Reunited: Part One

Chapter One: Copper's Idea

"It's not good."
Elizabeth Santiago frowned, taking a sip of her milkshake and setting the glass down on the table. "But I really don't see what we can do to change it."
"Sylvie's always been emotional...generally to the point of destruction." Her companion, Samantha Phillips nodded her head. "But this...I can't imagine what it's really like for her, Copper. I think it'd kill me if Mum and Dad ever separated...they both mean the world to me."
"Yeah." Copper sighed. "She's not been herself since we got back from DC, or not really. She spends most of her time in her room, and you gotta know that's not Syl at all. She's hardly interested in Jewel at the moment...the only time she's been out of the house this week was to help her mother settle into her new apartment here in L.A."
"She shouldn't bottle it up." Sammi replied. "Sylvie and I have never been close, but on the other hand...I want to help. I think Anna's coming to terms with things much easier than her sister, but that's because she's willing to talk it through."
Copper nodded her head. It was three weeks now since the breakup of her friend's parents had been officially confirmed, and the former Misfit Mary Martescu had moved her belongings out of the Washington home and back to Los Angeles. The mother of twin girls, Sylvina and Anna, Mary had been worried most of all about the effect of the breakup on her girls, but, whilst Anna had dealt with it in a fairly rational manner, Sylvina, or Sylva as she was known, had not handled the news well at all. The synth player for successful group Jewel, Sylva had always been dynamic and expressive, but in recent weeks she had withdrawn into a strange shell, and her bandmates, Copper among them were worried about her well-being.
"It just isn't the same without her shouting and laughing everywhere." The redhead said now.
Sammi shrugged. Sylva's cousin, the two girls lived on opposite sides of the Atlantic and had always been at loggerheads, for Sylva had been deeply jealous of the other girl's musical ability, but the hostilities had not been so pronounced since the news had filtered through, and Sammi had found herself being allowed more and more into Sylva's world since Mary's return to Los Angeles. Her own group, the Teenangel Outsiders were based in England, but were currently in America, and Sammi was glad for the fortunate nature of the timing, since it had allowed her own mother, former Hologram Aja Phillips to lend a supportive ear to her sister-in-law's plight.
"What we have to do is find a way to re-inspire her interest in things." Sammi observed, taking a sip of her own drink. "I think you, Nancy and Topaz probably know her better than I do these days...what she needs is some motivation. Any ideas?"
"Not one." Copper admitted. "We've been racking our brains for some kind of solution to this, but nothing's working so far. It didn't help that the tabloids got hold of the story last weekend and have been hassling both Mary and Syl ever since...she bit one reporter's head off and since then has refused to do any kind of press appearance - not even on Dean's show." Dean Stacey was a local television presenter whose show was incredibly popular. Dean had a close friendship with Jewel, even more so since he had been dating lead guitarist Nancy Pelligrini, and in the normal run of things Sylva was the first to accept the chance of appearing live on T.V.
"That's not good." Sammi grimaced. "Are you sure you brought the right twin back from DC with you?"
"Yes." Copper nodded, a slight smile touching her face. "I'm sure. In any case, once her semester's over, Anna's flying out to LA to help her mother out a while, so that might help Syl too. Thing is that's a few weeks away yet...what we need is something now. I hate to see her so upset, and it's not doing Jewel any good either, if she refuses any kind of publicity."
"True on both counts." Sammi agreed. "It's sad. Music's so important to Aunt Mary...I know she'd hate her divorce to be any part of Sylvie losing interest."
"Hang on a moment..." Copper snapped her fingers, a look of excitement dawning in her brown eyes. "Maybe that's it!"
"What's it?" Sammi looked confused. "Copper, you're not making sense."
"Well, maybe we're looking at this all wrong." Copper drained her milkshake glass. "Music's a big part of all of our lives, right?"
"Sure. So?"
