play anything."
"And the single went straight in at number one, just like we predicted it to." Phyllis pursed her lips in contemplation. "What do you reckon, Jetta? More Misfit collaborations to come? Or should we quit whilst we're ahead."
"Once a Misfit, always a Misfit." Jetta quipped. "It's in the blood, or somethin'. Nancy an' Sylva an' your Emily - they do okay. But there's somethin' else to our sound, an' nothing has ever quite replaced it. I'd like to 'ope there'll be more where that came from, to be honest. If we could nail Roxy down to a fixed location, we might even get some new songs out of it."
"Something to keep in mind, anyhow." Phyllis agreed. She took a sip of the champagne, setting her glass down on the edge of the balcony. "If only you weren't in such a hurry to ruin the mood, running off to New York for your romantic vacation...blech."
"Romantic is hardly likely." Jetta rolled her eyes. "Since we're stoppin' with Justin's Ma, but for shoppin', New York's the place. Besides, I'll be back soon enough, an' you know you won't get any work done. If you're sober to see in the New Year it'll be a first."
"Cheeky bitch." Phyllis grimaced, but her good spirits were not easily doused by this playful banter. "Well, one thing's for sure. Might not be the eighties any more, Jetta...but the Misfits still know how to rock this town!"

Chapter One: Back In Los Angeles
Chapter Two: Christmas Plans
Chapter Three: Like Old Times
Chapter Four:  The Truth About Anna
Chapter Five: The Video Shoot
Chapter Six: Topaz's Sensation
Chapter Seven: Sadie's Tattoo
Chapter Eight: An Unlikely Team
Chapter Nine: Misfit vs Devil
Chapter Ten: An Old Flame
Chapter Eleven: Topaz Again

Chapter Twelve: A Christmas Present

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