Just A Dream...
The Jem Memorial

Chapter Three: Zoe

"Okay, girls, this is it. Your big day."
Jetta eyed the trio with some amusement, taking in their individual expressions. A week on, and plans for Jewel's debut single were well underway. The track had been selected and laid down on tape over the course of the previous few days. Today the girls were to record their music video, and it had incited mixed reactions from each of the three.
Sylva was bursting with excitement, revelling in the whole idea. Copper was nervous, but eager, and Nancy had decided that it was all 'unnecessary nonsense'.
The song, entitled 'Beauty Queen' had been one of Nancy's more cynical numbers, but possessed a catchy rhythm that had endeared Sylva to it right away, and Copper had not opposed the choice. There had been enough spats, she had decided, in choosing who was going to sing the song, and in the end the lyrics had been divided between the two girls, mainly to keep the peace. Not that it was a bad thing, Copper had mused, since both girls had strong voices. In keeping with the song's theme, Phyllis had decided that the theme of the video should be a fashion show, and had enlisted the help of Shana Julian and Regine Cesare to make the elegant and eyecatching costumes the trio would be wearing. The video was to be produced by America's hottest young film talent, Zoe Montgomery, whose inspiration had been the work of her highly celebrated second cousin Vivien, and whose mother had bequeathed to her an exceptional talent for the unusual and dazzling. Constance Montgomery was now far more involved in television presenting than she was in costume and makeup, where her her career in partnership with her cousin had first begun in the late eighties, but her only daughter, now twenty years old, had followed Vivien's lead in prefering to be behind the camera. As a result, Vivien herself had trained the girl from the age of sixteen, and this had played a large part in helping her to reach the dizzy heights so young.
Constance, known to many still as 'Clash', and Vivien, whose nickname in the profession of 'Video' still held good were very close these days, for neither had had brothers or sisters of their own, and though Zoe's father had not stuck around, it had mattered little. Zoe was bright, bubbly and intuitive, unwilling to bear grudges and quick to offer a helping hand wherever it was needed. She was one of the few video artists in recent years who had not excited Phyllis' wild temper.
"How long is it gonna take to shoot the video?" Copper wondered. Jetta laughed.
"Long as it does." She said dryly, spreading her hands. "I 'ope not more than a day or two at most, if that. It's gonna be 'ard work, mind. Long stints in make-up an' wardrobe, 'ot lights...an' all for four or five minutes of film. But, on the positive side, MTV is already interested in airin' your tape, thanks to our PR. That's why it 'as to be good."
"So, when do we start?" Sylva glanced around her impatiently. "I hate waiting around like this!"
"We're waitin' for Zoe to arrive." Jetta told her. "Patience, kid. We 'aven't 'ad the okay from makeup yet to send you girls down there. Things ain't instant in this business, Sylva, an' you better get used to 'angin' around places. We don't want to make a mess of this...Pizzazz 'as 'er eye on takin' you three all the way right from the off."
"Zoe? Who's Zoe?" Copper frowned.
"She works for Mom and Aunt Phyl a lot these days, on music videos for Misfit Music's various groups." Nancy put in. Jetta nodded.
"Indeed." She agreed. "An' 'ere she is. Took your time, Miss Montgomery!"
The trio turned, Copper and Sylva startled by the youth and unassuming prettiness of their film-maker. She grinned now, tucking a wisp of stray yellow-blond hair behind her ear.
"I'm sorry, Jetta." She said contritely. "Traffic was awful and I was a bit late leaving my apartment. The phone rang just as I was opening the door."
Jetta rolled her eyes.
"Well, to business." She said. "Zoe, meet Jewel. You know my daughter Nancy by sight at least, an' these are Sylvina - Sylva, and Elizabeth - Copper. Girls, this is Zoe Montgomery."
"Pleased to meet you all." Zoe dimpled.
"You're so young!" Sylva exclaimed.
"Sylva!" Copper looked horrified, but Zoe giggled.
"I get that a lot. It's fine, really." She said with a careless wave of her hand. "I'm twenty, if you want to know. I know I'm probably younger than you expected me to be, but," She shrugged. "I've had a good teacher and I do know what I'm doing, I promise."
