A Jewel Whodunnit...
Chapter Nine: Some Truths

Zoe set down her mug of coffee, eying her mother expectantly. "You promised. What's the deal here, Mom? Why did we let that creep go?"
"It's a long story." Constance sighed. "Oh, Zoe...I don't want to shock you."
"Please, Mom, you did say you would." Zoe begged. "What happened all those years ago that scares you so much?"
"I was a reckless kid, that's what." Constance replied darkly. "I was about twenty one or twenty two at the time, no more than that...and I never acted my full age. I was like some high school moron who didn't want to grow up and resented anyone trying to interfere or help me in any way. I was insanely jealous too, of your cousin Vivien, she and I were generally at daggers drawn."
"Jealous of cousin Viv?" Zoe looked startled. "But she and you worked together...didn't you?"
"Yes, we did." Constance acknowledged. She frowned. "That was after things happened."
"Oh, I see." Zoe pursed her lips. "Okay, go on."
"I was always a huge Misfit fan." Constance sighed. "Vivien worked with the Holograms, which probably intensified things a bit. There was no love lost between the bands, especially between Jem and Pizzazz. At the time, noone knew that Jem and Jerrica Benton were one and the same person, it was big business trying to find out who Jem really was. They were really popular, the mystique added a lot to their act, and there was a heated battle between the groups right from the off." She took a sip of coffee. "I was a real groupie. I adored the Misfits and was proud as anything to be friends with them. I'd hang out with them, even go on vacation with them sometimes. I felt almost like one of the gang."
"So what happened?"
"Jetta happened." Constance sighed. "Oh, I'm not as dense and silly as I was, I know she was chosen because she's a good musician and that's that, but at the time I felt it as a deliberate shove aside. I didn't think there could be another Misfit...that I was the closest thing to a fourth Misfit there would ever be. Then...I was pushed out almost in an instant. I...I was angry and jealous, I did anything I could to try and get back their attention, but things went wildly wrong." She sighed. "I never did react well to humiliation, and I swore to get my own back, make everyone see what I was really made of. And, if it hadn't been for Jetta's brain and Pizzazz and Jerrica's own independance, I might have succeeded."
"Where does this guy come into things?" Zoe wondered.
"I hired him." Constance's expression was unreadable, and her eyes seemed far away, as if remembering. "I was livid about being pushed aside, and I let my hate fester. In the end I formulated a plan...my high school teachers would've been shocked at how ingenious ms Bottom of the Class Montgomery could really be. There was a big deal rock festival coming up, and I made up my mind that the Holograms and the Misfits wouldn't play. I impersonated Raya and discovered Jem's secret, then I paid Zipper to abduct Jerrica and Pizzazz, so they wouldn't be able to perform."
Zoe stared at her mother in abject horror, almost dropping her coffee in her surprise. Constance bit her lip.
"I knew you'd react like that." She whispered. "I was afraid you'd hate me, Zoe. It was so long ago, and it's over now, but don't you see? He could ruin me in a second."
"I don't understand...if you kidnapped them, why weren't you arrested? And more, why don't either one of them stop their artists from playing your show?" Zoe found her voice at last.
"It was agreed that no charges would be pressed." Constance spoke numbly. "Vivien pleaded my case and came to my rescue, took me under her wing. Jerrica...oh, she was a different Jerrica then - she forgave me, and Pizzazz didn't want the publicity blitz, so it was put to rest. I...I moved on, I met your father, I had you, and I rebuilt myself as the TV presenter I am today. But it's still there, waiting to be found out."
"If they didn't press charges then, why would they now?" Zoe asked quietly.
"Jerrica isn't the same woman she was then." Constance frowned. "And you know better than most the reasons why. Your cousin Vivien has made her own choices in life and I won't make a judgement of them, but in her current state of mind, I don't see Jerrica being all that favourable towards the Montgomeries."
"If she even knows all that stuff." Zoe shrugged.
"Well, I don't know, but I'm not sure I want to find out." Constance sighed. "Well, there it is, the horrible truth of it. The real Constance Montgomery laid bare for all to see."
Zoe's expression was troubled for a moment, then,
"I'm shocked." She admitted. "Stunned, in fact, beyond all belief. And I...I wish you hadn't done it, Mom, but...but it doesn't stop me loving you. You've always been a good Mom to me, and that's all that matters now. It...just creates a problem." She sighed. "And justice needs to be done at Misfit Music, before someone gets hurt."
