Don't Look Back: Part Two
(A Sadie Saga)
Sadie's Diary: September 9th, 2013

 September 9th, 2013
Dear Diary, 
                Today I had the strangest experience. I met Phyllis Gabor and Jetta Pelligrini for the first time, and you know what? I actually did it! For once in my life, Sadie Monahue isn't the girl who can't get a thing right to save her life! They liked my pictures! Yes, they really did, and Phyllis is going to get me a work permit and a residence permit and then I can go out in public and not worry....ooh that will feel good. I'm so much better now, I've reclaimed my cigarettes (well, my lighter, Sylva admitted to throwing out the others because they were soggy, but it's okay, I got Topaz to lend me a few dollars for some more and she said I needn't pay her back. I will, when I've some money of my own, but right now I don't have that. Not that it matters. I'm safe in the USA, that's what does, and heck, I did it on my own merit! All those doodles in the margins of exam papers finally paid off! Hah, I always knew chemistry was a waste of my time anyway.)

As for the executives themselves, my first impressions of them were strange. Phyllis Gabor is as scary as people led me to believe, she reminded me of some kind of big cat waiting to pounce on her prey, and I suspect that prey was probably me, if I'd upset her or wasted her time. Mind you, her business is successful and Topaz says she isn't so bad once you know her, so maybe that's true. At the moment I'm still rather afraid of her.
Jetta, on the other hand, was totally different. Just as businesslike, twice as shrewd but I don't know, I think she understands my circumstances more than she was willing to say. I haven't asked Nancy about it, because I don't feel like I know the girl well enough to go prying into her family, but I liked Jetta. I think that she knows precisely how tough it is for me coming to LA and settling in. I wonder...when Ive been here longer, I intend on finding out a little more, see if I'm right. Either way, I liked her. She's nice. Ok, so not nice in the classical sense of the word, but I'm not scared by her and I think she's all right. Perhaps, if things get complicated, I could trust her. Not yet though. I really don't know anyone except Topaz in this strange world yet.

And as for Topaz...ooh, what was all that about in the car over the computer? Since when are computers shes? What did she mean? This gets stranger and stranger....

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