Don't Look Back: Part Two
(A Sadie Saga)
Chapter Twelve: The Newest Jewel

"No way."
Nancy folded her arms obstinately, shaking her head. "There is no way under the sun that I am having that Casey girl join our band. No way! I swear, I'd kill her by the end of the first month!"
"Nancy, we kinda don't have a choice here." Copper sighed. "We had three girls, Latisha and Bryony are out of it, that leaves Casey. We all know we need a new Jewel because Topaz's bass lines really do need to be replaced. Do you want to rewrite everything?"
"Sure, if it means I don't have to have that girl here." Nancy retorted. "No, Copper. We said that it had to be unanimous, and when we began all this, the option of "none of them" still applied. I'm invoking that option now! I will not tolerate Casey Spiller in Jewel today, tomorrow, next year or ever!"
"I think that was a fairly emphatic no." Topaz observed from where she had been carefully painting her nails. "I feel rotten about all this, too. I don't want you to fight because of me. It's just..." She shrugged. "I kinda know I need the time out. Everything recently has just proved it - I have to duck out of the band when the baby is here, probably before, so something has to be decided."
"I don't like Casey either. She has a big mouth." Sylva observed. Nancy snorted.
"Pot. Kettle. Black." She remarked dryly. "But Syl's right. She does. I'm not having it, guys. No way. It's either Casey or me, because I swear the day she moves in here is the day I move out!"
"Okay, okay." Copper grimaced. "No on the Casey front then. So what are we going to do? We need a bass guitarist."
"And we've been through California's best with no success." Nancy grimaced. "Guess we're picky, huh? Latisha would have been perfect, but..."
"But she was right to be honest with us about her ambitions." Copper finished. "I hope she does get signed on by Misfit Music, Nancy. She was nice and, well, in light of things, the best of the bunch."
"So what do we do?" Sylva demanded. "Go back to being three? Topaz, you're quitting on us, at least give us some clue what to do next!"
"Well, perhaps you should look at these." Cynthia entered the main lounge at that moment, a sheaf of paper in her hands. "They're Sadie's sketches and she asked me to give them to you to choose one - she's at Misfit Music helping finalise her paperwork. Phyllis pulled some strings to get it through in time for her to use the sketches legally on Exotic's cover, and so from this afternoon she's a legitimate employee of Misfits Music."
"I guess that means Aunt Phyl liked the designs she did." Nancy decided. "Let's see, Cyn. We might as well do something productive this afternoon."
Cynthia handed the guitarist the pile of papers, taking a seat.
"At least some good has come of events recently." She observed. "Sadie's arrival here helped you from making a mistake and trusting in Bryony too far. And I believe we have made a new friend from it too...except Topaz, who already had one."
"I'm glad you let Sadie stay, guys." Topaz nodded, getting down onto the floor to examine the pictures as Nancy spread them carefully out. "Hey, these really are fabulous! I mean the rough pictures she did were awesome but these look so professional. I can't believe she doesn't think she can draw!"
"Well, she can, thank God." Sylva remarked. "They're all stunning. Can we pick just one?"
"Well, we can't pick a new Jewel so probably not." Nancy rolled her eyes. "Guess we're hopeless."
Topaz narrowed her eyes, looking thoughtful as she eyed the pictures.
"Maybe not." She said slowly. "Look, guys, your criteria for a new member of the band has always been that they have to get on with us, fit into the setup we have here, and of course, play music - play guitar. Right?"
"Right." Copper nodded. "But its not proving as simple as that sounds."
"Perhaps you're looking at it wrong." Topaz responded. "I don't think we even needed the talent sweep. If you ask me, the candidate has been here right under our noses all the time and none of us have realised it."
"Hey, Cynthia, you're gonna be a Jewel!" Sylva quipped. Cynthia laughed, tossing a cushion in the keyboardist's direction, which Sylva deftly caught and tossed back.
"Oh, grow up, you two." Topaz grimaced at them. "I'm serious."
"What do you mean?" Copper looked interested.
"Simple." Topaz shrugged. "Sadie."
"Sadie?" Nancy stared, then, "Oh my God! We didn't even think...but Sadie plays guitar, doesn't she?"
"Plays it well, too." Topaz nodded. "And most importantly she's slotted in here like one of the crowd, almost. Okay, I grant that she and you guys don't know each other intimitely yet, but wouldn't you say you've bonded with her more than you did with any of our three hopefuls?"
"Yeah, I would." Nancy agreed thoughtfully. "I like Sadie. And she can be taught bass."
"If I can, she can." Topaz agreed. "Well, what do you guys think?"
"Would she do it?" Sylva looked doubtful. "She seems kinda shy."
