A Jewel Whodunnit...

Chapter Eight: Startling News

"You look wound up."
Samantha Phillips glanced up from where she was tuning her guitar, casting her bandmate a look of confusion. "What's up, Amber? Something eating you?"
"Bloody cops." Amanda Whatson growled, dropping down onto the sofa and grabbing a magazine off the table with a glower. "Stupid morons, the lot of them."
"Cops? Something happened?" Sammi's eyes opened wide. They were the only two Teenangels home at that moment, for the others had gone to shop but Amber had been called out early that morning and Sammi had elected to stay and work on the band's new song.
"They think Sadie's a murderer." Amber said succinctly. "And I told them where to stick their idea, too."
"Sadie? The new Jewel?" Sammi's eyes could not get any bigger and she almost dropped her guitar in her surprise.
"Sheesh, you been on planet music all week? It's been splashed over the press." Amber raised an eyebrow. Sammi looked sheepish.
"I haven't been paying attention." She admitted. "This song has been bugging me."
"Well, this scandal has bugged me for the last time." Amber rolled her eyes. "I knew Sadie when I lived in Kent, Sam, and I know she ain't the type to go round battering men to death, not under any pretext. There's no way in hell. Besides, after having the damn newspapers trying to call me to give a statement I decided it was about time I told the world what idiots the police all are. I can't get through to Sadie directly - guess her phonelines are just as jammed."
"What's the story, then?" Sammi wondered, playing an idle chord. Darkly Amber explained.
"Police always go for the obvious." She added. "If you don't mind, Sam, I don't wanna talk about this any more. I've already had it with law enforcement and the press for a lifetime, I just need to go have a hot bath and chill out for a bit. Okay?"
"Sure." Sammi nodded her head. "Anyhow, Amber, if she didn't do it, she won't go to jail. They'll find out the truth."
"So you'd like to think." Amber muttered. "Okay, I'm going to soak, and then I'll call David and see if he's free to go for lunch. Don't mention this to the rest, okay? I don't need them on my back about it too."
"I promise." Sammi said solemnly. "Have fun."
"Chance'd be a fine thing." Amber responded. Still scowling she stalked out of the room, and Sammi watched her go with a mixture of bewilderment and concern. Eventually, however, she shrugged it off, returning her attention to her music. Whatever it was, she was sure it would all be straightened out in no time.


