Reunited: Part One

Chapter Seven: The Holograms

"This stuff is brilliant." Nancy spread out the sheets of manuscript on the floor around her. "Cynthia, your printer rocks. These are so easy to follow, it's gonna be a piece of cake!"
"Should we check what songs the Holograms wanna do before we choose any?" Copper asked. Nancy nodded.
"Yes." She agreed. "But I wanna play around with a couple of these anyway. This one has a really neat guitar line."
"Which one's that?" Cynthia paused, peering over Nancy's shoulder. Then she grinned. "Yes. Aja was one of the finest lead guitarists in the business, back then. She was well up to the challenge."
"Of course she was." Sylva said. "She's my aunt, after all." She sat down on the floor, picking up one of the pieces of manuscript. "Wow. complex."
"Don't mess up the order!" Nancy exclaimed, grabbing it back. "You wanna play the song backwards?"
"Don't fight." Topaz chided. "We're working together, okay?"
"Topaz is right." Copper agreed. "This is gonna be the best show ever put on in Los Angeles."
"I'll go with that." Sylva nodded.
Nancy scooped up a second bunch of papers.
"Cynnie, how does this one go?" She asked. "I can't focus on the notes, there's too much noise."
Cynthia took the paper, flicking through it.
"It all depends..." she murmured. "On the mood I'm in."
An impish smile crossed her face at this, and she slipped her watch off her wrist, setting it down on the table. Before their eyes the room dimmed, and a shimmer of lights flickered around them. Mesmerised, the four girls watched Cynthia's features morph into Jem's. Music began to play seemingly from nowhere, and 'Jem', well into her part now, seemed to pluck a microphone out of the air, beginning to sing.
"I know it!" Copper exclaimed. "I do! Mama used to play the record...It all depends on the mood I'm wearing, it all depends on the mood I'm in..."
"I can be beautiful...or Jerrica Benton..." 'Jem' grinned mischievously at her audience. "It all depends on the mood I'm in."
The music came to an abrupt stop at this point, as did the light show, and, Cynthia once more, the hologram retrieved her watch.
"Those are so not the real lyrics." Sylva put her hands on her hips. "C'mon, Cynnie, what'd she really sing?"
"Beautiful or truly outrageous." Nancy read over the score. "Gee, how eighties."
"Well, the Holograms were eighties." Copper pointed out. "So I guess they can be excused."
"It's a bit nice for me." Nancy admitted. "I mean, it's a good song...but..."
"But you're a Misfit at heart." Topaz grinned. "We know, Nance."
"Growing up round who I did, how could I be anything else?" Nancy responded with a shrug. "If we're gonna play Hologram numbers, though...I vote we pick a few with a strong beat I can adapt around."
"Sure, works for me." Sylva shrugged. "I reckon we should let Cynnie pick 'em. She knows them better than we do."
"Perhaps so." Cynthia nodded. "But first you must find out what Aja and Kimber and the others wish to do. In fact, I might go over to see Kimber now - it has been a long while since we spoke face to face. Copper, will you come with me?"
"Sure, but you're going like that?" Copper looked doubtful.
"Well, at least to travel." Cynthia nodded. "This concert is a big flashback for me, and I want to be involved...I want my old friends to know I'm involved. After all, what are the Holograms without Synergy?"
"Not much." Copper conceded. "Alright then, let's go."
"Well, if we're done with our band meeting, I'm going shopping. I have to find something to wear for this show." Sylva decided. "Topaz, Nancy, you coming?"
"Shopping with you?" Nancy raised an eyebrow.
"Well, looks like Syl's back to feeling like herself, anyway." Topaz dimpled. "Count me in, Syl."
"Oh, okay, I'm coming." Nancy looked resigned, getting to her feet. "But not for hours, okay? I'm seeing Dean tonight."
"Hm, then we'll find you something for your date too." A wicked look crossed Sylva's face. "Come on, let's go!"