"So why not make something of that? Why not see if we can't get the Misfits...and yeah, the Holograms too back together for a big show? Jewel and your group and Sirena could play it too...if she's got time for it. Don't you think it'd be the perfect way to bring both your Aunt Mary and Syl back into things? After all," She began to sing, "Music is cuts through sadness like a knife..."
"Oh!" Sammi's eyes lit up. "It would be kinda cool. I'd like to see Mum play with the band, too....I never saw the Holograms do anything, and Mum didn't even tell me about them for the longest time."
"Well, it struck me as a good plan...if nothing else it'll create positive publicity for them both, and I think they both need their egos boosting a little." Copper grinned. "And hey, it'll be a blast, too. I'm sure Phyllis and Jetta would be game...Phyllis is always saying how she misses performing. And Mama's always kept her drumming up to scratch, even though she doesn't play professionally any more."
"Wait a minute." Sammi held up her hands. "Aren't we forgetting something here?"
"What?" Copper looked confused.
"Well...true." Copper admitted.
"If only we had access to that machine Mum told me about...the one that projected the Jem hologram." Sammi looked wistful.
"Um, yes." Copper looked uncomfortable. "But...I think with all the negative publicity surrounding Jem and Starlight Music...the Holograms might be better off without her. Your mother can sing, right?"
"Sure, she has a great voice." Sammi nodded. "And so can her friend Kimber...I'm pretty sure, actually, that Kimber did a record with Aunt Mary once."
"Well, then with a couple of modifications, things might just work out." Copper dimpled. "Let me talk to Phyllis and Jetta about it first, though. We'll need a backer, and Phyllis is the obvious choice, with all her money. If she's game - and I can't see why she wouldn't be - then we'll discuss it with the other Misfits and Holograms, see what we can do."
"I'll talk to Steevi about us stopping in Los Angeles for it." Sammi agreed. "We could use the publicity too, and I'd love to perform the same show as my mother."
"Me too." Copper grinned. "You and I are in the same boat...neither of our mothers wanted anything to do with the music business by the time we were in the picture. I'm dying to see Mama in action. I've seen a couple of old Hologram videos, but it's not the same thing as seeing them live."
"I haven't even seen that." Sammi admitted. "I'll talk to Amber and the others, though. I know they'll want to do it. We're all keen to play another gig in Los Angeles, and it'd be fun to play with you guys again."
"Okay, cool." Copper dimpled. "Hey, how about we go back to Starlight Mansion, and see what Topaz and Nancy have to say on things?"
"You aren't gonna tell Sylvie?" Sammi looked taken aback.
"Well, sure, if she's feeling like talking." Copper agreed. "But I don't hold out huge hopes of that."
"This might be the thing she needs to spark her interest." Sammi pointed out. "It's gotta appeal to her exhibitionist side, anyway. And..." She paused, considering. "Well, something Anna said to me over the know Sylvie feels that the divorce is her fault?"
"Yes." Copper agreed. "Because of her interest in music and not a 'proper education'."
"Well, surely this will prove once and for all that music is as dear a thing to Aunt Mary as it is to Sylvie herself, and that she's just following the dreams her mother bequeathed her?" Sammi asked. "I can't think of a better confirmation for her that she's chosen the right path...and I'm sure once she's involved in it she'll be back to her old self again." She grimaced. "If that's a good thing."
"Oh, come on." Copper laughed. "You want Syl back to Syl too, admit it."
"Yes." Sammi nodded. "I want her happy...I don't like this disruption and unrest. I guess I always saw how similar Anna was to Aunt Mary...I never realised that Sylvie was like her too."
"Yep, the similarity is there." Copper agreed.
"Don't you think you ought to tackle Misfits Music before we raise Sylvie's hopes?" Sammi suggested. Copper considered.
"Guess so." She agreed at length. "Gotta start someplace, after all. Oh, but I hope they say yes, Sammi...I'll use all my persuasive skills on them, I swear I will. I mean, we can dress up all eighties too, and play Misfit and Hologram songs, as well as our own and oh, it sounds like so much fun already! I hope they don't say no."