"I don't get it."
DI Fields sat back in his chair, frowning. "We have blood samples, strands of hair, all kinds of fibres coming out...and the Monahue girl decides to trot down to the police doctor and give a DNA sample? Voluntarily? What gives here? What's going on? Is she mad?"
"Desperate, perhaps." DS Roden suggested with a shrug, looking up from his desk where he had been filling in a very pressing crossword puzzle. "I dunno, we have her nailed, sir. The blood...she can't refute that. And the hair samples - from what forensics have said, they look an awful lot like the hair strands submitted by Miss Monahue."
"So why volunteer a sample? Publicity?" The DI looked puzzled. "I know she was mobbed for statements by press and cameras as she left the hotel. Perhaps that's it, she thinks she's playing out some big movie role. I dunno, Roden. It beggars all belief."
"Well, it's very convenient for us." Roden observed. "Because her DNA profile is the one thing we've got missing from our case against her. Have that and we have our girl."
"Yes, very true." DI Fields nodded. "I suppose in that light I shouldn't question it. I'll simply be glad of the evidence...yes?" As the door opened to admit a young constable. "What is it?"
"You're wanted in the coroner's office, sir. I think they found something." The constable reported. DI Fields nodded, getting to his feet, and indicating for his companion to follow him. Slowly they made their way down to the 'office' at the end of the corridor, where the coroner held his domain.
"Well?" The DI pushed open the door, eying the man inside with a quizzical look. "You have something to tell me?"
"Yes, but I don't think it's what you want to hear." The coroner frowned, scooping up a sheet of paper from the desk and handing it to the DI. "Reports back from the lab on the samples that Monahue girl submitted."
"Oh?" Curious, the detective took the sheet, skimming over it and letting out an exclamation.
"I don't believe it!"
"What?" DS Roden looked startled. "What's up, sir?"
"She doesn't match!" The DI cursed. "Her DNA profile...it isn't the same as the blood we took from Ridley's clothing!"
"But...isn't that impossible?" DS Roden's jaw dropped. "Her blood type...and the hair..."
"Oh, the hair is a match all right." The DI nodded. "Though the lab did comment that it wasn't an easy test to do, since sections of the sample given by Miss Monahue were coated in dye and therefore unuseable." He frowned.
"I want her re-tested." He announced. "Somehow someone in that company is playing clever games with us. She volunteered this DNA and it's not giving us the result that makes sense - that we expected. I want her re-tested - thoroughly - and I want the entire process recorded, to make sure no foul play is going on. Understood!"
"I'm on it, Sir." Roden nodded, already halfway out of the door. DI Fields dropped into a chair, dumping the sheet onto the desk.
"How can she not match?" He wondered aloud. "Everything else damn well does...What else did the lab say?"
"That they'd had to retest the DNA sample two or three times to confirm that the DNA profile of Miss Monahue was not that of the killer you're looking for." The coroner told him.
"So there's a chance that somehow the sample could have been contaminated?" The DI looked hopeful.
"It's possible, or something similar occured with the blood we found at the scene." The coroner shrugged. "I'm as much at a loss as you are. Everyone who has given samples in the investigation of this crime - plus the victim - have been type A or type O...Miss Monahue is the only suspect with an AB blood type."
DI Fields frowned, rubbing his temples, then,
"Wait a minute! The blood at the crime scene...didn't the lab say it wasn't pure?"
"They found trace evidence of heroin in the sample." The coroner nodded, checking his original documentation. "And the samples Miss Monahue submitted were clear of any substance."
"Could that have done it?"
"I would not expect the DNA to be altered by a hit of heroin." The coroner shook his head. "But re-test her by all means."
"It's a murder investigation, we have to be sure nothing was tampered with." The DI responded. He groaned. "But if she doesn't match - hell, what kind of a case are we looking at now?"


