A Jewel Whodunnit...
Epilogue: Four Weeks On

"Well, it feels a little surreal to be back at work again." Sylva perched on the ledge of the newly decorated studio, glancing around it in approval. "I like the decor, though. It's different, but it rocks."
"It's good to be back." Copper agreed, a smile crossing her face. "And Aaron and I have begun to discuss our wedding date again...I think we might go for sometime soon, to be honest. After all that's happened I don't think either of us want to wait much longer."
"A real Jewel wedding!" Sadie observed with a smile. "Oh, it's good to be back to normal again, don't you think? Back to how it was before."
"Not quite back." Topaz shook her head. "Before this, Sadie, you were young, free and single, now you're in very real danger of going steady!"
"Shut up, I know!" Sadie blushed violently, but a smile crossed her face. "And the irony of it is still foxing me, but I'm not going to question it. Alex likes me and I like him and that's all we're working on at the moment. After all, we're both very busy people. Or we will be, once things hot up here properly."
"No time like the present."
A voice came from the doorway and the quintette turned, letting out a bevy of exclamations as they registered the speaker.
"Mom!" Nancy stared. "I didn't think you were coming back to work until next week at the very earliest!"
"I ain't 'ere to work." Jetta, her voice still somewhat husky laughed, indicating with a wry smile her sweatshirt and jeans. "Think Pizzazz would let me in 'er office dressed like this? But I wanted to see 'ow the place was shapin' up, get the feel again, an' get me nerve back." She smiled. "I like it...an' I think it's chasin' the ghosts away, so expect me back with a vengeance next week."
"It'll be good to have you back." Copper said sincerely. "Misfit Music wouldn't be the same without you."
"Mm, s'pose you 'ave to say that, bein' as soon you'll be me daughter in law." Jetta observed dryly. "In all seriousness, though, I'm beginnin' to appreciate the fact I'll be able to be there. I won't take life for granted again, that's for sure!"
"I don't think any of us will." Sylva said thoughtfully. "I'm glad that guy's behind bars now, and for a long time, too. He's creepy."
"I wish they'd found out who was paying him." Topaz agreed. Jetta shrugged.
"Well, far as I'm concerned, it's behind me." She said firmly, in a tone which forbade further discussion on the topic. "I'm jus' focusin' on gettin' meself back to 'ealth an' back to work, so I can chivvy you lazy brats about a bit more!"
Nancy laughed.
"We're looking forward to having you back." She said with a grin. "Finally, things are as they should be in Jewel's world!"


"Damn him."
In the flickering light of a table lamp, the tall, thin man in the corner chair let out a sudden exclamation of anger, making his nearby cat jump and flee beneath the sofa. "Damn him! Of all the easy jobs, why couldn't he get it right!"
He got to his feet, moving to the mantlepiece, and picking up a photograph. Around him in the gloom several pairs of identical eyes stared back at him, each one mirroring some tiny detail of emotion that never yet left him bored.
"Twenty five years." He murmured. "Twenty five years since Jem and the Holograms took their final bow! Twenty five years since the success of those damn Misfits made them history forever! They took you away from me, but I haven't forgotten you, not like the rest of the world has. I know you were more than what they say, that the hologram story was a lie. A cover! And I'll get even for you, my pretty...don't you worry."
He set the picture lovingly back down, taking in for the thousandth time the smile, the sparkling eyes and the look of happiness on her face.
"Jem." He whispered. "I still believe in you, and I promise I always will."
"Mr Wentworth?"
At that moment the sitting room door opened to reveal the butler. "Mr Wentworth, your father is on the phone."
"I'll take it in the study." The tall man growled, turning reluctantly from his beloved's gaze and leaving the room in high dudgeon. Just because Zipper had failed did not mean there wouldn't be other chances, he told himself as he scooped up the receiver. He just had to be patient.
His time would come.


Chapter One: A Confession
Chapter Two: Jetta's Mind
Chapter Three: Alex and Sadie
Chapter Four: Jetta Speaks
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Chapter Six: Answer To A Riddle
Chapter Seven: Zoe Acts
Chapter Eight: A Shock For Stefana
Chapter Nine: Some Truths
Chapter Ten: Zoe Takes A Chance
Chapter Eleven: Truth Will Out

Chapter Twelve: A Close Shave
Chapter Thirteen: Zoe's Father


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