"Me too." Sammi agreed.
"I'm glad you guys are in LA, you're great inspiration, Sammi." Copper giggled. "Come on, my car's outside and since we both hatched this scheme together, you ought to come with me."
"Ooh..." Sammi faltered, then, "They scare me, kinda."
"Phyllis scares me too, sometimes. Her temper's so unpredictable." Copper admitted. "Jetta's all right though. Off hand and businesslike most of the time, but I guess she has to be. She hasn't anything against me, at least, now she knows I'm Raya's daughter...I know they weren't ever best of friends and it worried me some, because I'm kinda dating her son and best friends with her daughter. Not a good time to break the news, if you know what I mean. But Jetta shrugged it off, so it was okay in the end."
"Jewel are too profitable to the company to make too much trouble for." Sammi remarked. Copper grinned.
"You've been spending too much time with Amber, that sounds like something she'd say." She replied. Sammi laughed.
"Yeah, maybe." She admitted. "I like Amber though. She's not all rough edges."
"Guess she's like Nancy in that respect." Copper observed as she led the way out to her car, unlocking it and opening the driver's side. "I mean, Nance can be as prickly as a hedgehog or worse on occasion, but she's not that bad deep down."
"Sylvie doesn't seem to agree." Sammi replied, slipping into the passenger seat and conscientiously fastening her seatbelt.
"Oh, I dunno. They're closer than either of them will let on." Copper grinned, putting the key into the ignition. "Nancy's as worried as Topaz and I are about Syl's current state of mind, too. So much so, in fact, that we all went out for pizza and a movie last night...and it was Nancy's idea we go. You know how much she hates messing around like that."
"Yeah. Guess there's hope for them yet." Sammi laughed. "Okay, so what are we going to say to your management, exactly?"
"Leave that to me, I'll think of something." Copper replied. "Oh, I really hope we can do this show!"

    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

"Are you jus' gonna sit there readin' all day long?"
Roxanne Pelligrini, former bass guitarist for the Misfits cast her friend an irritated look, grabbing the book out of her hand and tossing it to one side. "Listen to me, Stormer, you can't sit in and mope all the time! You're back in LA, now live a little, will ya?"
"Roxy, I'm still coming to terms with the fact my marriage is really over." Mary Martescu met her companion's gaze with a wistful one of her own. "I still love Elliot a gotta give me some time to get through this."
"Elliot's a creep." Roxy said firmly, sitting down beside her. "Listen up, girl. He controlled you too much and you gotta get out of this weepy mopey frame of mind, you hear me? You're a Misfit, not a mouse...least, you were before you married him."
"Years change things." Mary replied quietly. "I have two daughters now, Roxy, and I have to consider them too."
Sylvie and Anna are adults, they can handle themselves fine." Roxy told her. "Listen, I've had enough of this. I came to LA with you to help you get your life back together, not to sit and watch you gripe."
"So go out, then." Mary responded.
"Not a chance. If I'm goin' out, you're comin' too." Roxy grabbed her friend's arm, pulling her to her feet. Though rough and ready in her methods, Roxy was very fond of Mary, and the two girls had become almost like sisters over the years since they'd met. This new crisis in Mary's life had made Roxy more protective and determined about her friend's welfare than usual, and, being the kind of girl she was, she did not often take no for an answer. "Come on, we're goin' out for lunch someplace."
"All right." Mary sighed. "Where do you wanna go?"
"I vote the Red Rock Restaurant. We always used to eat there as a group." Roxy replied. "Now get your coat and shoes on and get movin'! I'll meet you out the front in ten minutes."
Mary rolled her eyes, but Roxy was already gone out to start up the car, and, seeing little else for it she slipped on her jacket, pulling on her shoes and heading out of the apartment building to the waiting vehicle. Deep down she knew that Roxy was only trying her best to help, and she appreciated it, but somehow the emotions stirred up in her by the divorce were something that her friend could not hope to understand. Roxy had never married, and had had no children of her own, and Mary often felt that this hampered her friend's ability to comprehend situations.