"I'll let you girls get acquainted, then you'll 'ave to go to Makeup, since they're wavin' at me." Jetta replied, pulling her cellphone from her pocket. "I 'ave a call to make, so I'll see you three later, most likely. It's all in your 'ands, Zoe."
"Not a problem." Zoe grinned. "It'll be a blast, I just know it will!"
"Your name's Montgomery." Copper realised. "Are you related to Vivien Montgomery?"
"She's my cousin, and my mentor." Zoe laughed. "I told you I had a good teacher!"
"Video's one of the best." Copper looked impressed. "She worked with my mother's group, years back when she was only in her twenties, and I know she's won lots of awards."
"Every one there is." Zoe sounded proud. "Hey, what was the group?"
"Jem and the Holograms." Nancy piped in ironically.
"Oh!" Zoe exclaimed. "Then you must be Raya's daughter, I'm guessing! Vivien has pictures of all of the people who she's worked with, it's one heck of a collection, but she did say something particular about liking the Holograms. Wait till I tell her I've been working with Raya's daughter!"
Copper blushed.
"Please, Zoe, not so loud!" She begged. "Jetta and Phyllis don't know about my Hologram connection yet, and for now I'd rather it stayed that way!"
Zoe made a zipping motion across her lips.
"I won't breathe a single word." She promised. She glanced around her, as various technicians began to test the equipment that had already been wired in place early that morning. "I guess you'd better scoot on down to makeup and then to wardrobe, get into your glad rags and then we'll discuss the story."
"Story?" Sylva asked. Zoe nodded.
"Sure." She agreed. "The essence of any good music video is a story of some sort - a theme running through it. In this case we're running with a fashion show...so we'll start shooting you here, then we're gonna do some open air pan shots and then finally we're going to film you at the Blue Moon Club. The tape will be spliced together, and then you'll see what I mean about a story." She winked. "Some people reckon my imagination's on overdrive, but it works for me to be a little quirky in what I do. I really think we have a great rags-to-riches storyline here that we can work on in this vid." She waved a hand towards the makeup room. "Go on, I gotta settle a few things with the lighting technicians. Don't look so apprehensive! It'll all run like a dream, I promise you."
With that she was gone, and, exchanging looks, the three girls did as they were bidden.
"Do you think she ever stops smiling?" Nancy demanded as she pushed open the door.
"She seems nice enough." Copper shrugged. Sylva nodded.
"I like her." She agreed. "You'd have to be a social reject not to."
"Meaning what?" Nancy snapped.
"Whatever you want it to." Sylva replied sweetly, taking a seat.
"I didn't say I didn't like her, anyway." Nancy followed suit with a fair bit of reluctance. "She's just overly cheerful for this early in the morning, that's all."
"She has a job to do." Sylva pointed out.
"I never imagined she'd be so young, but she does seem to know what she's doing." Copper added.
"Yeah, she does." Nancy conceded. "Aunt Phyl likes very few people in this world, you know, but I think Zoe is one of them, and her successes speak for themselves. I've not met her properly before today, but from all I've heard from Mom she's a real pro."
"Then we're in good hands." Copper decided. "Has it dawned on you guys what a big deal this video is?"
Nancy frowned, pausing as blush was applied to her pale cheeks, then,
"In what way, exactly?"
"Well, if MTV want it, it must be a big deal." Sylva reasoned.
"The whole nation is going to see it." Copper shivered. "Just imagine! People you've never even met knowing your name - isn't that a weird thought?"
"That's fame for you." Nancy shrugged offhandedly. "Why we need a video is a mystery to me, though. It's like saying 'our song is rubbish but we've put it in pretty packaging, so please buy it.'"
"It's advertising. PR." Sylva replied. "Noone's ever gonna know who we are if we don't make an effort to be known. Personally I can't wait to get out there in front of the cameras, wearing those fabulous outfits. It's so totally gonna rock!"
"I still think that it's a lot of fuss over nothing, and a waste of our time." Nancy was unmoved. Copper laughed.
"I dunno." She said. "I think it might prove to be kinda fun. And if nothing else, we will be on TV. That has to count for something, Nance."
"Next week, when the video airs, we're gonna be pulling live slots on TV shows here, there and everywhere." Sylva's eyes looked dreamy. "Maybe we'll get to be on that breakfast show with that really cute presenter...Dean something or other. He's neat."
