Devil May Care

Chapter Ten: An Eventful Night

"Well, girls, another single and rumours of a European tour in the offing...does life ever stop still for Jewel?"
Connie cast her guests an expectant smile. The show was live on air and, oblivious of Stefana's sabotage of the set, Jewel were in the middle of their interview.
Topaz smiled.
"Doesn't seem to." She admitted. "We've been very busy recently, because of the new album we've got coming as well, so plenty of work has been going into that, especially for N...Goldie, since she writes everything."
"You must be exhausted." Connie cast Nancy a sympathetic look. Nancy smiled.
"You could say that." She agreed. "But it's been fun, too. Especially working with Sirena as well."
"Now, I know you're gonna hate me asking this, since everyone's probably asked it, but is there any truth in any of the rumours surrounding Sirena and the band? Is she going to be the fifth Jewel? Or are you going to break away, Goldie, and form a duet with her?"
"No truth in any of them." Copper said firmly, before Sylva could open her mouth on the subject of Sirena. "Jewel are Jewel and Sirena is a total different entity."
"Copper's right." Nancy nodded. "Emily and I are good friends, and it's fun to work together, but I'm a Jewel and that's where I want to be, whilst she's happy with her solo career."
"What thoughts about the European tour?"
"We can't wait." Sylva dimpled. "It'll be totally awesome to visit London again, and Paris and Madrid and Heaven knows where else."
"Any idea of the song you might be singing there?"
"We need to discuss that with the powers that be." Topaz grinned. "As yet we don't know. We've been putting all our energy into promoting this new song, It's Only Love...we filmed the video in Hollywood this last weekend and it was the most fun I've ever had on a video set, I swear, so I hope it's gonna be something people enjoy watching as well as listening to."
"Seems as good a time as any, then, to introduce your new single." Connie grinned. "Ladies and Gentlemen, Jewel, with It's Only Love!"
Amid cheers and whistles the band hurried across the studio floor to the stage, scooping up their instruments. However, as Nancy went to play the first chord of the song, there was a loud explosion from the amplifier, followed by a series of screams and utter chaos. Whilst Connie hurriedly signalled to her producer for a commercial interlude, Aaron and Cynthia hurried onto the set amid the smoke and the confusion to ascertain whether or not everyone was all right and shut off the power. As Cynthia hit the switch, a frown crossed her face.
"I bet that Stefana was behind this." She murmured to herself. Raising her voice she called. "Is everyone okay?"
"Nancy's down." Came Aaron's reply and in a moment Cynthia was beside the still girl.
"Is she...breathing?" Copper's anxious voice came from behind her and gently Cynthia reached for a pulse. As she did so, however, the guitarist began to stir.
"She's all right. Just stunned from the blast I think." Aaron looked relieved, and gently he picked his sister up in his arms. "Jewel can't play now, Connie...Nancy's in no fit state to sing."
"It's all right. I understand." Connie looked concerned. "What on earth happened, though?"
"I've no idea. Cyn, you checked the amps, didn't you?" Aaron asked.
Cynthia nodded her head.
"Yes I did." She agreed. "I rather wonder though if somebody thought it might be...helpful to change them around."
"You think we were sabotaged?" Sylva's eyes became big. Cynthia shrugged.
"I'm saying nothing. I cannot prove it." She said quietly. "And I do not wish to cause trouble. But I will be watching very carefully from now on, Syl...just in case."
From the wings, Stefana and the rest of Diablo had seen everything, and heard Cynthia's words. Marissa frowned.
"Who would want to sabotage Jewel?" She asked aloud.
"I dunno...but I'll be checking our equipment doubly thoroughly from now on." Clay murmured darkly. Stefana hid a smile, then, "I bet it was that Cynthia girl. She's weird in the head. She attacked me with a ladder earlier."
"She did what?" Luca looked startled. "When were you with her, Stef?"
"Oh, I met her in passing. I was talking to their road manager about stuff." Stefana shrugged. "Got all jealous, she did."
"Well, whatever happened to Jewel's equipment, it wasn't us." Madeleine said thankfully. "If we were with Jewel and Stef was with their road manager, noone can accuse us of sabotage, thank goodness."
"That would be something we don't need." Luca agreed. "Guess it was just an accident. Come on, while the commercials are on lets go see if we can help clear the mess."
"I'm with you." Clay nodded. "C'mon, girls. They showed us goodwill earlier, it's time to repay the favour."
