Reunited: Part One

Chapter Five: The Stingers

"Things look to be going good."
Copper glanced up from the computer, a smile on her face as she responded to the email. "Mama says she's got a window in her filming and that she'd love to come to Los Angeles for the show, especially if it's going toward the Foundation. She's gonna contact Kimber about finding her a place to stay...said she doesn't want to crash our party here...but is gonna try and bring my brother and sister along too, if she can. Luis is in his senior year, so I don't want to muck up his graduation the way mine went by making him miss school."
"Lighten up, he can take a week or two off, no problems." Sylva told her with a shrug. "This is a big deal. And we've got Kimber and Raya confirmed, which rocks."
"What news of Aja or Shana?" Nancy asked. Sylva frowned.
"Aunt Aja's not sure." She admitted. "I spoke to Sammi on the phone earlier about it. I don't know details and Sammi wasn't telling, but I gather she's pretty hurt still about how she left the music industry and she's also kind of worried about being out of practice. But Sammi said she'd gotten Kimber on the case, so that should be all right. If we can get Aunt Aja on our side, then I'm sure Shana will join in too."
"Looking good, then." Topaz dimpled. "Phyllis said this morning that she thought the twelfth of June would be a good date...nothing on the books then, and it gives us at least 6 week's preparation."
"Is six weeks enough?" Copper wondered. "We're not even confirmed with all the acts, yet!"
"True, but we soon will be, I'm sure." Sylva responded. "We're all set."
"You know, we probably ought to be including the Stingers in this show, too." Topaz looked thoughtful. Nancy pulled a face.
"Rory Llewelyn? Ugh, you are kidding, I hope!"
"No, I'm not." Topaz shook her head. "I know he's a slimy jerk, but the Stingers were a big hit, and it just might be cool to have three of the biggest Californian based bands of the mid eighties play the gig. My mother had one of their albums...Rory might be a sleaze but he has a great voice and their music ain't bad, either. I think we should at least try it."
"Aunt Phyl would freak." Nancy shook her head. Topaz grinned.
"Actually, she won't. I asked her already what she thought of it." She replied. "She was a bit iffy, but in the end said it might be good publicity. She told me to talk to you guys about it."
"Even after the way Rory treated Sirena?" Copper asked. Topaz nodded.
"Yes. I get the feeling actually that she was thinking it over as a possible opportunity for vengeance." She said with a laugh. "But really, they'd be a big crowd draw. Phyllis is talking to various television networks about broadcasting it live, and she's planning a CD release and also a DVD...surely the bigger the publicity blitz, the better."
"Ugh, ugh, ugh." Sylva pulled a graphic face. "Creepy, sleazy, slimy Rory Llewelyn. Do we have to?"
"Well, we don't have to." Topaz shrugged. "It just seemed like a good idea. And, creep though he is, he has one hell of a voice. My mother had one of their albums. It's good music, whatever you think of their personalities."
"I guess we don't really have a choice." Nancy sighed. "Not if Aunt Phyl has said okay. I hate to think what Em will say, but still...I suppose we at least have to invite the Stingers to play. People will talk if we don't."
"True enough." Copper sighed. "Maybe they'll say no."
"Or maybe they won't be able to reassemble in time." Sylva suggested. "How many Stingers are there, anyway? Three? Four?"
"Four." Copper replied. She began counting on her fingers. "Rory Llewelyn on vocals, Ingrid Krüger on keys, Sophie Devereux on drums and...I can't remember the other girl's name, but she played guitar."
"Well, those three you did mention all work at Rebel Records in some capacity." Sylva grimaced again. "I didn't know that Rory's floozie was a bona fide Stinger."
"Well, I think it can be taken as read why she joined the band." Nancy said dryly. "I'm sure it wasn't for her ability on the snare."
"Probably not." Topaz giggled. "She's quite pretty, Sophie Devereux, isn't she?"
"Well, if you can call her that. It's cheap kinda prettiness in my view." Sylva replied archly.
"And, according to Aunt Phyl, it's down to plastic surgery." Nancy added. "There's no other way she could keep her features so youthful and perfect."
"And we all know how Rory feels about perfection." Copper laughed.
"Then he must be gutted that he couldn't sign us!" Sylva exclaimed. Topaz grinned.