"Flirt." Nancy rolled her eyes. "How can we play our song if you're throwing yourself at the presenter?"
"Thankyou, I do have some professionalism." Sylva snapped back. "And anyway, I'd play hard to get. In showbusiness you can't just tie yourself down to the first guy you meet, you know."
"Heaven forbid." Nancy groaned. "What if they're not interested?"
"How could they not be?" Sylva shrugged. "I intend to be the new femme fatale of the music world, so they'd better watch out!"
"Oh brother." Nancy raised her eyes heavenwards.
"Speaking of brothers, wasn't Aaron meant to be here this morning to help out with the technical equipment?" Copper observed. Nancy shrugged.
"He was, but he said he had something more urgent to deal with." She said. "Something to do with the electrics at Starlight Mansion. He's been acting weird since we got back from Detroit, you know, shutting himself away in this room at the bottom of the house. He's put a padlock on the door and everything...it's very strange."
"Perhaps it's a faulty fusebox." Copper suggested.
"Or an unexploded timebomb!" Sylva exclaimed. Nancy snorted.
"Oh yeah, Syl, really." She said scornfully. "My brother would really jeopardise the safety of all of us by messing with a bomb. Not to mention the fact that it's hardly usual to turn up a bomb in the bowels of your new home." She smirked. "Yes, I can just see it now. The estate agent is showing prospective buyers around the house...'An' on your left, Madam, is the conservatory, with a stunnin' view of the grounds, whilst on your right is the door to the basement, which comes with it's own authentic time bomb, absolutely free of charge. Never again will you 'ave to 'unt for fireworks come July 4th, because one wrong move an' you're whole 'ouse will go up with a bang! But be not alarmed, my dear, for we've padlocked it safely away from view'."
Copper burst out laughing, and even Sylva was unable to maintain her indignant scowl long, for Nancy had affected an accent not unlike her mother's to deliver her sarcastic little speech, and the whole effect had been both unexpected and very funny.
"Nancy, you oughta be acting." Copper decided when she had recovered her breath. "That was a scream!"
Nancy looked self-conscious.
"I don't act. I play and I sing." She said finally.
"It was funny though." Sylva admitted grudgingly. "You sounded a lot like Jetta, too. How do you do an accent like that?"
"I grew up round it." Nancy shrugged. "Going to school with true blue Americans, and living round Dad and Aaron means I talk far more American than I ever will English, but Mom's way of speaking always fascinated me and I've never found it real hard to mimic it." She looked rueful. "I've never done it when she's been around to hear it, mind you."
"No, I can imagine that she wouldn't be amused." Copper laughed.
Half an hour later, with makeup completed and outfits on, the three members of Jewel found themselves on the specially prepared catwalk, glancing at each other in confusion, for none of them really knew what they should do. Zoe eyed them all with a giggle.
"Look at you!" She exclaimed. "You look so lost! I know that this is your first music video, but don't look so worried! It's really not going to be all that difficult. Don't panic, you'll get the hang of our little quirks and techniques in no time, I'm sure of it. Now, listen carefully, all right? This is what we're going to do..."
In the bowels of the studio, hidden from view by lighting drops and other pieces of stage equipment, a lone figure observed the situation with scorn. Emily-Jayne Raymond, or Sirena as she now styled herself was already something of a star in her own right, for her single 'I Want Everything' had topped the US singles chart in the very first week it had been issued. It was still there at number one, thanks to Rebel Records' conscientious promotion efforts, and Sirena had no mind to lose her coveted top spot in favour of the girls from Misfit Music. Personal grievances had pitted Sirena firmly against Jewel, and anything that she could do to hinder them, the better.
She eyed the set thoughtfully. Direct vandalism, she considered, would not do. It was decidedly beneath her, now she was a star in her own estimation. However, subtle sabotage was a different matter. Creeping silently through the backstage darkness, she assessed the layout, quickly finding what she wanted; the compact disk which contained Jewel's music.
