Archive Two
Dear Father

North Of The Border

It's been some time since Sirena last ventured north into the territory her father now calls home and, although her musical reputation in Canada is ever on the rise, she cannot help but be apprehensive about her visit. Eric, she knows, is a shrewd character, and her worst fears are realised when he shows up after a tour date, claiming to have a business proposition.

But there are darker things at work in Toronto than simply Eric's wheeler dealing. Someone is stalking through the city streets bent on a more sinister plan - and when there is a bomb scare at the hotel, Phyllis is suspicious that there's something more behind it. Little does she know, however, how twisted the plot is going to be...

Or how things are about to change...


Reader note:
This story deals with issues which may upset some readers.

Prologue: Toronto
Chapter One: Preparations
Chapter Two: Heading North
Chapter Three: First Show
Chapter Four: A Hotel Scare
Chapter Five: Diversion
Chapter Six: Eric's Gambit
Chapter Seven: Under The Radar
Chapter Eight: Flight

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