"I know." Constance looked troubled. "I wish I knew what to do."
Zoe sighed again.
"Well, I think there's only one place to begin." She decided. "We can discuss the other thing later, Mom. For the time being, I have to see someone."
"Where are you going?" Constance looked startled.
Zoe paused in the doorway.
"Starlight Music." She said. "To see Jerrica Pacheco."


"You're preoccupied today."
Sadie cast her companion an anxious look. "Is it me? Am I boring you?"
"Oh God, Sadie, no, of course not!" Alex jerked to attention, shooting her a guilty smile. "I'm sorry. It's the fire, I'm afraid. I'm trying to muddle it all through in my head, and I'm not making much sense of it."
"Nor are we." Sadie rested her chin in her hands, looking grave. "Jetta's getting better, have you spoken to her yet?"
"No, I haven't. Doctors won't let us." Alex shook his head. "Though maybe tomorrow we'll get a chance." He shrugged. "At least to my mind the business of the studio sabotage is settled."
"Oh, I see." Sadie hesitated, then, "Can I say something, off the record?"
"Of course." Alex nodded. "Be my guest."
"We think that was Stefana." Sadie murmured. "But it has to be off the record, Alex. We don't want any trouble with Diablo or Rebel Records. In the press we keep up a reasonable relationship and most of them are okay...we want to forget about it, if that is how it happened."
"Sadie, equally off the record..." Alex took her hand gently. "Stefana unofficially confessed to it this morning. Don't worry. I see the delicacy of the issue, and besides, I'm hoping she might help us with information on the guy we've got cooling his heels in our cell."
"Oh." Sadie smiled. "Well, that's good. I don't know why Stefana hates us, I joined the group after Diablo came to Los Angeles, but none of us want it intensified."
"It's understood." Alex considered, then, "Sadie, why did you come to America? I mean, really? What drove you to take the step? Because it's a big jump, all things considered. A whole other culture...did you plan to do it, or was it on impulse?"
"It...happened." Sadie's expression became hunted and a little wary. "I just did it. Topaz had told me I was always welcome, so I went out to see them, and it snowballed from there, because she was already expecting Hollie and all...I was the solution to Jewel's momentary problem."
"Oh, I see." Alex smiled. "Well, I'm glad of that. We'd not have met if you hadn't have come."
"I know." Sadie blushed slightly. "I feel...odd, having lunch with you like this. It's a nice sort of odd, but it's a feeling I've not had in a long time, if...if ever."
"You've not dated in a bit, then?" Alex asked.
"No." Sadie said flatly. "I haven't."
"Me either." Alex admitted. "I have a bad habit of letting my work swamp me sometimes - Ray is always telling me I need a life more."
"Agent Nicholson."
"Oh...I don't like him." Sadie frowned. "He looks at me like...like I'm something not very nice."
"He's rather aloof, but he's not so bad really, not deep down." Alex replied. "We've worked together a long time now."
"Mm, I see." Sadie sighed. "Well, I suppose in the line of work you do, it's easy to get distracted from life, isn't it?"
"Too easy." Alex admitted. "Sadie...about Neal..."
Sadie dropped her fork with a clatter, staring at him in utter horror.
"Who in hell told you about Neal?" Her voice was low, as if she was trying to control her emotions.
"I'm sorry." Alex murmured. "I didn't mean to be so blunt, I guess I thought it was long enough ago now for you not to mind so much."
"Not mind?" Sadie repeated his words as if not comprehending them. "Just tell me, who told you?"
"I...It was in your file." Alex admitted. "When we began this investigation, everyone was scanned for past misdemeanours and past run ins with local police. Even...even you. The name Neal Ridley appeared once or twice in your records...I read the transcript of the evidence you gave at a manslaughter hearing some months ago." He paused. "Georgia Monahue is your sister, isn't she?"
"Yes, she is." Sadie's tone was strangely cold. "Not that it's your business."
"Sadie, listen." Alex took her other hand in his, but she pulled it away. "Please, just hear me out. I only mentioned Neal because I can't shake the feeling you're afraid of me, and I wanted to know if that...if that's the reason why."
"Afraid of you?" Sadie stared. "Dammit, I was falling in love with you! And then you had to go ruin it all..."
