A Jewel Whodunnit...

Chapter Two: Reaction

A gasp went around the surrounding police officials at Sadie's words, and Sylva's blue eyes opened wide, her hand flying to her mouth. Under the scrutiny of so many shocked stares Sadie's tears returned and she buried her head in her hands.
"I'm a dead girl, aren't I?" She whispered.
"Right, that's it. I've 'ad enough of this." Jetta recovered her wits, holding up her hand. "This interview is over. Sadie ain't speakin' any more to you till we've got legal advice, all right?"
"Mrs Pelligrini..."
"I appreciate that this is a murder investigation." Jetta nodded. "But I 'ave Sadie's an' Misfit Music's interests to take care of. Either you're gonna 'ave to arrest Sadie an' take 'er into custody - somethin' we both know you ain't got the evidence to keep 'er on - or you're gonna 'ave to do it my way."
"Fine." DI Fields got reluctantly to his feet, scooping up the dictaphone and speaking into the mic. "Interview terminated at one fifty two p.m by DI Fields."
He clicked the machine off.
"Forensics are taking the scene apart, and there will be both an inquest and an autopsy." He told them gravely. "Miss Monahue is not to leave this area, you understand me?"
"We ain't goin' nowhere." Jetta assured him. "Though the quicker this is resolved the better for us all."
"At last, we agree on something." DI Fields observed. He glanced at Sadie.
"I will have more questions to ask you, don't worry." He told her quietly. Then he and his men were gone, leaving Jetta and Jewel alone in the suite of rooms.
Silence fell.
"Sadie Monahue, you 'ad better 'ave a damn good explanation for all of this." Jetta was the first to break it, speaking in low, angry tones. But Sadie was too upset to respond to her with any coherence and she shook her head, getting to her feet.
"Oh, leave me alone, all of you!" She exclaimed. "Like it matters what I say! I'm gonna go down for it so why bother!"
"Sadie..." Copper put out a hand to reassure her but Sadie swiped it roughly away.
"I have nothing to say to you!" She spat out. "How could you betray me like that! You landed me right in it! Some friend you are!"
"I could have told him a lot more, and you know it as well as I do." Copper said quietly, her expression hurt. "I didn't betray you, Sadie...but you can't lie to the police."
"Why not?" Sadie demanded, the tears streaming down her face. ""Would it really have been that big a deal to say I was in pyjamas? Would it?"
"Sadie that is enough!" Jetta thundered, cowing even the English girl's hysterical outburst. "Now, you listen to me. What you're suggestin' now is that you're willin' for Copper to get it in the neck an' lie for you when you won't even tell us what's goin' on? I'm ashamed of you."
Sadie just dissolved into more floods of tears and, ever the big hearted, Sylva came to comfort her, but Sadie pushed her away.
"Leave me." She whispered. "You can't help...noone can help."
She tossed her cigarette into the ashtray, pushing the chair aside and fleeing for the safe refuge of her bedroom, banging the door shut behind her.
Nancy bit her lip.
"What do you suppose happens now?" She murmured. "Mom? What do we do? We've a tour to complete...are we really going to stop here?"
"We 'aven't a choice." Jetta said curtly. "Whatever the truth of this business, we 'ave to cooperate with the police." She sighed. "When she calms down, I'm goin' to get the truth out of 'er. I need to know what we're dealin' with."
"Do you think...I mean, could she...?" Sylva trailed off.
"I don't know." Jetta said grimly. "Copper, what did you mean when you said you could've told the police more?"
"I don't want to tell tales." Copper said softly. "So all I'm gonna say is make sure she shows you her arms. That's all."
"Her arms?" Nancy stared. "What do they have to do with anything?"
"I'm not saying anything else." Copper bit her lip. "I feel bad, I mean, did I make this worse?"
"Sadie did that on her own." Nancy assured her.
"Nancy's right." Jetta sighed. "Well, I'm goin' to 'ave words with 'er. Take care of yourselves, will you? I'm gonna 'ave to rely on all three of you to keep Sadie to quarters 'ere...if she stays in this frame of mind I wouldn't put it past 'er tryin' to make a break for it, guilty or not. Okay?"
"We promise." Sylva nodded. "Jewel stick together."
"I'm glad to 'ear it." Jetta offered a faint smile. Then she was gone in the direction Sadie had vanished, leaving the trio to themselves.
"We must be mad." Nancy shook her head slowly. "Sadie...murder...the two aren't compatible."
"I know what you mean." Copper looked troubled. "I can't shake the feeling that something is really up here, though. She hasn't said she didn't do it. Did you notice that?"
"I did." Nancy nodded. "Bothered you too, huh?"
"Copper, just between us, what is the deal with Sadie's arms?" Sylva asked.
"Just between us..." Copper frowned. "They're covered in bruises. I mean covered. I knew she'd been out last night, guys, and where she'd been. Well, she didn't say it exactly, but I figured it out. And she was bleeding...like someone had dug nails into her. She said she'd got into a fight, but that the business with Neal was over and she was putting it behind her."
"Doesn't sound good." Nancy looked grave.
"I don't suppose..." Sylva began, then frowned.
"Suppose what?"
"Well...if Sadie...I mean, if she was there, what if this Neal guy attacked her?" Sylva said slowly. "You know, and she struck out at him in self defence and this is the result of it?"
"We know she is afraid of him." Nancy admitted. "Copper?"
"I dunno." Copper frowned. "I really dunno you guys. It's possible. At the moment I'm thinking anything is possible."
"Well, I dunno about you but I'd rather think of it happening that way, if Sadie is involved." Sylva decided.
"If she isn't, why won't she tell us what happened?" Nancy asked. Copper sighed.
"I know. I can't think of any logical reason why not to tell us - and that Detective - the truth. Unless..."
"Unless she was there and she is guilty." Nancy finished slowly. "Oh God, what are we involved in?"
"More importantly, what is Sadie involved in?" Sylva frowned. "And how are Jewel supposed to finish a tour in this mess? What in hell are we going to do?"