"What, and break a nail over them? I don't think so." Stefana stuck up her nose.
"Aw, come on, Stef." Marissa pleaded. "It looks bad otherwise."
Stefana sighed.
"All right." She conceded reluctantly. "I'm coming, but don't expect me to move messy stuff that might blow up on me any second, okay?"
"Stef, honey, we don't expect anything of you." Madeleine told her quietly. "Now come on."
Across the set, Nancy was coming to her senses a little more to find herself sitting back on Connie's couch, her anxious brother beside her.
"Are you all right?" He murmured. Nancy nodded her head.
"I...I think so. What happened?"
"The amp blew up." Copper sat down on her other side. "Your amp, to be precise. We think there was a mixup with the cables, that's all."
"Ohh." Nancy fell silent, then, "Are...are we playing?"
"No. You're not up to it, and Connie understands." Topaz assured her. "Can you get up? If so, we'll go sit backstage out of the way and you can get your head straight."
"Can we help at all?" Luca asked at that moment, coming to join them. "We wondered if we might help clear up."
"Help?" Cynthia raised an eyebrow.
"Thanks, Luca." Topaz smiled. "I'm sure Aaron and Cyn could use a hand clearing up and we gotta look after Nancy."
"Is she all right?" Marissa asked, sounding concerned.
"I'm fine. Just a bit shook up." With every passing moment Nancy was sounding more and more like herself, and Aaron grinned.
"You frightened us." He reproached her. "No more theatrics, okay?"
"Wasn't on purpose." Nancy protested feebly. " my guitar..."
"It's pretty wrecked. I'm amazed you weren't hurt." Cynthia said quietly. "I believe I can fix it, though, if you'll let me."
"Sure." Nancy offered the hologram a weak smile. "I've had it a long time, I...I don't want to junk it."
"If someone did sabotage Jewel's set then they're toast when I catch them." Sylva glowered.
"Girls, I have to go back on the air." Connie said at that moment. "I'll explain to the nation that you're all right but that you can't play, if you want to head backstage."
"Sure." Copper nodded, helping the dazed guitarist up. "We'll be fine, Connie, don't worry."
"Diablo, I'd better have you guys in next." Connie decided. "I must say your help here is appreciated."
"Well, we wouldn't like it happening to us." Madeleine said with a smile. "I'm glad they're all okay. They could have been killed."
Once Jewel, along with Cynthia were backstage and out of the public gaze, Topaz cast Cynthia a glance.
"You know who did this, don't you?" She murmured. Cynthia frowned.
"I have my suspicions." She agreed.
"Who?" Sylva demanded. "C'mon, Cyn, tell us!"
"No." Cynthia shook her head. "I do not cause trouble for people without proof."
"I wish Phyllis had stayed, it wouldn't have happened then. Noone would've dared." Copper sighed. "Nance, you sure you're okay?"
"I'm fine, really." Nancy assured her. "It just shook me up, that's all. And I probably couldn't have played...but I don't think I'm hurt."
"Listen, Cynthia, you have to tell us your suspicions." Topaz said gravely. "It's important. You were responsible for those cables being plugged in right, you and could lose your job if you don't speak up."
"I hardly need a job, Topaz." Cynthia managed a ghost of a smile. "And it would be doubly bad if I were to be mistaken, after all. Pizzazz would cause a fuss and then things would be even worse."
"But Cyn, Jewel need you." Copper added her bit. "Your light shows are the best and you're one of our dearest friends. And what if Aaron decides it was him to blame, and offers his resignation? You have to talk."
Cynthia looked thoughtful.
"If I tell you what I think, then it goes no further than you girls or Pizzazz, should she need to know." She murmured.
"Fine. We promise." Sylva nodded. "Well?"
"I think it was Stefana."
"Diablo's Stefana?" Nancy looked startled. "But..."
"She came to speak to Aaron and I and there was an accident with a ladder." Cynthia nodded. "Aaron went to get her a drink and with the technicians about I went out to the van to get the rest of the cables. In retrospect she had ample time but I did think that the technics would have kept an eye on her."
"Damn Rory Llewelyn." Sylva pulled a face.
"The rest of them seemed so nice - think they're in on it too?" Copper wondered. Nancy shook her head.
"If you ask me, Cyn's right to be wary about saying anything." She responded. "We can't prove Stefana did a thing if the technicians were onset at the same time she was. But I think we tell Aunt Phyl that the set was tampered with...and safeguard Cynthia and Aaron. After all, this isn't their fault."
"Okay." Topaz nodded. "But I reckon we ought to pay close attention to Stefana from now looks like one of Diablo is going to live up to their name some after all!"

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