Just A Dream...

A Gabor Legacy

Epilogue: A New Beginning

"Who would have thought it."
Sirena settled herself down carefully in the big armchair, gently cradling the tiny infant in her arms. "Whoever would have imagined that I'd have someone to call me Mom."
"Well, if he starts callin' me Grandma there'll be hell to pay." Phyllis put in from the far corner. "I ain't old enough to be a Gran!" Sirena laughed.
"Aw, come on. He likes you." She said playfully. Phyllis snorted.
"Me and babies don't mix." She said firmly. "Jus' don't come to me to babysit him, all right?"
"All right." Sirena smiled. "Guess he'll spend a lot of time in San Diego with his great grandpa then...he seems only too keen to play babysitter."
"He's mad." Phyllis said bluntly as the baby began to whimper. "I think that's my cue to get outta here, too. I only wanted to make sure you guys were settled in this place, that's all."
"Well, we are." Sirena nodded. "Mom...thanks for your help. I never thought I'd say it, but I'm glad you were there."
Phyllis looked rueful.
"Well, don't repeat it in public, or the world will think I've gone soft." She said awkwardly. Sirena smirked.
"Hardly." She responded. "Don't forget, I take after you. Grandfather's said it and so has Nancy."
"You spend a lot of time with Nancy these days." Phyllis observed. "Considering you hate her so much."
Sirena blushed.
"Guess I don't any more." She admitted. "I'm not sure I'm comfortable with the rest of Jewel yet...Sylva still hates my guts and I've no time for her anyway. But Nancy and I have something in common."
"You do?" Phyllis looked surprised. "What's that?"
Sirena grinned.
"You." She said simply. Phyllis groaned.
"Don't. I can't deal with mushy moments." She said frankly. "I'm gonna get moving, gotta go to the office. Don't let him drive you mad...babies do, you know."
And with that, she was gone.
Sirena turned her attention to the tiny baby, whose whimpers had begun to develop into full scale squalls, and gently she soothed him.
"We're gonna do all right, you and me." She said firmly. "I dunno how, yet, but I'm gonna bring you up the best I can. You ain't got a father, but you have me...I hope I'll do."
The baby stared at her with uncomprehending brown eyes, and despite herself she laughed.
"Oh, you men are all as dense as each other!" She exclaimed. "Don't grow up like your Dad, whatever you do, else I might have to disown you. I don't wanna have you getting some girl in trouble like he did me, all right? We're gonna break the chain of messed up families, you and me. You got that?"
The baby gurgled, and despite herself Sirena's heart melted.
"Yeah, I love you too." She murmured awkwardly. "Just don't ask me to say it too much in public, you got it? Mama's got a reputation for being kinda tough about things...wouldn't wanna blow all that now, would we?"
The baby just poked out his tongue, and Sirena laughed.
"Yeah, you're all right." She decided. "And now its time to sleep, Mikey, so quit keeping me up, will you? I'm as tired as you after the last few days and I'd appreciate some sleep too!"
Michael eyed his mother doubtfully, but clearly he was too tired himself to protest at being laid down in the very new crib, and he closed his eyes almost as soon as he was set down. Sirena watched him for a moment, a tiny smile on her face.
"You've turned me into a real softie, you have." She murmured. "Heaven only knows what they'd make of me at the Foundation now. Still, that's behind me, and over with. From now on, it's you and me against the world. Okay?"
But Michael was oblivious even to his mother's gentle touch, and finally she let him alone, heading to her own bed to try and catch some sleep. She knew it would be difficult, but then again, she knew she had made the right choice. She was no longer a child, but a mother in her own right...and somehow she knew that they'd make it through, no matter how difficult things became. They'd get there...together.

Prologue: Twenty One Years Ago
Chapter One: Sirena And Blade
Chapter Two: Nancy's Heart
Chapter Three: Coup D'Etat
Chapter Four: The Reaction
Chapter Five: Nancy Finds Out
Chapter Six: Dilemma
Chapter Seven: Facing Phyllis
Chapter Eight: Scandal!
Chapter Nine: An Unexpected Shock
Chapter Ten: A Revelation
Chapter Eleven: Harvey Takes A Hand
Chapter Twelve: Sirena vs Pizzazz
Chapter Thirteen: Settling Rory
Chapter Fourteen: At Misfit Music
Epilogue: A New Beginning

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