Name: Clayton Blake
Date Of Birth: February 11th, 1989
Starsign: Aquarius

Clay is the dark horse of the group. Generally quiet, people tend to listen to what he has to say when he deigns to put an opinion forward. Dry-humoured and ironic, Clay is both intelligent and creative, and works with Marissa in composing Diablo's music, as well as playing drums for the group. Despite the fact they work closely together, he has no idea of Marissa's crush on him, and never mentions his own feelings for her, though when she is put in danger they quickly come to light.

Clay is Luca's best friend and former room-mate from college. Both music students, it was they who created Diablo in it's original form, and who were the driving force behind the band concept. It is not uncommon for Luca to talk girls to Clay, though Clay rarely takes the opportunity to reciprocate.
Clay takes his music seriously, but he is also game for a laugh and occasionally his flippant, off-hand remarks are designed to wind up whoever they are aimed at - usually Stefana. He is shrewd and does not trust in Rory's genial front, always questioning what might be up the manager's sleeve. He also has little time for Stefana, and believes that Marissa is stupid to let her friend treat her in the way she does. Clay is not easily fooled and is often looking for the ulterior motive in everything.

Clay was born in England, the illegitimate son of the Earl of Wissex, Mason Hawthorne, and for this reason his family's roots were hushed up. Clay only discoved his father's identity at the age of twelve, and has never met him. Clay's mother, Shona, was born in Scotland and because of this Clay speaks with a slight scottish accent, especially since from the age of eight he was raised in Edinburgh after Shona's marriage to his stepfather Gary McKenzie. At fifteen, his family moved to Connecticut due to Gary's job and Clay met Luca at high school. The two soon hit it off and roomed together at college. Clay never talks about his real father and considers Gary as his dad, even though he was not there during the early part of his childhood. He also bears his mother no ill will for her indiscretion with Mason and is the first to defend her honour whenever it is brought into question. Despite his blue blood, Clay has no airs and graces or aspirations to lay claim to the earldom, even though Mason and his wife have no children of their own.