"If I ever get my hands on that bitch girl I'll kill her myself."
Simone Strachan stretched out on the old battered sofa, exhaling a cloud of smoke as she contemplated the events of the last twenty four hours. "First she walks out on us, then she comes back to England all in your face fantastic and now this. Poor Neal! He couldn't have known what a psychopath she's become!"
"If you ask me, Simone, Neal was more of a psycho than anyone. Sadie did us a favour." From the far corner, her companion put in darkly. "He's no loss to the world."
"You wouldn't understand." Simone glared at him scornfully from eyes rimmed with a mixture of cheap makeup and tearstains. "You ain't half the man Neal was, Grey. And now we've all these damn cops coming in here and prying their nose into business that ain't theirs! You telling me you like this? The pigs think this is their patch and they can trample over it any way they choose, just because he's dead!"
"I don't like cops, here or anywhere else." Grey muttered. "But they'll go soon enough. They suspect Sadie, she ain't one of us any more. They won't stick around here very long, Sim, so don't fret yourself."
"What's got you in a dark mood, huh?" Simone raised an eyebrow.
"Georgie." Grey frowned. Simone smirked.
"Georgie? Oh puh-lease! That kid is so-o-o out of her league round us guys. She won't stick around now her darling Neal is off with the angels...won't have the guts. She's no better than her pansy sister so don't you fret your little head about her." She dimpled. "We can find you a real woman, no bother."
"Oh, shut up." Grey snapped. "The kid's been locked away in her room since the news broke. You saw her when Donna came screeching out of Neal's bedroom screaming all kinds of crap! Broke down into hysterionics that the love of her life had been clocked over the head and that's that! I'm worried she'll do something daft, Sim. She's in enough of a mess over it all."
"Georgie has teenage infatuation and Neal was her world." Simone snorted. "She probably wishes she'd found the body, and not Donna. I doubt she was too pleased either when Donna gave herself as Neal's girlfriend to the police officer...this is probably all for attention. I mean come on. How long can one crying fit last? She's just doing it so people notice her, that's all, and feel sorry for her. She knows only too well that she's not one of us without Neal's protection and she's probably freaking out about what she's gonna do or where she's gonna go. Don't worry about Georgia. She'll get over it, and she probably won't even be round these parts come Christmas. Girl ain't got the bottle. She'll have gone trotting home to Daddy."
"Well, it sucks." Grey sighed. "He wasn't worth all this fuss and I'm glad he's dead, Simone, I'm not going to pretend I'm not. He was a domineering jerk and I've no time for any guy who knocks a woman about."
"Oh Grey, honey, this is only because you're sweet on Georgia and she wouldn't give you the time of day." Simone blew a cloud of smoke in his direction. "Some might call that a motive, you know."
"Oh, shut your face." Grey growled. "Things are messed up enough round here without you trying to use your brain, okay?"
He got to his feet.
"I'm going to go make sure Georgie is all right." he said. "Don't strain yourself trying to think too much, will you?"
With that he was gone, and Simone poked out her tongue at his retreating figure, stubbing out her cigarette and getting to her feet, lazily sauntering out of the main lounge and peering outside at the chaos that was still ensuing. Donna had been with the police officers for some time now, relating the exact details of her grisly discovery, and Simone was bored with all the attention that the murder had brought. She was grieved at Neal's death because she knew that the future for them all was now uncertain, but she was also fed up with the fuss as much as Grey was. Georgia's wild grief and Donna's hysteria, which had been quickly drowned in alcohol, were beginning to bring her mood down.
"And now Grey's acting the moody jerk, too." She mused. "This all sucks! And none of those police officers are worth the effort to flirt with, either! All married with kids types..." She rolled her eyes. "Well, I hope Sadie's proud of herself. She'll do life for this no doubt and she damn deserves it, ruining our fun. Poor Neal!"

