Don't Look Back: Part Two
(A Sadie Saga)
Sadie's Diary: September 7th, 2013

 September 7th, 2013
Dear Diary, 
                Wow. How can I put down here in words how excited I am by what Topaz suggested, and yet how afraid of it I am at the same time? I've always doodled and drawn and sketched and okay, so I scraped in a grade in Art back in school, but I never thought anything much of it. I got into trouble more times for doodling in the margins of my classbooks than I got praise for some art project or other. I guess unless I'm inspired I can't put pen to paper at all.
Oh, but this is the first time someone has actually thought anything of my artwork!
I don't mean Alyssa, she's always been sweet and well, Sharita loved my Disney pictures, which is why I left them with the kids when I came out here, but noone outside the family has ever said anything positive like this about my scribbles! Could I really be good enough to design an album cover?

Part of me wants to tell Topaz it's too much, I can't do it, I wouldn't know where to begin - I'm only an amateur. But another part of me wants to repay her and the others for everything that they've done for me in the last few days, and this would be some way towards it. Also, the lure of paperwork and permits make it very tempting to take the gamble, even though in the magazines and photographs Topaz gave me I'm beginning to realise that the stylised image Jewel have won't be easy doodling when it comes to trying to render them properly. It isn't like a homesick scribble of Shari to make me feel less alone. These are people who want my work to help package and sell their livelihood, that's a big deal. They look so stunning in the press shots, I want to do them justice, but can I? What if Topaz is making a huge mistake?

I skimmed through one of the magazines that Topaz gave me with the photographs, just to see if it gave me any inspiration and idea of the band behind the faces. I mean, I know I've met them before but I only really know Topaz and when I'm drawing I can't just draw a picture of something which doesn't mean anything. I need to know more about them, to know the kind of expression they might want or the kind of artwork they're expecting. Wow, reading back over that last bit, I almost sound like a professional! Maybe I can do this, after all! I'm remembering what Gladys said, and Irene, too, about utilising my abilities. Well, I'm gonna give it a shot. If it doesn't make the grade then I'll know, once and for all, but at least I will be able to say "I tried".

The magazine articles are interesting. Jewel are so popular, it makes me feel quite intimidated, in some ways. People want every piece of them they can get. Interviews, photographs, rumours and gossip, hair and makeup, fashion, it's all in there somewhere. How do they manage to stay so normal and rational about life? It's crazy! I knew LA was something else but this is totally Jewel's World. I can see that without taking a step outside, it's all in these magazines. Fan letters from people writing in to say how much they like this or like that or intend to copy such and such's outfit the next time they go to a club. It's mad! I can't imagine being adored by so many people. Surely it must be a strain?

Well, at least it's giving me some ideas. However, the allusions about the music company and Phyllis Gabor make me nervous. I know from what Topaz has said that she's a difficult and hot tempered woman who knows what she wants and generally gets it. I have to meet this woman and impress her, if I want her to get me legit paperwork to stay here. That thought gives me butterflies.

What if she says no?

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