"She's had a hard time, but this is what she might need to spark some self confidence in her abilities." Cynthia said. "I like Sadie too, I believe she has integrity and I would fully endorse the idea of making her a Jewel."
"I think you might have hit on something there." Copper mused. "We all like Sadie, and Topaz is right, she has settled in with us." She grinned. "I'm game if everyone else is."
"The press would love it, a mysterious new member from Europe." Sylva's eyes sparkled.
"Nah. The Misfits already stole that angle with Mom." Nancy laughed. "But still, I think it could work. Syl, what do you think?"
"I'm with it if you are." Sylva nodded. "She draws awesome pictures that make me look hot. She can stay."
"Then it's unanimous." Copper realised. "We...we have our new Jewel."
"I'm glad to hear it." A voice came from the doorway and they turned to see Sadie. "So, is it the Casey girl, then? You were discussing this when Cynthia took me to see Miss Gabor about the pictures and that was ages ago."
"No, it's not Casey." Topaz shook her head. "By the way we love the sketches and our next item on the agenda is picking one for the cover. Are you legitimate now?"
"I have a work permit and residence permit and the right to stay in California." Sadie's blue eyes sparkled. "It rocks."
"Well, come sit down then." Sylva indicated the empty seat on the sofa. "You came back at a good time, actually."
"I did?" Sadie looked startled. "Why, is the new Jewel here? Can I meet her?"
"Well, she is here...if she agrees to take it on." Nancy agreed.
"Why wouldn't she? It'd be a dream come true, surely?"
"Maybe." Topaz grinned. "We'll see what she thinks about it."
"So who is she?" Sadie glanced around her. "And where is she? Hiding behind the curtain or something?"
"Nope." Copper shook her head. "She's right here."
"I don't..."
"It's you, Sadie." Sylva told her, laughing at the expression of utter shock which filled her companion's blue eyes. "We decided that you fit into our world best of all the people we've seen recently and we all know you can play guitar and play it just fine."
"But...I'm no way good enough!" Finally Sadie found her voice. "I thought you wanted a professional! And I can't...I can't replace Topaz! She..."
"It was my idea." Topaz interrupted her gently. "I think you'd be perfect. And none of us were professional before we joined Jewel. You're no different from us."
"I might be more different than you think." Sadie looked wistful. "I don't know. You come from such a different world, and..."
"We want you to be part of our world, though." Copper told her gently. "Will you, Sadie?"
"You...really want me to be?"
"Yes. All of us do. We voted unanimously to make you the new Jewel, if you wanted to take it on."
"Really?" Sadie stared, then a tiny smile touched her lips. "Then...I don't suppose I can repay you by refusing, can I? So long as Topaz knows that, if she ever wants to come back I'll gladly make way for her...I'll do it."
"Welcome to the gang, Sadie." Nancy grinned. "Though we have to find you a stage name, you know. Sadie isn't very Jewellish."
"A stage name? Ooh, no, I'd get so muddled up!" Sadie shook her head.
"Well, you could do what Nancy does and use it for press. We know you as Sadie, anyway, so that won't change." Topaz assured her.
"What should we call her?" Sylva wondered. "Sadie can't be corrupted into a gemstone or precious metal the way that Sylvina can into Sylva."
"Well, try another tack." Nancy suggested. "Sadie, when is your birthday?"
"My birthday? January the nineteenth. Why?"
"Syl, what stone is January?" Nancy asked.
"Um...the garnet." Sylva remembered. "Ooh! I see where you're going. Like Topaz and November?"
"That was the idea." Nancy nodded. "Sadie, could you stick being called Garnet by the press and by fans?"
"Fans? Me? That alone blows my mind." Sadie admitted. "But I...I could try."
"What colour is garnet? Reddish, isn't it? Pinky red?" Copper asked.
"Yes." Topaz nodded her head. "So that means you'll have to become a red girl, Sadie, since it's part of the look."
"Red isn't really my colour." Sadie looked doubtful.
"Besides, Sirena did the red thing already." Nancy pointed out.
"Well, we could cheat a little and make it pink. Copper did say pinky red." Sylva pointed out. "And pink is your colour, Sadie, you can't argue with that."
"I could dye pink into your hair, like I did yellow into Nancy's, too." Copper offered. Sadie pursed her lips.
"It's been a long time since I dyed my hair. It sounds like fun." She admitted. "Wow, a whole new Sadie Monahue, with a new look, a new lifestyle, a new hairdo..." She grinned. "You know what? I'm glad I came to California. And I swear that I'll do my level best to be a good Jewel and make you glad you asked me to join...whatever it takes!"

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