A Jewel Whodunnit...
Chapter Five: A Problem For Sadie

"And that's all she said?"
Copper frowned, sitting down on the sofa. "It isn't much."
"I know, and it means nothing to me either." Nancy looked helpless. "I put a call through to the sheriff's office and left a message for Agents Bray and Nicholson but I didn't know really what to tell them. In the end I said that Mom thought she'd seen the Barren guy at the hospital and could they step up security, but I don't know what the other thing is about. Zip? Means nothing to me."
"Me neither." Copper sighed. "I wish it did. Jetta looked so scared yesterday."
"I've never seen her look more afraid." Nancy admitted. "I want to protect her from harm, Copper, and I really think she's still in danger - Aunt Phyl too. But..."
"What's this about?" The two girls turned, seeing Topaz in the doorway, Hollie in her arms. Sylva was with her, and with a troubled look Nancy sighed.
"I'm not sure I'm sposed to tell you." She admitted.
"Justin said that we were to keep it quiet till your mother said something." Copper reasoned. "We know that Topaz and Syl aren't going to betray Jetta, and Hollie certainly isn't likely to blow the story. I say we take a gamble and ask them. I mean, Syl's Mom worked with your Mom for a long time. Maybe the word will mean something to Syl."
"Okay, I am officially confused." Sylva held up her hands, dropping down into her favourite chair. "Rewind and run this by us again? What's going on? What about Jetta?"
Slowly Nancy outlined events at the hospital. Topaz frowned.
"Poor Jetta. She must be scared stiff." She murmured.
"Syl, does it mean anything to you?" Copper asked. Sylva shook her head.
"No. Nothing." She admitted. "Should it?"
"Probably not." Nancy sighed. "I spoke to Dad but he doesn't understand it either. I don't know, you guys. Should I tell the FBI what Mom said and have them poking around without really knowing what it means? That might put her in more danger, if they don't know who they're looking for. And Aunt Phyl, too...we can't forget she's at risk here."
"If she's the one being threatened, maybe you should ask her." Topaz suggested. "This whole business is tied up with her somehow, that much is clear. She must know who the arsonist is, or at least have suspicions."
"She told me she didn't have a clue." Nancy frowned. "But I should ask her about Zip. Mom was insistant about it, so maybe you're right. Perhaps Aunt Phyl will know something. If she recognises it at all, that will help."
"I think you should tell the FBI."
A fresh voice came from the doorway and the four girls turned to stare at their fifth, who blushed under their disbelieving gazes.
"You want us to go to the Feds?" Nancy demanded. "I thought you were police phobic!"
"This is Jetta's life at stake." Sadie defended herself. "You're meant to tell them everything you know, Nancy!"
"Sadie's right." Topaz said slowly. "Though I must admit I'm surprised, Sadie, that you're the one pointing it out."
"I thought you'd gone out." Copper observed.
"Well, I'm back." Sadie returned. "And I'm just using common sense! Jetta can't defend herself, so you should be helping her!"
"And I'm sure it has nothing to do with the sweet Federal Agent who bought you an ice today?" Sylva said innocently. Sadie's cheeks coloured a deep red once more.
"It's nothing to do with you!" She exclaimed. "It's my life, so butt out of it! I was just giving my opinion, but if you don't care, I'll go upstairs!"
"Sadie, hang on a minute, we do care." Copper protested. Sadie glowered.
"No you don't. You weren't even going to include me in your little covert huddle." She snapped. "Well, that's fine. I went out tonight - without any of you! And not that you care, but I actually had a good time, too. So there..do what you like. But noone ever caught the creep that killed my mother...Nancy, at least you have people on the case who care enough to really try and save yours."
With that she was gone, and the four remaining Jewels exchanged bewildered looks.
"What's eating her?" Nancy demanded. "I'm trying to do the best for my mother's safety!"
"Sadie's Mom meant a lot to her...perhaps she's feeling it?" Copper suggested.
Sylva got to her feet, moving to the window to peer out into the darkness.
"No, if you ask me, this has nothing to do with her mother." She said, letting the curtain fall as the sound of a car engine could be heard. "I think it's more to do with the fact that a certain FBI agent just dropped her home from wherever she snuck out to tonight. I did wonder when she didn't want to come grab pizza with Topaz and me earlier, and then wasn't home when we got back...but still, I wasn't sure she'd be so forward as to accept him."
"Wait...wait a minute." Topaz held up her hands. "Syl, are you saying Sadie had a date tonight?"
"With one of the people investigating the fire?" Nancy added.
Sylva pursed her lips.
"Agent Bray interrupted our picnic earlier on." She said slowly. "He...looked at Sadie a certain way, it was sooo obvious he was interested. I dunno, she seemed kinda nervous about it, like she really didn't know what to do, so I decided to go get an ice, give them a moment or two alone. He was real sweet, offered to buy us both ices, which was nice...and there was a huge queue when I got there, so in all they were alone together a while. When I got back he took the change and his ice, winked at Sadie and left."
"Didn't you ask her about it?" Copper wondered.
"She's losing her touch." Nancy remarked.
"I wanted to, but she began a new conversation and didn't let me." Sylva replied. "I didn't know if he'd asked her out...I certainly didn't know she'd said yes, but if you ask me, she's feeling kinda confused by all the attention."
"Especially since law enforcement is Sadie's instinctive enemy, after all she's been through with them." Topaz remarked. "If someone would take Hollie for me, I'll go up and speak to her, see if she's all right. The kid's sleepy, she'll want to go to bed soon."
"I'll take her." Copper offered. She blushed slightly. "I want as much practice as I can get, because once Aaron and I are married we're both determined we want kids of our own - however difficult it proves to be for us to conceive."
"Well, don't drop the guinea pig brat." Topaz warned, grinning as she handed her drowsy infant into the drummer's capable hands. "I won't be long."
She got to her feet, heading to the door, then pausing.
"You know, it would be nice if this worked out for Sadie, Federal Agent or not." She observed, then she was gone.