Still, she could not fault the blond for loyalty, and she was grateful for the other Misfit's company. Normally based in Philadelphia, Roxy had elected to come across the country with her for as long as need be, and Mary had been glad of it, for it had meant that she had not to face an empty apartment on her own. For some time she had stayed with Jetta and her husband, another thing which had been largely Roxy's doing, for Jetta was married to the guitarist's half-brother Justin, and even though her marriage vows had failed her, Mary felt that her musical alliances had not.
However, she had a long way to go before she could face all of this with her usual happy smile...

    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

"Well, what's up?"
Phyllis Gabor, chief executive and owner of Misfits Music sent Copper a faintly bored glance from where she had been sitting filing her nails behind her desk. "Make it quick, will ya, Copper? I got business to see to."
"Sammi and I were talking and we think we have an idea to get Sylva interested in music again." Copper said excitedly. "Not only that, but it'd be a huge publicity blitz for any groups taking part...and any company backing it."
"Go on." Phyllis' expression became more interested as she considered the drummer's words. "Explain. What kind of idea?"
"We wondered if we could organize a big reunion show." Sammi said softly. "With the Misfits and the Holograms..."
"And us and Sirena and Sammi's group too, if Steevi's willing." Copper finished. "It'd be the biggest thing to hit L.A in ages...and it's bound to get both Syl and her mother back in the swing of things."
"Hm." Phyllis' green eyes had lit up at the idea of performing again, but she considered the whole thing carefully before making her answer. "Misfits and Holograms? What about Jem...there's no singer, remember?"
"The Holograms were embarking on their own after Jem...went." Copper replied. "Mama told me so. Then there was the big row...I don't know what it was about...with Jerrica, and the group folded."
Sammi frowned, knowing only too well what the reason for the row was, and hating Jerrica all the more for it.
"We don't want Jerrica involved." She said finally. "She and Mum don't get along...and I don't think relations between her and any of the other Holograms are good either these days. We're hoping...well..."
"That I'd put up the money to back it?" Phyllis raised an eyebrow, getting to her feet and moving to close the office door. Copper nodded.
"That was the idea." She agreed.
"And what about the proceeds from such a show? Where would they go?"
"I guess...I guess they'd be split between any backing companies and performers." Copper said slowly.
"Could...could some of the proceeds go to the Starlight Foundation?" Sammi asked hesitantly. "I know that Mum and Kimber would definitely take part if that were the case."
"Oh, Hell, why not. Guess I owe the Foundation as much as anyone." Phyllis said resignedly, immediately sparking curiosity in Sammi's mind as to her meaning. The executive did not elaborate, however, and Sammi's confidence with the forboding Ms Gabor was not great enough for her to ask.
"Was that a yes?" Copper asked eagerly.
"Well, works for me." Phyllis grinned. "There ain't nothin' better than performin' on stage, Copper. Much better than being stuck in a dumb office. And, with Stormer back in LA...Roxy too...timing's perfect for it. Sure, why not? I'm game. But it's down to you guys to fix it with the other musicians. I got a lot of work on here, and so does Jetta. If you can get written confirmation from them, then I'll look into a venue and a date. Okay?"
"For sure!" Copper exclaimed, hugging her manager impulsively.
"Get off me!" Phyllis protested, though there was a slight smile on her face. "Go take your hugs someplace else, will you? Honestly, this ain't a zoo, you know!"
"Sorry." Copper looked sheepish. "We'll go talk to Nancy and the others about it now...and we'll get in touch with anyone we can about it, too. I'm just so excited that we might do this, it's the chance of a lifetime for us all. Especially since some of us have family who could be involved."
"Yeah." Phyllis nodded her head. "Well, go on, then, get lost. I'll talk to Jetta about it...come see me tomorrow when you've talked to the other Jewel girls, and please, knock some sense into Sylva! That girl's turnin' softer than I ever thought possible and it's doing my head in!"
