Princess In Waiting

Morvania, 1987

 "Long live the Queen!"
Adreana, Queen of Morvania gazed down at the sea of faces below, smiling as she registered the warmth and adoration of her public from the safety of the royal box. She raised a lace-clad hand, waving to them, and basking in the roar of devoted approval from the lords and ladies seated below her, in their fineries and expensive satin.
"One year as Queen, and finally, Morvania is at peace." She murmured, sitting back down in her chair and casting her companion a smile. "Who would have thought it, Corvin? One year after Lexa's plot was brought to nothing, Morvania is as free and as safe as any place on Earth."
"Your highness would do well not to forget Lexa or her plotting too lightly." Corvin, captain of the Royal Guard, and Adreana's most loyal and devoted servant remarked dryly, casting his own gaze across the crowd as he did so. "I'm still not convinced that exiling her and Dimitrios to the mountains was the right decision. While Lexa lives, your throne will always be in danger."
"Nonsense." Adreana dismissed his concern with a flick of her hand. "The people of Morvania have spoken. Lexa will never be Queen of Morvania, and she knows that now. Besides, I can't spend all of my life worrying about people who upset me in the past. Lexa is gone...and we should forget her. What can she do, exiled in the mountains, without money or military guard to her name? She is old...older than I, and older than you. I'm nineteen, and I shall be Queen for longer than she has years in her. By next summer, I will doubtless be married, and then my throne will be secure for many generations to come. It's over now - she must realise that."
"I hope you're right, my lady." Corvin responded. "I really hope you're right."

Many miles away, in the depths of the mountain villages, deep in the heart of wild, untamed country, Corvin would have found much evidence to back up his lingering doubts. Whilst Adreana was young, and full of life, she lacked the ruthless streak inside her that, as a military man, Corvin felt she had needed when dealing with her cousin Lexa. Treason against the throne of Morvania was a crime punishable by death, and Corvin had felt strongly that death should have been the fate of not only Lexa, but also her manservant - some rumoured her lover - Dimitrios. Adreana's young, naive heart had struck out against that, however, and when Lexa had begged for mercy, through eyes filled with hate, Adreana had granted it. They, along with those members of their families who had been convicted of sympathising with the plot, had been ordered to the wild borderlands of Morvania, to the unfriendly, forbidding mountain terrain that, had it not been for maps and charts, would have seemed another world to most of the country's inhabitants. Few bar shepherds and nomads lived in the remote, harsh conditions, and, though a few small villages dotted themselves around the borders, existance here was difficult.
In one of the ramshackle huts, as the wind whipped bitterly through the glass-less windows and underneath the eaves, a solitary figure crouched, her mind focused on only one thing.
"One day, Adreana, you will pay dearly for this." She murmured, pulling her cloak more tightly around her shivering body as she cursed the country's young and popular new monarch. "One day, my family will rule Morvania...just you wait and see!"

Prologue: Morvania, 1987
Chapter One: Los Angeles, 2014
Chapter Two: At The Airport
Chapter Three: Laviana
Chapter Four: The Competition
Chapter Five: The Queen
Chapter Six: Ransacked!
Chapter Seven: Anatole
Chapter Eight: Nerysa
Chapter Nine: A Frightening Realisation
Chapter Ten: Betrayal
Chapter Eleven: The Truth
Chapter Twelve: Heartfelt
Chapter Thirteen: Home

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