Carefully she slid the disk out of it's drive, replacing it with another, and slipping back out the way she had come. Getting caught on the premises was not part of her aim, and the risk of it outweighed her desire to see the chaos that would soon ensue. Sirena was intelligent, but, unlike her mother, who possessed a hot, impulsive and reckless temperament, her own resentment boiled slowly and methodically deep inside of her. Yes, she was prone to wild, passionate outbursts of anger, but where her hatred of Jewel were concerned - and by this time she was so envious of their position at Misfit Music that her hate was great indeed - there was no margin for reckless, impulsive plan-wrecking. Everything had to be thought out.
In many ways her mode of attack made Sirena a fearsome adversary for, more subtle than her mother before her, and with all of her father's canny nature she delighted in secretive missions as well as public humiliations.
"And I can wait till the Jem Memorial for the public scene." She said to herself as she slid into the front seat of her car, pushing the disk into the glovebox and starting the engine. "With any luck Jewel will never get their song out in time, and after the Memorial, my revenge on Misfit Music will be complete!"
Oblivious to what had happened, back inside the studio Jewel had been instructed into their opening positions, and, with an eye to the camera angle, for Zoe both filmed and directed the music videos she produced, the young film artist instructed the music to be played.
But what came out of the big speakers was not the familiar beat of their own song. At first dumbstruck, it was Nancy who first twigged what must have happened.
"Sirena!" She exclaimed, marching offstage and into the sound box, thoroughly bewildering the technicians in the process. "Damn her, she's switched our disk about! This is her song!"
"Sirena?" Sylva's eyes widened, then she scowled. "That witch! What I'd like to do to her..."
"Hang on." Zoe held up her hands. "What's the deal here?"
"There's this creepy singer, Sirena, who has some kinda bee in her bonnet about us." Sylva frowned. "She threatened us at Misfit Music once and now she tried to wreck our video."
"Sirena, huh?" Zoe looked thoughtful. "I've heard of her. Isn't she still at number one?"
"Yeah, but we're gonna put that to rights." Nancy reemerged at that moment, clutching the offending disk and deftly snapping it in two. "There. That's what I think of her and her stupid music."
"I say we get our own back somehow." Sylva folded her arms. "Teach her a lesson she won't forget!"
"We have a deadline." Copper murmured.
"For once, I'm with Syl." Nancy said grimly. "She needs taking down a few pegs. I say we go and show her a thing or two about messing with Jewel."
"If we did then we'd wind up with an all-out war situation, and things would only get worse." Copper said sensibly. "Do you want to be splashed all over the tabloid press because of this? Some introduction that would be!"
Sylva grimaced.
"True." She conceded. "But how are we gonna do our video? She's taken our music!"
Zoe laughed.
"Funny." She observed. "One thing I learnt from Vivien was how to be prepared for anything. Sirena's a novice indeed if she believes she can wreck a video just by stealing the disk! As a precaution I always have the music uploaded into the memory of the computer, and I always always have a backup disk made, just in case the original gets scratched or something." She reached into her purse, pulling out a second disk. "Here. Go give this to the sound engineers and we'll get back to what we were doing."
"Coolness!" Sylva exclaimed, hugging Zoe wildly as Copper did the girl's bidding. "You're a genius, Zoe!"
Zoe giggled.
"It helps to have a mother who was so close to the Misfits at one time." She said with a wink. "And a cousin who was so put out by their pranks. It taught me a lot about the rivalries that showbusiness can throw up. I believe at one time even Mom and Vivien hated each other...though I find it hard to believe."
"You work for the Misfits now, though." Nancy pointed out. Zoe nodded.
"Yes, I do." She agreed. "I'm a big fan, to be honest." She dimpled. "Mom has all of their records and I grew up on their music. And just because they were wild back then doesn't mean they'll screw me over now. I love working for Misfit Music and it's been magic on my resume."
"Are you just employed by them, then?" Sylva asked. Zoe shook her head.
"No. Technically I'm freelance and I do work for lots of people." She replied. "But I do work for Misfit Music a lot, it has to be said. Jetta told me once that I'm one of the few people that Pizzazz has never thrown something at...that's quite an honour." She grinned. "It's fun working with people who are unpredictable, in my book. You can never get bored with it."
"Well, I hope that we're gonna work together again, and soon." Sylva grinned. "Maybe with your help we can really put Sirena in her place!"

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