A Jewel Whodunnit...

The Story So Far...
Jewel are back in England on their third UK tour, and this time Sadie is along for the ride, whilst Topaz remains in America to see to the needs of her newborn daughter Hollie. Despite Sadie's uncertainties, her initial return to the country is a positive one, and the press soon adopt her as England's Jewel. However, Sadie's younger sister Georgia and her associates begin to make things sticky by blackmailing her, and then an article appears in the national press revealing all of Sadie's dark secrets. Furious, and convinced her ex boyfriend Neal is behind it, Sadie resolves to get to the bottom of things once and for all and put her past behind her. The night the story breaks Copper catches her sneaking back into the hotel suite with blood and bruises on her arms, but Sadie dismisses this and the other girl soon forgets it.
Then, at the next day's press conference, police officers arrive to arrest Sadie for the murder of Neal Ridley...

Chapter One: An Uncertain Reputation

There was a moment dead silence as the police officer's words spread across the entire room. All eyes turned to Sadie, who, shaking, was staring in disbelief at the man in front of her.
"Me?" She whispered, incredulous and afraid. "Why...why me?"
"Will you please come with us, miss? Here isn't the best place to conduct such questions." The officer was brisk. Sadie's blue eyes filled with frightened tears.
"I...I don't want to." She murmured, looking at Jetta imploringly, "Jetta..."
"What grounds do you 'ave exactly for this arrest?" Jetta said quietly, fixing the policeman with a quizzical look. "If the murder was commited last night, seems a bit premature to go around wavin' arrest warrants, don't you think? You got a witness who saw Sadie clock this guy, or what?"
"Not exactly." The officer seemed flustered. "But she was seen...at the house, about the time that Mr Ridley appears to have been killed. More than one eye witness claims to have seen her, and more, with blood on her arms."
"I see." Jetta looked thoughtful, turning her gaze on Sadie as she considered the situation. Sadie gazed back at her tearfully, the terror clear in her eyes.
"I don't want to be put in a cell." She whispered. "Not again...please, Jetta, can't you do something?"
Jetta pursed her lips.
"You and I 'ave to 'ave words, young lady." She said quietly. "But for the time bein', the company will put up bail. 'Ere, you can question 'er at the 'otel, where it's private an' where she'll be more relaxed."
"If you want to speak to 'er, that's 'ow it's going to be done." Jetta interrupted, glaring at him. "Otherwise of course you'll have to wait for her legal representative and he'd be coming from the States, since she's signed to Misfit Music and entitled to our legal care...which would you prefer?"
The officer pulled a face, then,
"We'll escort you to the hotel." He said, clearly not pleased with things, but the look in Jetta's eyes told him she meant all she said. "And we'll take custody of Miss Monahue in our car, if you don't mind. Just to be sure there's no funny business."
Sadie visibly flinched, and instinctively Copper hugged her.
"May I travel with her?" She asked softly.
"If you want." The officer shrugged, seeming impatient. "Invite your whole family tree, bring the friends and neighbours, make a party of it! So long as I get what I want to know out of Miss Monahue, I really don't care!"
"Fine, then you go with her, Copper. The rest of us will take our car." Jetta said curtly. "And as for you..." She turned to the press. "This conference is over. Clear off!"
Once the hall was clearer, the policemen escorted Sadie, who was shaking with fear out to their waiting car, Copper following close behind and slipping into the back of the squad car as soon as she was able. She squeezed Sadie's hand.
"Don't worry." She whispered. "Jetta will fix it."
"How?" Sadie asked softly. "What can she do, Copper? I'm good as dead."
"But you weren't..." Copper trailed off, remembering their exchange of words the previous night. She frowned.
"Sadie...where were you last night?"
"Does it matter?" Sadie groaned. "I think it's plainly obvious where I went, Copper."
"Oh Sadie..." Copper bit her lip. "If you were there, how are you going to plead your case?"
"I wish I knew." Sadie murmured. "I really do." She swallowed hard. "I've been arrested before, and interrogated, and put on the stand and Copper, it's the scariest thing in the world. I...I don't want to go to jail again!"
"Then you have to tell them the truth about last night. Maybe you saw something that might help."
Sadie looked at her friend, and a strange smile crossed her face.
"Possibly." She whispered. "But it doesn't matter. I'm a dead girl, Copper."
Copper looked troubled. Sadie's reticence worried her.
"Sadie, please tell me what happened last night?" She begged. Sadie sighed.
"Nothing." She said wearily. "That's all there is to tell you. I can't make up some big happening just to placate your worries, Copper. Nothing happened. And even better, noone can prove it. People might have seen me there, but it hardly matters that they didn't see exactly where I went or what I did. They'll just clique together and say it was me anyway, no matter what."