    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Carmen swung open the door of the Jacqui Benton House, eying her daughter with some surprise. "What are you doing here!"
"Cyn and I came to talk to Kimber - and you too - about the concert." Copper explained. ", she works with Aaron producing Jewel's stage show. She's very good."
"Oh!" Carmen looked startled, then her expression became troubled. Slowly she let them in. "I am afraid, Copper, we have hit a stumbling block."
"What's up?" Copper frowned. "Is Aja still not keen to play?"
"It isn't that. She and Kimber spoke on the phone an hour ago and I think Kimber convinced her to do it." Carmen shook her head. "It's worse. Kimber can't find many of the Holograms' manuscripts...she's very afraid Jerrica has them at Starlight Music's archive. She's found only two or three so far and we've been looking all morning."
"Oh, is that all." Copper dimpled. "Mama, we have copies of all of the Hologram songs, that's not a problem."
"You have scores?" Carmen was taken aback. Copper nodded.
"Yes...Nancy's been playing with them." She agreed.
" From where?"
"Cynthia." Copper shrugged. Cynthia smiled.
"You need not worry." She agreed. "I can provide you with copies of whichever songs you wish to perform."
"I don't understand." Carmen looked bemused, leading them into the messy living room which was filled with half-full boxes and a frantic looking Kimber. "I don't see how you can have them..."
"What's this?" Kimber glanced up.
"Copper says she has copies of all of our songs in score form." Carmen replied.
"You do? But how on earth? Did you go to Jerrica?" Kimber stared.
"No...we went to Synergy." Copper closed the door carefully.
"Synergy!" Kimber's eyes almost dropped out of her head. "Oh! I'd forgotten...I mean, well, I knew she was still operating, of course, did you find her?"
"They found me." Cynthia said softly, and carefully she morphed her features into that of the Synergy Kimber and Carmen knew well. "I am ever at your service, Kimber."
"Synergy..." Kimber gazed at the figure, awestruck. Then, "Outrageous! But how are you projecting?"
"Through my watch. Aaron updated my projection units, since the location of the Jemstar earrings is unknown." Synergy replied. "He helped me to gain some freedom...I can now touch and be touched, you know, without too great a drain on my resources. Cynthia was created so that I could enjoy myself without being oddly regarded...I hope I did not frighten you."
"No...startled me but didn't scare me." Kimber dimpled. She put her hands to her neck, pulling her necklace out from beneath her jumper. "As for the Jemstar earrings, I can account for one of them. The other one went into the river when Jerrica plotted Jem's suicide hoax...but I found this one when clearing stuff of mine from the Starlight Mansion and I decided to keep it. It's old and the circuits have corroded, but it's a piece of Dad...of you...and of the Holograms' happy days, so I put it on a chain. I wear it always."
"You didn't forget me then." Synergy seemed to be touched by this.
"Of course I didn't. How could I forget a friend like you? You don't know how glad I am to see you." Kimber hugged the hologram impulsively. "And it's outrageous, I totally forgot you had the songs stored in your memory banks! How could I forget that? Man, I'm such a flake sometimes!"
Synergy laughed.
"You never change." She said affectionately. "I am glad of it...not like your sister."
"Jerrica was wrong to abandon you." Kimber said firmly. "And I'm sorry she did. Will you help us with our show? I mean, we don't have Jem, of course...but if you could..."
"I would be delighted and honoured to assist the Holograms." Synergy nodded her head. "It will be like old times."
"Great." Carmen smiled. "Then our problem, it is solved."
"Sure seems that way." Kimber grinned. "I was dreading having to make a grovelling phonecall to Starlight Music to see if I could sweettalk my sister into giving me the least now I don't have to do that!"
"Tell me which songs you wish to perform and I will make sure you have hard copies of the scores." Synergy promised. She re-adjusted herself into her Cynthia form, and smiled. "It would not be right to have a concert like this and the Holograms not play."
"Too true." Kimber nodded, then hugged the hologram again. "Ooh, I can't wait!"


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