"For sure." She agreed. "Question is, what does she see in him?"
"Money, power, status?" Nancy suggested. "Certainly not anything to do with his looks...I've seen pictures, and they just made me burst out laughing. I mean, I know styles were different in the eighties, but..." She smirked. "I'll show you next time we're at Misfit Music. I'm sure Aunt Phyl still has all the old records in a backroom someplace."
"I'd like to see that." Sylva admitted. "I don't know much about the Stingers, except that Rory Llewelyn is a creep."
"Nancy's right about Rory...or Riot as he liked to call himself." Topaz remembered. "I can picture Mom's LP now. But we're off the point. Are we gonna invite them to play or not?"
"Guess we are." Copper sighed. "And with three of them so closely together, I'm guessing that if they wanted to perform, it'd be the easiest thing for them to do so."
"So long as they're in touch with the guitarist...anyone know her name?" Topaz asked. Nancy grimaced.
"Mom refers to them as Riot, Minx, Rapture and Magique." She replied. "Sophie's French, so she has to be Magique. I'm pretty sure that songwriter at Rebel Records - Ingrid - is Minx. So I'm going with Rapture. I don't remember her real name, though."
"I'm not sure I ever knew it...I'm certain Mama didn't know, because I learnt the names of the others from living and working here." Copper added. "That's gonna make it difficult to trace her, isn't it?"
"Do we care enough to bother tracing her?" Nancy demanded.
"Well, I know I don't." Sylva shrugged. "Let Rory popcorn hair find her. It's their problem, not ours."
"Syl's right." Topaz conceded. "We're jumping the gun, we haven't even invited them to play. I vote Copper goes to ask them."
"Me?" Copper looked startled. "Why me?"
"Well, you're the most friendly and tactful of us." Topaz grinned. "Syl has a big mouth - no offence, Syl - and Nancy's the daughter of the competition. Me, I'm just some cheap flirt from I vote you go. You've the charm to carry it off, and the patience too."
"I'll go with that." Nancy agreed, drowning out Sylva's indignant protests. "Copper, you get my vote."
"I don't want to go to that creepy place." Copper frowned. "I don't like Rory, he gives me the shivers."
"Well, I'm sure as hell not going." Sylva folded her arms. "And it has nothing to do with my big mouth, thank you, Topaz. I'm not going because my mother was a Misfit, and I'm not going to demean myself by grovelling to her competition."
"How modestly put." Nancy drawled, amused. "But I guess that counts me out too, for sure. And Mom wouldn't thank me for going to Rebel Records...not after the fiasco with Blade." She frowned, grimacing. "I can't believe I almost threw myself into that company at one point."
"Oh well, guess it's unanimous, Copper." Topaz settled herself on her chair. "You're going."
"Hey!" Copper protested. "C'mon, guys, shouldn't we all go?"
"Not a hope." Sylva shook her head. "I'm not going to Rebel Records!"
"Me neither. Mom would do her nut." Nancy agreed. Copper sighed.
"All right, I'll go." She said, resigned. "But only if you come with me, Topaz."
"Aw, do I have to?" Topaz frowned. Copper nodded.
"Yep. We both go, or neither of us do." She replied. Topaz shrugged good naturedly.
"Okay, for sure. I'll come." She agreed. "If we go tomorrow morning, we might catch them in a bright and fresh mood."
"You, get up early?" Sylva demanded. "C'mon, Topaz, if we don't have studio hours, you don't emerge till eleven!"
"Like you'd know!" Topaz bantered. "You're never awake when I get up, and you're always the one who complains about early starts the most! When I was in Toronto I had to lump it - I can get up early."
"Touche." Sylva dimpled. "But I wasn't claiming to be an early riser."
"You'd better go early tomorrow." Nancy mused. "We've to be at Misfit Music by ten because Aunt Phyl wants to discuss things with us."
"About the concert? Or something else?" Copper asked. Nancy shrugged.
"Beats me." She replied. "But it's been two months since our last single and it only hit number seven here. If you ask me, it'll be about that. She did hint to me about making our next song something special...remember that we've a new album to promote too, when it's damn well written." She rubbed her temples. "Man, too much stress!"
"Hey, you love the buzz of a deadline, admit it." Copper teased. Nancy grinned.
