Just A Dream...

Chapter Eleven: Jewel Forever

"You truly are as bad as Syl, Topaz." Copper grinned as she pushed open the front door of the hotel, leading the way into the lobby. "You two are gonna drive me over the edge before long, I think. An hour just trying on skirts? I like shopping but still!"
"Sorry. Guess I was in withdrawal." Topaz dimpled. "It's been a while since I've had the money to treat myself. I can't believe Phyllis just agreed to this without even asking questions!"
"She's richer than she knows what to do with." Sylva explained. "Money means nothing at all to her."
"I guess I know that." Topaz nodded, remembering the amount her new boss had spent on securing her contract. "I couldn't imagine having endless funds."
"Well, she does, and more." Sylva replied. She grinned. "If her finances ever went under the American economy would probably collapse!"
"I heard that, Sylvina."
Phyllis approached them, shooting Sylva a look which caused the young synth player to blush. "My money isn't just there for you brats to spend, you know." she paused. "I spoke to Nancy while you were out trying to bankrupt my company."
"Oh?" Copper looked surprised. "Does that mean...?"
"She wants to talk to you all. I'm not saying anything else." Phyllis said with a shrug. "I got a phone call to make and I can't be messing round with kids and that stuff any more today. She's in her room, I think."
"You think we should go?" Sylva asked.
"We're going." Copper nodded, grabbing her two companions by the arm and pulling them towards the lift. "Whatever she has to say, I wanna know what it is."
"Should I even be involved?" Topaz looked doubtful.
"If we're going, you gotta come too." Sylva told her. "You're one of us now, you know. Whatever Nancy says ain't gonna change that."
"I'm hoping that we can at least make peace with her." Copper said as they made their way along the corridor to where the rooms allocated to Jewel's members were located. Hesitating a moment, she knocked on the door of the younger girl's room.
"Nancy?" She called. "It's Copper. Phyllis said you wanted to talk to us about something."
There was the sound of the lock being done, and then the door swung open.
"Nance?" Copper spoke hesitantly. Nancy bit her lip.
"I just wanted...to apologise, I guess. To both of you." She said quietly. "Especially...especially Syl. I hate doing it but she was right about Blade. You both were. He's a creep."
"Thank God." Impulsively Copper hugged her friend. "I thought we'd lost you to him forever." She held the girl at arm's length. "You've been crying - what did he do to you?"
"It's not important." Nancy dismissed it with a wave of her hand. "I need to think it through some before I talk about it any more."
"Will you come back to the group?"
"I'd like to. If you'll have me." Nancy looked so uncharacteristically vulnerable and unsure, that even Sylva's anger towards her companion could not continue and she nodded slowly.
"Guess you can come back." She said. "But only cos we need you to write for us, okay?"
"Don't listen to her, Nance." Copper grinned. "We want you back - we've missed you."
"Hah." Sylva snorted. Nancy smiled slightly.
"Sorry, Syl, looks like you're stuck with me." She said lightly. Her gaze fell on Topaz and she offered a further smile.
"Guess there are gonna be four of us after all." She observed.
"Sure." Topaz grinned. "I heard a lot about you, Nancy...I think it's gonna be alot of fun to be a member of this group. Syl and I have already been shopping for this afternoon's interview...I guess that the announcement we're making to the world is just that Jewel have added a new member, and I'm glad...I didn't want to feel I was replacing anyone."
"Aunt Phyl said she had no regrets in signing you on." Nancy agreed. "And she's right...you're a good singer."
"I wish I could play guitar better." Topaz looked rueful. "I'm not sure what use I'm going to be to you lot otherwise."
"Simple." Nancy dimpled. "I'll teach you."
"Would you?" Topaz grinned. "That'd help a lot."
"I'll teach you bass guitar, that's the easiest to pick up, I reckon." Nancy replied, hints of her old self-assurance back in her tone. She pushed back the door. "You guys wanna come in? I guess we got a lot of talking to do, now that's settled. Once I've settled myself I ain't planning on talking about this in any depth again, so you better take advantage now."
"We're with you." Copper linked arms with her friend. "I missed you, you know, and I'm glad we're all friends again. Now we can finish our tour, and we've a brand new friend to show for it. Everything turned out okay after all."
"Of course it did!" Sylva exclaimed. "Jewel rock!"

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Chapter Eleven: Jewel Forever

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