Sadie's bedroom was at the far end of the top landing, and Topaz gently knocked on the door, hearing the sound of tears from within as she did so.
"Sadie, it's Topaz, can I come in?"
"Why?" The response was defensive. "I don't want to talk to you at the moment. I want to be alone."
"Sadie, I wanted to apologise if we made you upset downstairs." Topaz said gently. "We didn't mean to be insensitive about your mother, and we certainly weren't leaving you out. We didn't realise you were home."
There was a pause, then the sound of footsteps, and the door swung open.
"It's not really about her...or about being left out." Sadie's voice sounded tired. "I'm sorry for yelling like that. I'm just confused and Syl's baiting wasn't helping."
"You were out with Agent Bray tonight, weren't you?" Topaz murmured. Sadie stared at her, then nodded.
"I s'pose Syl told you about the picnic." She said resignedly, leading the way into the bedroom and sitting back down on her bed. "I don't know why I said yes to him, Topaz, only there was something in the way he looked at me, I...I wanted to go."
"And now?"
"Now I'm scared." Sadie whispered. "I...I like him, Topaz. I like him a whole lot. He's sweet and funny and he puts me off my guard. He didn't even mention the case once...it was just a nice night out with a great guy. He...he even asked to see me again."
"So what's the problem?"
"I don't deserve him." Sadie lowered her gaze, toying with her bedcover. "Topaz, he's a man of the law, someone who puts people like me behind bars. What if he knew? He'd hate me."
"You don't know that." Topaz sat down beside her, putting a gentle arm round her friend's shoulders. "Maybe he likes you for who you are...maybe he wouldn't care."
"In his line of work, how could he not care?" Sadie asked softly. "You don't understand...Alex's brother was killed in a gang shooting, he was an innocent man caught in the middle of violence. I...I was as good as part of a gang back in England, and...hell, I know Neal had people hurt. The trial, Georgie's hearing, it came out that women had disappeared at his hand. Hell I saw it happen, one time! I'm no better than the people who killed his brother - and more, I'm a convicted thief into the bargain!" She bit her lip. "I lose my heart too easily, but he's been so kind tonight, I'm afraid I'm almost half in love with him already." She murmured. "Only I couldn't bear him to hate me and he would if he knew what I really am."
"Nonsense." Topaz said firmly. "Look at me, Sadie Monahue. You're a good person with a good heart and you've learnt from your mistakes. America was a new start, remember? What's past is past. You're a Jewel now, you're one of us. If he likes you, then there's no reason you should feel you don't deserve it."
"Honey, after all that jerk Neal put you through, you more than deserve to be happy." Topaz interrupted gently. "Now if you like this guy, go for it. Don't worry about the past. If it's meant to be, it will work out right...trust me."
Sadie sighed heavily.
"I hope so." She admitted. "I guess I feel guilty too, with Jetta ill, that I'm...well...cheapening the whole business. It's just..."
"Stop worrying." Topaz told her. "I mean it. Enjoy life. Besides, I agree with what you said about Jetta downstairs. I think Nancy should tell someone in the investigation about this, just in case they can put the clues together."
"Yes." Sadie nodded. "Though maybe she should speak to Phyllis first. After all, maybe she'll know something."
"Topaz! Sadie!"
There was a commotion from the doorway, and both girls turned to see Sylva, her expression one of anxiety and fear. "Come quickly, there's a policeman downstairs and he's asking all kinds of questions!"
"Questions about what?" Topaz got to her feet, pulling Sadie with her.
Sylva paused to catch her breath, swallowing hard. Then,
"There's been an explosion at the Gabor Estate!"


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