The girls took the hint and left the office in high spirits.
"That wasn't so bad." Sammi admitted. "I wasn't so intimidated this time."
"Me either." Copper blushed. "I can't believe I hugged her...what got into me there?"
"I dunno, but her face was a picture." Sammi giggled. "She didn't know quite what to do!"
"Well, we got her backing, which is the first step." Copper replied. "Guess we'll tackle Roxy and your Aunt Mary...actually, I think Syl or you should talk to her. Then I'll email home and see if Mama's game."
"I'll tackle Mum." Sammi agreed. "And then think about Kimber and Shana too, probably. I think this might just work, you know."
"We can but try it." Copper nodded her head. "So, Starlight Mansion? We have chocolate cake in the pantry."
"Sounds good to me." Sammi dimpled. "I'm in."
"Guess love of chocolate runs in your family, then." Copper teased. "Sylva's a big chocaholic."
"Hey, can I ask you something?" Sammi said, as they got back into Copper's convertible.
"Sure, what's up?" Copper asked.
"What did Phyllis mean, about owing the Foundation?"
"Oh." Copper grinned. "You don't read the press, huh?"
"What do you mean?"
"Well, you know Sirena?"
"Sure...I remember her all too well." Sammi nodded. "What about her?"
"She's Phyllis' daughter." Copper replied, pulling out of the parking lot. "Only she was raised by the Foundation, because Phyllis didn't know what to do with her, to put it bluntly. It's all been hushed up for years, but things have been better between them recently, and Sirena's signed a contract with Misfits Music. The press soon picked up on it, and it was all over the news a few months back."
"I was probably in England. Sirena's not real well known there yet." Sammi replied. "Her daughter? Really?"
"Yes. It was a bit of a surprise to us, too." Copper laughed. "But it's okay. She's gone from being our biggest rival to being a tentative ally...not that she's done much recording since her son was born...he's about two months old now. She and Nancy are pretty good pals these days, though Syl still can't stand the sight of her and Topaz and I don't have much to say either way on her."
"Sirena has a son?"
"Sure. She had a fling with know Blade? That was the result."
"Wow, everything happens when I'm not here." Sammi grinned. "And yes, I know about Blade. We all heard about his death, too. Was Sirena in love with him?"
"I don't think so." Copper shook her head. "It was just one of those things. But apparently motherhood has mellowed her some, if Nance is to be believed. I'm not sure, myself...but it's a relief not to be at war with her any more."
"Yeah, I bet." Sammi nodded as they pulled up in front of the Starlight Mansion. "I really love this place, by the way. It has so many Hologram memories in it as much as're lucky to be staying here."
"I know." Copper agreed. "We've really grown to love it."
She opened the car door, heading up the front steps and putting her key in the lock, swinging open the door.
"Go make yourself comfortable." She told her friend, ushering the Teenangel inside, then raising her voice. "Nancy? Topaz, Syl, you home?"
There was a noise from upstairs, and Nancy poked her head over the top of the bannister, her long dark hair damp and messy over her shoulders.
"Hi." She said, casting Sammi a slight smile. "What's the fuss?"
"Are the others here?"
"Yes. Topaz is in the shower, Syl's in her room being antisocial." Nancy rolled her eyes. "We tried to get her out by the pool, but she wasn't biting."
"I hope we've something that's gonna change all of that." Copper replied. "Can you go and get her? Topaz too, when she's changed. Sammi and I have an idea to put to you."


Chapter One: Copper's Idea
Chapter Two: Tackling Sylvina
Chapter Three: I'm Okay
Chapter Four: Preparations
Chapter Five: The Stingers
Chapter Six: Cynthia to the Rescue
Chapter Seven: The Holograms
Chapter Eight: Jack and Courtenay
Chapter Nine: Phoebe Asche
Chapter Ten: Copper
Chapter Eleven: Unrest

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