"This stinks."
Sadie sighed, sinking down onto the couch. "And I'm soo glad to be back in the safe confines of the hotel, guys. It's mad out there. You'd think that after a week they'd give up, but nope."
"What was all the fuss about?" Nancy looked at her curiously. "Why did that detective seargeant Roden guy come here after you anyway?"
Sadie pulled a face.
"Apparently my DNA sample gave them a shock." She said, rolling her eyes. "It didn't match the evidence they have and they expected it to."
"So you're cleared...aren't you?" Sylva sent her friend a hopeful look. "Does that mean this mess is over and we can go back to being Jewel now?"
"No, it doesn't. They wanted a retest. It was mad." Sadie shook her head. "I was basically pinned down and samples were taken in the most clinical manner possible, in full view of a video camera, no less. They think that the first sample was tampered with and was falsified by me - or Misfit Music, dare I say - to come up clear."
"Hah." Nancy snorted. "Like that'd ever happen."
"True, but without the DNA profile their case kinda collapses." Sadie shrugged. "To be honest, I half expected the blood profile to be mine, because the guy I'm beginning to think did this crime was the guy I got into a fight with as I left the area. But apparently none of it is."
"What guy?"
"I'm saying nothing else about it." Sadie shook her head. "Jetta knows and she said it's okay I don't tell anyone else. She understood the deal."
"Well, if that's how you feel, guess that's cool with us." Copper smiled. "Still, we know your DNA wasn't tampered with, and...well...I guess we kinda owe you an apology for even suspecting you could have been involved in this business, Sadie. We haven't been the best friends ever."
"You have, actually." Sadie smiled. "Really, I mean it. I know that the evidence was impossible and you wouldn't be human if you didn't wonder, especially since everything started to point to me. But despite that - and despite the horrible press article that dragged your names through the mud and the stuff I kept from you - you've stuck by me. I'm grateful for that."
"Well, you are a Jewel." Sylva said with a shrug. "I have to admit, Sadie, I wondered if maybe, you know, he'd gone for you and you'd done it, like, by accident or something. But I'm glad you didn't."
"None of us would've been angry or blamed you if you had done it that way." Copper added. "But like Syl said, we're relieved that you weren't involved. The second DNA sample isn't gonna prove anything different from the first, because we know it couldn't have been tampered with the first time, so you're in the clear, and that's the best news we've had all week long."
"Yeah, it is rather." Sadie admitted, lighting up a cigarette and exhaling a thoughtful cloud of smoke, ignoring Sylva's grimace. "I just want out of Kent - and England now. I need a break...need to jump in the pool back at Starlight and swim a few laps and relax in the sun and know it's over with. I feel tainted here by what's happened in the past. As long as I'm in England, I'm always gonna be thought of as a drugged out ex-con...I can't shake that off. In LA I'm a total other person somehow."
"You only feel like that because you've had to fight against the tide here." Copper told her gently. "But really, Sadie, you needn't. You don't have anything to prove with us...we like you for who you are. Sometimes we feel like you don't trust us very much...and you hold back. You don't need to do that, we're all your friends."
"I'm not used to baring my soul about certain things." Sadie admitted. "I associate that with the therapy I went through in rehab and stuff. Sometimes I just want to forget I'm Sadie Monahue and pretend I'm just Garnet...you know?"
"I think everyone wants to forget themselves once in a while." Nancy mused. "But Copper has a point. I'm not the most open of people, but I dunno, I feel pretty safe with Jewel." She smiled. "And I never wanted to be in a group, so that's saying something."
"Basically we're saying you're not to worry about stuff any more." Sylva dimpled. "Because you rock and so do we and Jewel are gonna be fabulous as soon as those damn reporters let us out of the hotel to perform again!"
Despite herself, Sadie laughed.
"Okay, Syl, I'm listening." She responded with a smile. "But I think we have to pacify the police first. Once they know I'm not the one they want, they'll be trying to figure out who is...so I don't think it's over yet. They probably want to quiz me as a witness."
"Well, if you didn't see anything, they'll lose interest pretty quick." Sylva shrugged. "What evidence do they have on this mystery killer, anyhow?"
"Dunno exactly." Sadie admitted. "Blood - I assume it must be the killer's, since it's not mine. Fibres - which could mean anything. And if it's not my blood, it can't be my..." She trailed off, whitening.
"Sadie?" Copper looked anxious. "Your what?"
"My hair." Sadie murmured softly. "Oh my God...and I never even thought of it."
"Thought of what?"
Sadie shook her head, silently taking a handful of her wavy hair in her hand and examining it closely.
"Sadie, you're freaking us out now." Nancy told her. "Come on, what's up?"
"I can't believe I never even thought of it." Sadie looked troubled. "Not even when the forensic people were camping out on my head looking for strands of hair that weren't dyed. Oh God..."
She got to her feet, grabbing her coat and slipping it on, hunting as she did so for her boots and tossing her cigarette carelessly into the ashtray.
"Sadie, calm down!" Copper exclaimed. "Whatever it is, it's not going to be helped by going out there into that crowd!"
"I have to." Sadie bit her lip. She grabbed Copper's hand, pulling her to her feet too. "Will...will you come with me? There's something I need to do and I don't really want to go alone."
"If you'll tell me what you're going to do." Copper looked wary.
"I know what happened to Neal. I know who and I have a pretty good idea of how." Sadie bit her lip. "I'm going to see if I can't settle this up, once and for all. Will...will you come?"
Copper hesitated for a moment, then she nodded.
"If you want me." She agreed. "Let's go."

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