"So nothing happened last night that you could get into trouble for?" Copper pressed.
"I got into a fight." Sadie said slowly. "And that's all I'm telling you. Besides, the police will soon pick me to pieces." Her tone was bitter and unfamiliar to Copper's ears, and the drummer's expression became more troubled.
"She hasn't denied it." She realised as they were escorted into the hotel and up to Jewel's suite, Sadie lighting a cigarette with a shaking hand and being ushered into a chair, surrounded by policemen. "If it were me I'd be screaming and yelling and proclaiming my innocence, but it's like she's just accepting it! Oh God, please don't let that mean..." She bit her lip. "Sadie can't have done it...can she?"
"Miss Monahue."
The most senior of the officers, who they discovered was DI Fields, took a seat opposite the musician, indicating for one of his men to begin recording the interview. "You understand that this is a serious matter...are you acquainted with your rights?"
"Yes." Sadie whispered. "I know them."
"Is she under official arrest?" Jetta, once she had shooed the remaining Jewel musicians into Copper's bedroom, had decided to make the job of the policemen even more difficult, taking a seat and casting a disparaging look at the DI.
"Mrs Pelligrini..."
"No, if she is under arrest, I want to know your evidence and your grounds." Jetta narrowed her gaze. "Well?"
"We have several witness testimonies..."
"Written statements?"
"Then is Sadie under formal arrest?"
"That will be determined once we've established from her what we need to know." The DI sent Jetta a frosty glare which was more than equalled by the one he got in return.
"Listen, I know your type." Jetta spoke quietly. "Quick an' easy conviction, get the job done regardless of the facts. Now you look 'ere. Sadie 'as powerful backers an' they won't be amused if you botch up this investigation."
"Intimidation of a police officer is a crime, Mrs Pelligrini."
"Are you intimidated by me?" Jetta folded her arms. "I just want to be sure that this is a fair interrogation, that's all."
"And once we prove our case?" There was sarcasm in the DI's tone now.
"If you prove it..." Jetta responded. "Then you will 'ave Misfit Music's full cooperation. But you 'ave to prove it, an' I ain't the one under investigation."
Ruffled and quite put out, the DI muttered something unintelligible under his breath, turning his gaze once more on the hapless Sadie, who was still crying softly.
"Miss Monahue, you are entitled to legal representation."
"I have Jetta." Sadie murmured. "I just want this over."
The DI clearly did not seem impressed by the fact that the sharp tongued Jetta was to stay during the interview, but he made no comment.
"This is a murder case." he continued. "A man is dead. Can you tell me, were you acquainted with Neal Ridley? Remember anything you tell us here can be used in evidence against you."
"I knew him." Sadie nodded, taking a drag on her cigarette. "A...a long time ago."
"How long?"
"We dated when I w...was a teenager."
"When you were a teenager?" DI Fields eyed her thoughtfully. "For the benefit of the tape, Miss Monahue, could you relate your current age?"
"Twenty three." Sadie murmured. "Just."
"And you're telling me that you haven't seen Mr Ridley since you were a teenager?"
"I..." Sadie bit her lip, glancing at Jetta for support.
"Miss Monahue, please answer the question!"
"She doesn't 'ave to answer anything." Jetta said quietly. "Not unless she's under formal arrest an' not without a legal representative present."
"She waived her right to legal advice."
"No she didn't." Jetta shook her head. "She's being interrogated, she ain't in the dock. She 'as the right to decide what she tells you...you know that as well as I do."
"Mrs Pelligrini, do you have any legal training?" The DI demanded.
"Nope." Jetta shook her head. "But I ain't a fool. I know the law well as anyone."
"Well, since you are not a legal representative, would you please be quiet and let me question Miss Monahue?" DI Fields was clearly frustrated. Jetta rolled her eyes, but fell silent.
"Miss Monahue, what kind of relationship did you have with the deceased?"
"He was...not a nice man." Sadie faltered. "I was in love with him but that was...well...a long time ago."
"Not nice in what way?" The DI enquired. "Abusive?"
"Well...yes." Sadie nodded slowly. "He...he scared me."
"Did the deceased ever threaten or hurt you in any way?"
"Yes." Sadie murmured. "He would lose his temper...but this was a long time ago. I...I moved to Birmingham and then to Los Angeles. I wasn't dating Neal then."
"Miss Monahue, you have a criminal record for theft and drug offences." DI Fields fixed her with a steely gaze. "You're no stranger to breaking the law."
"So?" A spark of Sadie's stubborn temper roused at this. "So I have past convictions, and because of that you're going to pin a murder on me?" She snorted. "Hah. I'd like to see you try and prove I was even there! The eye witnesses you have are probably drugged out and wasted beyond belief. They hate me, they'll tell you anything you want to hear."
