A Jewel Whodunnit...
Chapter Twelve: A Close Shave

Mary Martescu poked her head around the door of the sideward, her worried frown replaced by a smile as soon as she registered that her friend was a lot better than the last time they'd met. "Oh, you're sitting up! When Justin told me you wanted to see me and all, I wasn't sure what to expect."
"I owe you me life, Stormer." Jetta's tones were still hoarse and husky, but sincere and Mary came to sit beside the bed.
"No, you owe that to the doctors here." She said quietly. "I did a very little thing to help, that's all. I'm only glad it did."
"No, you don't understand." Jetta raised grave grey eyes to her former bandmate's. "I asked Dr Pope last night, for the truth. 'E told me that if you 'adn't done what you did at the scene, I'd 'ave copped it. I'd 'ave been dead before they even got me 'ere."
Mary stared at her. Then she smiled.
"Then I'm doubly glad." She said softly. "You're a good friend, Jetta...I'm glad you're getting better now."
"Much." Jetta agreed. "I'm causin' them no end of 'assle now I found me voice an' all that." She grinned, and a hint of her usual impishness touched her expression. "I'm bein' a bloody awful patient cos I want them to send me 'ome. I always did 'ate 'ospitals."
Mary laughed.
"Justin did say you were a lot better." She admitted. "I would have come to see you before, only it was family only, and then there's been all the heightened security..."
"Well, that's another reason I don't wanna stay 'ere. I'm a target." Jetta spoke philosophically, but Mary knew she was afraid. "Someone tried messin' with me drip, but lucky for me Pizzazz knocked 'is lights out an' I'm okay. They took 'im into custody an' far as I know 'e's bein' charged with a whole host of things."
"Is it true that Zipper is behind all this?" Mary wondered. Jetta nodded.
"Yes." She agreed. "Bloody typical, ain't it, that the most successful stunt 'e ever pulls is when 'e aint workin' for the Misfits!"
"Yes, I suppose it is ironic." Mary admitted. "By the way, you'll be glad to hear that Pizzazz has got things moving again at the music company. I don't know what you said to her, but it seems to have done the trick."
"Good." Jetta looked satisfied. "Both my own an' me daughter's careers are tied up in that place, so I ain't lettin' 'er give up on it just yet."
"It's a lot of history, too. Something that ties us all together as Misfits." Mary said thoughtfully.
"Hah." Jetta snorted. "Where's Roxy, then?"
"At the moment? In the Philippines." Mary grinned. "She felt like a vacation...and you know Roxy. If she even knows about everything that's going on here it'd be a miracle."
"Bah." Jetta rolled her eyes. "Bloody typical of my sister in law!"


The coffee shop was buzzing with people by the time the Gabors arrived, paparazzi among them, and Phyllis dismissed them with a curt few words, pushing through the crowds to an empty table. Sirena grinned, following her and taking her seat. It was something, she mused, that after so many years of estrangement, she and her mother had become such good friends.
"Comes from sharing a few personality traits, I guess." She decided.
"Espresso for me. I could use the buzz." Phyllis said, and Sirena glanced up, realising that a waitress was taking their order. She ordered her own drink, then sat back in her seat, surveying the scene.
"It's surreal here. Like nothing has happened." She observed.
"I know. But in a public place it's harder to take a pot shot." Phyllis responded darkly. "That's another reason I came."
"Mm...dunno. Remember Blade?"
"Yes, but the difference is that that was a lunatic." Phyllis responded. "This is Zipper. He's not insane...just very very slimy."
"Well, if you say so." Sirena shrugged. She grinned. "Hey, will you be all right while I go to the restroom and fix my makeup a little? The press might want photos."
"Vain girl." Phyllis rolled her eyes. "And of course I'll be all right. What do you take me for?"
"Okay, okay, I was teasing!" Sirena laughed. "I'll be right back."
Phyllis drummed her fingers on the table, considering the whole situation whilst she waited for her daughter to return. It had been a nightmare, she mused, and it wasn't at an end yet. She felt safer in the crowd, but she knew that sooner or later she'd have to go home, and it wasn't a nice feeling, knowing that someone was out for her blood.
"Still, I s'pose it's made me realise that I'm more attached to Alan being around than I thought." She acknowledged. "And Jetta is gonna be okay now, too. That's something."
In the restroom, Sirena examined her reflection for the last time, then put her lipstick back in her purse with a nod of approval.
"Maybe I'm vain, but I'm also a star." She told herself. "And I don't need to be in the celebrity fashion police section of any trashy magazine, especially not while the music company is so rocky."
She pushed open the door, humming an upbeat melody as she made her way back across the coffee shop. As she did so, she noticed the waitress that had taken her order having some kind of dispute with a man at the counter. Frowning, she watched as the man took the tray from her grasp, pushing a ten dollar bill towards her and walking away with his burden before she could stop him. A cold chill touched Sirena's young heart as she observed the man's actions. Pausing in an alcove, the stranger carefully emptied the contents of a small sachet into one of the mugs, stirring it round once, and then setting the spoon back on the tray. In an instant Sirena knew who he was, and what he was trying to do. Pushing through the crowds of people, she hurried to get back to the table.
Phyllis had been so lost in her daydreams that she had not registered who had set the tray down, and she had reached for the mug of espresso automatically, absently putting it to her lips.
And then she got the shock of her life, for Sirena, impulsive as her mother and desperate into the bargain flung her hand out to knock the mug from her mother's grasp, sending the vessel careening onto the floor and shattering upon impact. Now alert, Phyllis stared at her daughter as if she'd lost her mind.
"What in hell?" She demanded.
"He's here." Sirena said in low tones. "He put something in your drink - I knew it was him from your description and from the way he was acting. I think he was trying to poison you. Don't let anyone clear that up, get someone to call the police. I'm gonna track him down."
"Emily, you're doing no such thing!" Phyllis' expression became anxious and she grabbed her daughter by the arm as various members of coffee shop staff milled around the confusion.
"Someone get the police." She ordered. "And Agent Bray or Agent Nicholson. Now!"
In the back of the crowd, a figure tried to slink away but Sirena's sharp gaze had spotted him and she let out a cry.
"Stop him!" She exclaimed. "He tried to kill my mother!"
Almost instinctively two of the waiters grabbed the stranger, and as they did so, Phyllis made eye contact with him. She drew breath sharply.
"Zipper." She murmured. "Hell, Emily, you saved my life."
"Well, thank me later." Sirena muttered. "For now, the cops are gonna want to know what's going on, and I think it's time you filled me in on everything!"

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