"Guess I do." She admitted. "I like the adrenalin...sometimes it's a lot of pressure, though. I'm petrified of a flop...public opinion can be so cruel."
"We ain't had a single flop since we started." Sylva pointed out. "Whatever else you are, Nance, you're one heck of a writer."
"Well, when Anna comes to LA I'm gonna ask her to help me write something special." Nancy responded. "Do you think she'll mind? We clicked pretty good musically in DC, but I know things were difficult then, with...well...your family and all."
Sylva's expression clouded.
"I'd like her to." She said softly. "Depending on what Misfit Music say about it all. It...would mean something to have a Martescu on the song-writing credits, and...well...I've never been able to write music like Annie or Mom."
Topaz hugged her friend playfully.
"Hey, you have your own charms." She said with a grin. "So don't fret about it. You're more musical than I'll ever be, at least. If it weren't for Nancy's help, I'd never have mastered bass guitar to any degree."
"We're a team, is what you mean." Copper dimpled. "Isn't it cool, though, that we really are? Not one hit wonders or flash in the pan...we're really friends here together as well as musicians. Doesn't that rock? I mean, I'd trust any one of you with my life and my secrets...doesn't that say something about our team spirit here?"
"Wouldn't trust Syl, she has a big mouth." Nancy put in dryly.
"Hey, leave my mouth alone!" Sylva exclaimed. "Okay, so I'm not the most tactful person ever, but I don't betray promises or secrets!"
"She's winding you up, cool out." Topaz advised. "You guys know you love each other really."
"Pah." Nancy pulled a face, but there was a smile at the corner of her mouth. "That'll be the day."
"Well, enough of this." Sylva stretched out, grabbing her purse. "I vote we go out for eats tonight and discuss the concert...I need some head space, I think. Italian sound good to everyone?"
"Works for me." Topaz nodded. "Guys?"
"Sure." Copper grinned. "Let's grab our stuff and go hit the town!"

    *    *    *    *    *    *        *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

"Rory, you will not believe who is here." Sophie turned away from the window of the office, a confused look on her face.
"Who?" Rory glanced up from his paperwork. "What's wrong, Sophie? We have company?"
"We do." Sophie nodded. "Unless I am very much is Copper and Topaz from Jewel."
"What do they want, do you suppose?" Rory set down his pen, a frown on his face. "I can't think of a single reason why I would want them on my property - they had better have a good reason."
"Shall I go out and speak to them, perhaps?" Sophie's mischievous dark eyes twinkled. Rory nodded.
"Sure, go ahead." He agreed. "If it's worth our time, then I will speak with them myself."
"Bien sûr." Sophie dimpled, moving over towards the door. "À bientôt!"
"Well, we're here." Downstairs, Copper and Topaz has arrived in the front lobby, heading across to the lift with more than a few misgivings, and it was Topaz that had spoken. "You wanna turn tail and run yet?"
"Yep, I think so." Copper grimaced. "This place is way modern and way cold. I mean, Misfit Music is modernised, but Phyllis has taste in decor."
"And money." Topaz added dryly, punching the lift buttons. "Come on. Sooner we do this..."
"Hey, it was your idea to come!" Copper protested.
"I know. Just call me chicken." Topaz rolled her eyes. "I'm beginning to wish I hadn't opened my big mouth."
"Well, we're here now." Copper gritted her teeth. "And I'm not going back to Nancy and Syl and saying we wimped out, are you?"
"Nope, not a chance." Topaz responded. "We're the oldest Jewels, we have to set an example."
"Don't remind me." Copper replied darkly. "I'm twenty one in July...Nancy keeps teasing me about getting old."
"You and Aaron gonna do something to celebrate?" Topaz asked. Copper went slightly pink.
"Maybe." She said slowly. "His birthday is June 23rd, and mine's July 9th, so we're thinking of having a joint party to celebrate both twenty-firsts at the same time. Trouble is, I don't want to make it a star studded press affair. I just want it to be a private party. That's why I haven't said anything to Phyllis or Jetta...I'm not sure either of them are aware it's my birthday soon. And if we have a joint party, it means Aaron can spend his actual birthday with his family and hopefully, I can spend some time with mine, if Mama stops in LA a while like she's planning."
"Sounds cool." Topaz dimpled. "So who's gonna be invited to this private do, then?"
