Don't Look Back
(A Sadie Saga)
Sadie's Diary: August 30th, 2013

 August 30th, 2013
Dear Diary,
                  I had an email from Topaz this morning. Jewel are playing some big award venue tonight in Los Angeles - I really wish that I could be there. I want to see them play again, especially since I've felt like Topaz and I have become such good friends over the past few months. It's weird how close you can become to someone you meet over the net. Well, I suppose we met in real life before that, but that's all.
Talking to Irene yesterday helped a whole lot. Cece asked me to come out for the night with some of the girls from her work and I decided to do it - it was a lot of fun. Ce got totally blitzed and if I hadn't been working the next day I might have been coaxed into drinking more than I did, to be honest. Only the memory of some of my worst hangovers and the boss' face if I turned up blitzed prevented me. Oh, and the fact that I didn;t think it would sound all that good. I'm not sure I'm ready to let go of myself like that in public places yet. Perhaps ever.
There's the phone...must be Alyssa. She said she'd call me as soon as work was out, to let me know about the dates for Sharita's recorder club concert. Apparently she has a solo in All Things Bright and Beautiful and she's thrilled as anything. Aly said she'd just leave a message, so I'll let the machine pick it up. I wish I'd had a club like that to go to as a kid. It was a brilliant idea of Aly's neighbour - the kids love it and Shari's going to be musical. I know it.

Oh my god....
The answer machine!
It can't be!
How did he get my number? How could he? How...I went ex-directory! Noone knows this number apart from Alyssa and work and Cece...
I have to get out of here! He knows where I am, he must do! Oh God, now what? What if he's outside...waiting for me!
Hell, Diary, what do I do!

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