Across the rundown estate, Grey had pushed his way into the delapidated squat that Georgia had taken shelter in since the news of the murder had become common knowledge. She had not gone near Neal's home, nor had she been in a fit enough state to speak to police officers, and Grey was seriously worried about her. He had known she was in love with Neal...but was she enough in love to do something stupid now he was gone?
"I don't like to think of her on her own at the moment." He muttered grimly to himself, taking the beaten stairs two at a time and making his way cautiously down the corridor, being careful not to put his foot through the floorboards. Police had tried and failed to evict people from these squats several times, for only Neal and one or two of his most favoured friends had their own places in legal name and right, but officials had long since given up on trying to rid the area of the squatters. They only came back and each eviction created more trouble than the one before. As a result none of the area's residents were worried that the murder would herald a new eviction attempt. There was almost an unwritten understanding that these flats and houses - no longer habitable as such - were theirs.
Grey knocked on the door of the room Georgia had adopted as her bedroom when she had run away from home for the final time at the age of sixteen to run with the wilder crowd. Her father had not come to look for her that time, and she had made herself at home in the rundown, squalid conditions, deciding that she was out on her own and independant. Neal had seen her as a good prospect for his attentions and his drug trade, for Georgia was young and attractive and determined to do everything she could to fit in. She had not spent much time at the squat since she had become involved with Neal, but now she had retreated there, knowing that it was further away from prying eyes. Now the future looked uncertain for her, and Grey knew that Georgia was an emotional young lady. He was very afraid that she might try and take her own life now that Neal was dead.
"I have to make her realise that she's worth more than that and that he didn't deserve her." He mused, knocking again. "He's well out of the way, well, good riddance to bad rubbish. Now she has a chance to show what she's really made of."
There was still no answer, and he pushed open the door, heading into the darkened room.
"Georgie?" he called softly. "You in here?"
"What do you want?" The tones were quiet, yet hard and confrontational all the same.
"I came to see if you were all right." Grey approached the delapidated, crumbling bed slowly, making out his companion as a dim hump of bedclothes. He could not see her face, but he knew she had been crying.
"All right?" Georgia echoed numbly. "Neal is dead, Grey...he's dead!"
"Yeah, I know." Grey nodded. "The cops are all over the place downstairs, trying to figure out what happened. We all wish they'd go to hell, but they're still here regardless."
"Stupid witch Donna should never have called them." Georgia said bitterly. "What good are police gonna do us, Grey? Neal was into drug dealing, half of us use the stuff. What is she trying to do?"
"What were we gonna do with a dead body? Best they get shot of it for us. Won't bother us anyhow. Noone here is gonna be accused of it, they got a suspect. Anyhow, She found him. I guess it upset her."
"Upset her?" The bedclothes moved, and Georgia met his gaze with a tragic one of her own, her deep blue eyes filled with unshed tears and her face blotchy and red from crying. "What has she got to be upset about? I'm the one who should be upset!" She swallowed hard.
"My life is over." She whispered. "I don't want to carry on like this."
"Don't be dumb." Grey told her bluntly. "Listen to me, Georgie, Neal got what was coming to him. He was a nasty man and he damn deserved it. Don't talk so stupid! Your life is worth way more than his!"
"It's not. It's not worth anything." Georgia murmured. "What do the police say? Did...did you say they had a suspect?"
"They think Sadie did it." Grey told her. Georgia's eyes opened wide with disbelief.
"Sadie? My...my sister? Is she..have they arrested her? Will they charge her? Are they...sure?"
"Dunno. Don't much care." Grey shrugged. "Several people saw her here last night, so maybe. Either way they'll probably nail her for it. You know what the cops are like, take the easy explanation. Besides, Sadie had a past with Neal, and..."
"He never loved her you know." Georgia said softly. "He...he loved me, but he never loved her." A fresh bevy of tears began to roll down her cheeks at this.
"Why did this have to happen, Grey?" She demanded helplessly.
"Why did it all have to go so wrong!"

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Chapter Two: Reaction
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