"You, Syl, Nancy, of course." Copper grinned. "Dean, Zoe...I'd invite Cameron, if he were in the States. Any of the Teenangels who are flitting about here at the time are welcome too. Um, then I was thinking about asking Anna - Syl says she's spending the summer with Mary in LA, so she'll be about. Other than that, I don't know. I'm considering inviting Sirena, but I don't want a fight between her and Syl, and with the babe she probably couldn't come anyway. I know she and I aren't great pals or anything, not like she and Nancy are, but...she's kinda alone, when you think about it."
"You're too sweet." Topaz laughed. "Well, if you do have this do, count me in!"
"Well, what brings two such high spirited Jewel musicians to Rebel Records?"
As they left the lift, the two girls found their good mood dimmed some, for waiting in the top floor foyer was the elegant Sophie, clearly both curious and amused by their discomfort.
"It is an unexpected pleasure to see you."
"We...kinda hoped to see Rory." Copper said slowly. "It's...a kind of business proposition."
"Business?" Sophie looked startled. "Quoi? What kind of business can you have with us?"
"It's more to do with the Stingers than with Rebel Records itself." Topaz responded earnestly. "Can we see him, please?"
"I will go speak to him." Sophie agreed, her eyes bright with curiosity. "The Stingers? I do not understand!"
"Well, we can't go back now, even if we wanted to." Copper muttered to her companion as they followed the frenchwoman to the door of the office, waiting outside. "Does she give you the creeps too?"
"I dunno. Can't make her out." Topaz admitted. "I can't see what she sees in Rory Llewelyn, though. The guy's a jerk."
"Yeah, I'd noticed." Copper agreed dryly, then, as the door re-opened, "Ooh, looks like we're in."
"Riot will see you." Sophie said slowly. "If you make it quick."

       *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

"Well, here I am."
Sirena perched herself on the desk of her mother's office, setting the baby basket down on the floor beside her and meeting the executive's startled gaze with a questioning one of her own.
"So I see." Phyllis eyed her daughter thoughtfully. "And Michael too...I hope you ain't gonna ask me to bratsit, cos I'm not biting."
"No, I got more sense than that." Sirena replied dryly. "Nancy came and told me about the concert...well, I wanna be involved."
"You do?" Phyllis frowned. "What about the munchkin here?" She cast a wary glance at the basket. "He asleep?"
"Yeah, at the moment." Sirena nodded. "I had to come see you...needed out of that apartment, else I'd have just phoned. Well? You signed me on...can I do it? Do I have your blessing, Mom?"
"Don't be smart." Phyllis told her sharply. "Sure, if you can find someone to watch Mike. It ain't gonna be me."
"I called Grandpa." Sirena replied. "He said that he'd love to have him...and would catch the show on cable when it aired. So that's fine...Mom, I wanna sing so bad. I hate being stuck at home playing Mom all the time...I need to get out for a night and perform Sirena again."
"Well, it's cool by me." Phyllis shrugged her shoulders. "I'll add your name to the bill. Don't s'pose you'll sing much, though. We got a full programme, and..." She paused, eying her daughter slightly awkwardly. "And I don't know as you're up to a full scale performance yet."
"I'm fine. It's been nine weeks." Sirena dismissed it carelessly. "I feel great. Just bored. But sure, I don't mind playin' just a couple of tracks. I actually..." She hesitated, then, "I kinda hoped maybe I could perform with you."
"Me?" Phyllis was floored. Then, "Why?"
"The Misfits were my heros growing up." Sirena twisted her hands together, embarrassed. "'re my Mom. And I thought it'd put a hush on any speculation in the press that we hated each other."
"We spent years hating each other...they got a point." Phyllis said dryly, reaching for a pen and making a note on a nearby notepad. Sirena shrugged.
"I dunno. Since Mike was born I think I understand you more than I ever did." She said reflectively. Phyllis grimaced.
"Don't get all deep and meaningful." She warned. "I just ate."
Sirena laughed.
"We ain't so different at the end of the day." She mused. "But okay, I'm done. I just wanted to tell you that. Is it cool? Can I sing with you guys?"
Phyllis considered, then,
"If it means that much to you." She said, her tone slightly uncomfortable. "Then sure. I'll talk to...speak of the devil." As the door of the office swung open to reveal Mary. "Stormer, I was just gonna call you. You psychic or something?"