With a choked sob she got to her feet, tossing her napkin down on the table and fleeing the restaurant. As she ran, a terrified realisation hit her, and the tears began to fall in earnest.
"He knows everything." She whispered, sinking down on the wall outside the restaurant and burying her head in her hands. "He must do. Oh God, I knew this would happen. I knew..."
That was him now, and she felt his gentle hand on her shoulder. "Sadie, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry."
Slowly she raised a pair of tragic blue eyes to his.
"But you know." She whispered. "You must know everything there is to know now, about Sadie Monahue and who she really is, mustn't you? Hell, no wonder you came to question me so insistantly! Is that what these dates have been about? You're hoping for some slip, some confession?"
"Sadie, don't be daft." Alex sat down beside her, putting his arm around her. "I'm not that kind of guy. I wouldn't have asked you out if I wasn't genuinely attracted to you. And yes, I do know about what happened in England. I won't lie to you. It shocked me. But only because I didn't see how the young lady I'd just interviewed could possibly be the kind of hardened criminal Ray was making her out to be."
"Well, it's true." Sadie's tone lacked all emotion. "I'm everything that it says I am...a thief, a criminal, all of the above. I'm not the kind of girl any self respecting agent of the law should be even looking at."
"But I am looking at you, Sadie." Alex said softly, gently wiping her tears away. "And you know what I see? I see a beautiful young woman looking back at me."
"Beauty is only skin deep." Sadie choked out.
"Yes, it's true." Alex nodded. "But not in your case. Sadie, I know more than simply the cold hard facts of your criminal record. I know you spent a few years working in a drug rehabilitation centre, helping addicts to rebuild their lives without the drugs. I know that you more or less begged me this afternoon not to press charges on Stefana, when she'd done something so bad to you and your group's stuff. I don't believe you're a criminal, not for one moment. I believe you were misled."
"Maybe I was." Sadie sighed. "But you can't change the fact that I did everything I was convicted for, Alex. I was guilty on every count. Hell, I used drugs myself till I was nineteen. I'm no angel."
"Who is?" Alex stood, pulling her to her feet. "Look at me, Sadie. Look me in the eye."
"Why?" A little surprised, Sadie did as she was bidden.
"Because I want you to know I'm sincere." Alex responded. "Sadie, I swear that I never asked you out for any reason other than the fact I liked you and wanted to get to know you better. That's the honest truth. And yeah, I found out all of that before I asked you out, but I gave it a lot of thought, and I realised that I had no right to sit and criticise things you've done in your life, when you're clearly not that girl any more. I grew to hate this Neal guy, more and more the more I read through the notes of your sister's trial, and the evidence you gave. I was so afraid you'd never trust in me, because of what he did to you."
Sadie swallowed, unable to find words to say what she wanted to say. Alex took her hands in his.
"I'm sorry if I went about it this afternoon like a clumsy oaf, I'm a little out of practice where women are concerned." He said softly. "But I want to know, did you mean what you said when you stormed out? About...about falling in love?"
"I...guess so." Sadie nodded. "I fall in love so easily, Alex...and I get hurt so much easier still. I...I wanted to protect my heart, because I didn't know if I could get out of it again, but I couldn't help it. You were so kind to me, and you treated me like I was worth the time and the effort. I...I guess I did mean it."
"Good." Alex said gently. "Because I think I'm heading the same way."
Sadie stared at him for a moment, as if not believing his words. Then, impulsively, she kissed him. At first startled, Alex responded, till, with a breathless apology, Sadie broke away.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, I just..." She murmured, but Alex put a finger to her lips.
"Shh. No apologies." He said with a smile. "Let's just see where we end up, huh? I like taking you out, and I have no objection to being kissed by a beautiful woman, all right? So no need to apologise."
Despite herself, Sadie giggled.
"I don't know what you see in me." She admitted. "But...but I hope you keep seeing it. I haven't felt this good with a guy for so long, Alex...don't hurt me, huh?"
"I promise." Alex winked. "And don't worry about the past, Sadie. That's where it should stay. All right?"
"Okay." Sadie nodded her head. "I'll try and remember it." She smiled. "And thank you."
"For what? I made you cry."
"For treating me like any other human being." Sadie squeezed his hand, a slightly shy smile in her blue eyes. "And I'm not crying now...so don't worry about it. Let's just...enjoy the time we have together, before you have to go back to the grindstone. I...I'm hoping that this might just work out!"


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