"Hate you, Miss?" DI Fields raised an eyebrow.
"I left their little community." Sadie responded. "Of course they hate me."
"It's rather strange, however, that three seperate witnesses independantly placed you at the scene." DI Fields observed.
"Find some proper witnesses!" Sadie stubbed out her cigarette, lighting another. From the look in her blue eyes she was clearly frantic and afraid, and Jetta began to wonder exactly what the girl did know.
"So where were you last night?"
"Where do you think?"
"I think you were at Mr Ridley's house." DI Fields said evenly. "I think that the witness reports I have are correct, and that you're hiding something from me."
Sadie rolled her eyes.
"It doesn't matter what I say." She said with a sigh, the anger and fight going from her voice. "You think I did it."
"Sadie, if you were 'ere last night, can one of the girls back up your story?" Jetta prompted.
Sadie paled somewhat, shaking her head.
"No...no." She murmured. "No, I was alone. I wasn't with any of them...they...we...went to bed."
Jetta pursed her lips. She could tell her charge was lying, but she could not work out precisely why.
"Unless she knows more than she's sayin' and this DI idiot is right." She mused. "Dammit, I should've brought Pizzazz along on this tour!"
"Mrs Pelligrini, I'd like to speak to the other girls, if I may." DI Fields glanced at the executive. "Maybe they can help us both out here."
Jetta fixed Sadie with a thoughtful look, taking in her reaction to this, then she nodded slowly.
"Okay." She agreed. "I s'pose you 'ave to cover all avenues. I ain't got a problem with you talkin' to 'em. Only talkin', mind. No intimidatin' or threatenin' em, else I'll get the American Embassy on you."
DI Fields looked mutinous, but he merely turned to one of his officers, asking them to call the three other Jewels from Copper's room.
Sadie sat wide eyed, clearly afraid, as the American girls entered, all looking preoccupied and anxious.
"How can we help?" Sylva wondered. "We were in bed. At least, I know I was. I went to bed around twelve and slept till the call to get ready for the conference this morning. I thought we all did."
"Your name, Miss?"
"Sylvina Martescu." Sylva told him curtly, flashing the frightened Sadie a reassuring smile.
"Thank you, miss." DI Fields turned his attention to Nancy. "And you?"
"Same as Syl. Slept." Nancy said laconically. "Why, do you think we were throwing wild parties on the balconies or something? If we'd known there was going to be a murder no doubt we'd have all huddled in here so we could provide you and each other with alibis, but as it was we just went to bed...my sincere apologies."
"Nancy, put a sock in it." Jetta told her firmly. "We get the picture...this ain't the time for flippance."
"And you, miss?" DI Fields eyed Copper, who looked troubled.
"I was woken up in the middle of the night by something - a noise." She murmured. "Sadie...she couldn't sleep and nor could I. We had a drink of coffee and talked and then I went back to bed."
"At what time was this?"
"About...about one? One thirty?" Copper looked uncomfortable, and would not meet either Jetta or Sadie's gaze. "That's all."
DI Fields looked thoughtful.
"Your name?"
"Elizabeth Santiago."
"Are you saying, Miss Santiago, that you were with Miss Monahue last night, and are supplying her with an alibi?"
"I don't know." Copper admitted. "I just said what I...what I know. I was up and so was she at about one. Can...is that all?"
"Not quite." DI Fields held up his hand, as the three Americans looked set to return to their bedroom sanctuary. "Miss Santiago, what was the noise that disturbed you?"
"I don't know." Copper responded. "I really don't."
"And Miss Monahue, what was she wearing?"
Copper looked stricken.
"I...I don't know what you mean."
"Was she dressed for bed?"
"Miss Santiago, this is a murder investigation." DI Fields said firmly. "Was Miss Monahue dressed for bed when you spoke?"
"She hadn't changed to sleep yet." Copper whispered.
"I see." DI Fields pondered this, then, "Thank you, that's all."
He returned his gaze to Sadie, who looked even more apprehensive.
"Well, Miss Monahue, if you all went to bed around the same time, how come you were not yet dressed for bed an hour later on?"
Sadie stared at him for a moment. Then she shook her head.
"I've told you enough stuff." She murmured.
"Sadie, tell him, for God's sake!" Jetta snapped. "You ain't gonna clear up this mess unless you answer 'is questions!"
"But..." Sadie looked fearful, then she swallowed hard.
"I went out." She whispered. "I...I went to see Neal."

Chapter One: An Uncertain Reputation
Chapter Two: Reaction
Chapter Three: Questions
Chapter Four:  Back Home
Chapter Five: Complications
Chapter Six: The Net Closes
Chapter Seven: Jetta Demands
Chapter Eight: Startling News
Chapter Nine: An Unlikely Suspect
Chapter Ten: The Truth
Chapter Eleven: Amber

Chapter Twelve: Final Verdict
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