"No...not that I know of." Mary cast Sirena a curious look. "What's the deal? I came to ask you if it'd be okay for Kimber and I to sing a couple of numbers at the show."
"Sure, why not? Everyone and his dog is gonna perform, why not you two as well?" Phyllis replied, but there was a smile on her face that belied her tone. "Anyway, I got a job for you. If you're still the writer you were, and I don't doubt you are, do you think you can write something new for the show? Something...Misfitty. Something...well, something which will take the crowd by storm. And something which can be sung as a duet, too."
"A duet? Well, I'll try." Mary looked startled. "I need a project, anyway, and Nancy has my scripts. Are we gonna get together and play sometime, then?"
"Day after tomorrow if I can get the studio free." Phyllis nodded. "We're gonna need some practice to get back into eighties mode."
At this juncture, baby Michael began to emit whimpers and Mary, who had not seen the baby basket in the corner, turned, startled.
"Em, shut that brat up, will ya?" Phyllis rolled her eyes. "This isn't a nursery."
"Well, if you think you can do better." Sirena retorted, scooping her son up. "Shh, Mike. Grandma can't cope with your noise."
"I warned you about that." Phyllis scowled. "No way am I old enough to play gran!"
"Oh! You're Emily!" Mary's eyes became big with surprise. "I didn't recognise you without your hair dyed!"
"Yeah, that's me." Sirena nodded, rocking her son almost instinctively as his whimpers began to quiet. "Guess you know who I am, huh?"
"I held you when you were first born." Mary said softly. "You were so sweet then...I feel old, seeing you grown up and a mother to boot. How old are you now? Twenty? Twenty-one?"
"Twenty two in July." Sirena blushed slightly at the reference to her babyhood. "You...held me?"
"You liked her better than me when you were born." Phyllis said darkly. "She could stop you crying...none of the rest of us could."
"I didn't know that." Sirena responded. "I...I guess I kinda thought I was smuggled away and you guys never saw me. I didn't know..."
Anything else she said was drowned out by Michael's screams for attention, and she paused with a sigh, ministering to her son.
"Get out of here, will ya? You're giving me a headache." Phyllis groaned. "Both of you, go! Stormer, I'll call you 'bout rehearsing. I need a break."
"Sure." Mary grinned, opening the door and holding it for Sirena to follow with the still screaming baby. Once in the corridor, Sirena shot her companion a helpless look.
"He's not gonna shut up." She said hopelessly. "Can...can you try?"
"If you like." Mary set down her bag, taking the baby gently and rocking him. "What's his name? Mike, did you say?"
"Michael, yes." Sirena nodded, marvelling at the expert ease with which the writer soothed the baby's squeals. "You must've had some practice at that, huh?"
"I raised twin girls." Mary smiled slightly. "So I guess you could say that."
"Twins? Man...I couldn't even begin to go there." Sirena shuddered. "One is definitely more than enough for me!"
"He's cute, though." Mary's expression became wistful. "Makes me remember..." She paused, shaking her head. "No...I shouldn't think that way. It was too long ago."
"I'm sorry?" Sirena was nonplussed. Something about this woman's gentle air made her feel a sense of warmth towards the Misfit, and there was something in the sadness of Mary's smile that troubled her.
"I...had a son, once." Mary admitted softly, handing the drowsy baby back. "He was stillborn."
"Oh!" Sirena looked startled, then. "I...I didn't know. Mom...never told me much about you or Roxy and family."
"Your mother doesn't know either." Mary replied quietly. "Nor Jetta. Roxy does...but it was so long ago now, I...try not to think of it. But, well, you know how strong a bond is between mother and baby. I...wish I could have raised him like I did Sylvie and Anna."
"Sylvie?" Shock registered in Sirena's green eyes. "You're Sylva's mother?"
"Yes." Stormer nodded. "You didn't know that, either?"
"No, I didn't." Sirena looked uncomfortable, then, "Your daughter hates me."
"Yes, I know." Mary agreed calmly. "Does that mean I should hate you?"
"I..." Sirena was startled. Mary smiled.
"I think I had more conscience pangs than your mother when Aja took you into the Foundation. I knew they'd give you all the love you could ever need, but I was afraid it wouldn't be enough." She said. "I know how important my mother was to me...I remember thinking how sad it was that you'd not have anyone to call Mommy."
"I...guess I felt angry rather than sad." Sirena admitted. "I...ain't really talked about this with anyone, except Grandpa and Mom, kinda. I mean, we're on okay terms these days. I call her Mom cos...I want to feel she's my mother, but she's more like a friend than a Mom in a lot of ways. I like it that way, don't get me wrong, but...well, there are things I can't talk to her about. And for the first time ever, I kinda have things I need to talk about." She set Michael in the basket. "Mostly to do with him. I'm scared of being a bad mother...hell, six months ago I'd never admit to being scared of anything. But I don't want him to grow up angry at me too."
"I don't see why he would." Mary eyed the girl thoughtfully. "It takes a lot of guts to make a decision like you did to have and raise him. And I can see you love him. More, I think he loves you too."
"You really think so?" Sirena glanced at the sleeping baby doubtfully. "I dunno. How do you tell?"
"Call it intuition." Mary dimpled. "But I think you'll both do fine, Emily."
"I hope so." Sirena admitted. "I ain't a soft touch...but I'm kinda gooey in the head where he's concerned. Can't help it...he's a part of me."
"Of course." Mary nodded her head. "My girls are the most precious thing I have."
"'re real nice to me." Sirena's spoke a little awkwardly. "Why?"
"Why shouldn't I be? I like you." Mary replied with a grin. "And I always wondered how the first baby Misfit ended up. Jetta had her kids and I had mine...but you were the first, Emily. You began the trend."
"Guess I did." A slight smile touched Sirena's face. "I...I wish Mom had been able to raise me. I...think I'd have learnt a lot from you."
"Well, how about this." Mary's compassionate nature took control, and she sent the girl a warm smile. "I'm as bewildered as you are at the moment with the change in my life. My marriage has broken down and I'm moving back to LA in the middle of a divorce. This concert is taking my mind off things...but they're always there at the back of my mind. It occured to me that things aren't so different for you, what with your new baby and all, things have changed drastically in the last few months. So I'll say this. If you ever want to talk to anyone, you can come talk to me."
"I...can?" Sirena was touched. "Even...even though Syl doesn't like me?"
"Sylvie knows that she and Annie are the most important things I have." Mary said quietly. "But I wanted to be there for you when you were little, because I had a feeling you needed more than a big family of foster kids to make you happy. If I had been older and more stably settled, I would have adopted you myself, but I was only twenty three or twenty four and the Misfits was all the security I had. So I want to make up for it now."
"I...I appreciate it." Sirena smiled, tears touching her eyes. "Everyone always said you were the sweetheart Misfit...guess it was true."
"I dunno about that. I gave my husband a few harsh words before I left." Mary looked rueful. "But if you want to think it, sure. Hey, do you have a car here?"
"No, I caught a taxi." Sirena shook her head.
"Well, if you want I'll give you a ride home." Mary suggested. "Michael probably needs feeding, which is why he's so grumbly...and you don't want to be hanging around with a squealing baby."
"No, I guess not." Sirena smiled. "I guess...I guess thanks."
"Not a problem." Mary grinned. "It's my pleasure."

    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

"So?" Nancy opened the front door of the Starlight Mansion, eying her two bandmates with a curious look. "What's the deal? What did he say?"
"He said yes." Copper rolled her eyes. "Provisionally. Dependant on whether they can get hold of Rapture. Oh, he was so smarmy about it, though! Like we'd come grovelling to him! He's such a creep."
"Copper put him in his place." Topaz looked amused. "He said something like 'I suppose you need a big name act like the Stingers to add a little prestige to your performance'...and she looked him straight in the eye, gave him a patent Copper innocent smile and said 'Oh no, but we were rather worried that you'd need the publicity for your company, considering all that's happened recently.' He was speechless."
"Woo, go Copper!" Nancy looked impressed.
"There's something about him I really don't like." Copper admitted. "I couldn't help it."
"We'll make a Misfit of you yet." Sylva came up to join them, having overheard the exchange. "But the Stingers are game to play?" She grimaced. "Wonderful. Sharing a stage with Mr Ego."
"Actually, I had an idea about that." Topaz looked thoughtful. "If they sign papers to play at the gig, well, what's to stop Phyllis or Jetta fielding them early on in the programme? Don't worry, I think Mr Ego is gonna be dealt a severe blow."
"I guess the Misfits will headline the show?" Nancy asked. Copper shrugged.
"I don't know. Probably." She agreed. "Since Phyllis is backing things. Them or the Holograms, but I'd say the Misfits."
"Well, that's cool. It's their show really." Sylva acknowledged. "I just wanna see Mom perform live."
"Me too." Nancy dimpled. "It's gonna be a real buzz!"
"Yeah, it's gonna be one hell of a show." Topaz nodded. "Nancy, have you messed around with any of the Misfit manuscripts?"
"A couple. Tomorrow I'm going to go see Aunt Phyl and ask her which ones we can do, since Mary said we could do any." Nancy replied. "I think we ought to tackle a few Hologram songs too, mind you - Copper, do you know who has the music for those?"
"It could be Kimber." Copper looked thoughtful. "Since she did a lot of the writing. But...I'm kinda afraid they might be at Starlight Music, in the archives."
"How are we meant to get them from there?" Sylva demanded. "Jerrica is a witch!"
"She can't be that bad." Topaz objected. "She's a businesswoman, surely she can be reasonable?"
"I don't think so." Copper shook her head. "I don't know what the real story is, Topaz, but something happened. Something big. Jerrica used to be one of my mother's closest friends - she was also the voice and the business behind Jem. But somewhere along the line things went wrong. The band fell out bigtime, and for a year they were kinda estranged. Then, suddenly, Jem apparently drove off a bridge - though we all know now that it was an elaborate hoax - and the group repaired its bonds. It looked like everything would be fine. But..." She frowned. "Mama gets very angry whenever I ask her about it, so I tend not to ask. Jerrica and Aja had a row...I don't know what about, but it escalated. Aja found herself more or less driven out of the Holograms, and the band fell apart. Aja married and moved to that right, Syl?"
"Yes." Sylva nodded solemnly. "She married Uncle Craig almost as soon as she knew Sammi was on the way. His work was out there and she wanted a new start. But like you, I don't know the ins and outs. I think maybe Sammi does...but she hasn't told me. Either way Jerrica hurt my aunt and that's not on. Noone messes with members of my family."
"Wow." Topaz let out a low whistle. "Dramatic."
"Yeah." Copper nodded. "Mama is a very patient and peaceful person, Topaz, but when Jerrica gets mentioned she still gets angry."
"Okay, so Starlight Music is a no-go." Topaz frowned, leading the way inside to the lounge and dropping down onto the couch. "What does that leave us with?"
"Tackling Kimber, I guess." Sylva said slowly. "Or...well, that's about it."
"Syl's right." Copper agreed. "Though Mama might have a few drum scores, I know she hasn't got any full scripts."
"I don't suppose you could reconstruct the songs by ear, Nance?" Topaz sent Nancy a hopeful glance. Nancy grimaced.
"Yeah, I could." She agreed. "But it'd be time-consuming and tedious, and I don't really wanna if we can avoid it. Remember, I have a Jewel album to write too."
"True." Topaz sighed. "Well, we could help you out some with the Jewel stuff, lyrics and so on..."
"None of us are composers, though." Copper pointed out. "Words are one thing, but music is another."
"Yeah, I guess." Topaz conceded. "Okay. So we're back to tackling Kimber? Would she even want to give us her music?"
"Mom and she are pretty good friends." Sylva said. "I reckon that she would."
"Oh!" Copper's brown eyes lit up all of a sudden. "Oh, wait, I just had an idea! I'll be right back!"
And with that, she was gone, leaving her bandmates staring blankly at one another.
"What do you suppose that's about?" Sylva demanded. Nancy shrugged.
"You got me." She replied dryly.
Within a minute, the redhead was back, breathless and excited.
"I know how we can get the music!" She exclaimed. "Synergy!"


Chapter One: Copper's Idea
Chapter Two: Tackling Sylvina
Chapter Three: I'm Okay
Chapter Four: Preparations
Chapter Five: The Stingers
Chapter Six: Cynthia to the Rescue
Chapter Seven: The Holograms
Chapter Eight: Jack and Courtenay
Chapter Nine: Phoebe Asche
Chapter Ten: Copper
Chapter Eleven: Unrest


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