Don't Look Back
(A Sadie Saga)
Chapter Five: A Refuge

"And the winners of the award for best album goes to..."
The speaker paused, gazing around the auditorium for what seemed to the waiting musicians like an age. Their performance of Reveal had come off without a hitch, for despite her hurt feelings Topaz was a born performer and she had managed to inject enthusiasm and energy into the song, winning the audience over in her usual easy manner. Once the song had ended, the reception had been good, and Topaz had begun to relax. Maybe Sylva was right after all.
"There will always be doubters. I just have to be stronger." She mused. "This is the career I came here to pursue. I'm damn well not going to give up on it now."
"I wish she'd hurry up - what's she waiting for, the end of the world? A new millennium?" Nancy muttered under her breath. Copper rolled her eyes.
"I don't know, but she's not doing my nerves any good." She whispered back.
"Shhht the pair of you!" Phyllis snapped. "She's about to say it!"
"Well, I don't think this will surprise anyone." The speaker laughed, breaking the tension that had been building. "It was a very close run vote, folks, so close we had to recount the figures twice, but in the end we had a clear winner. Ladies and Gentlemen, the winners of this year's award for best album, with their multi-platinum disk 'Tapestry', it's Jewel!"
"We did it!" Sylva's eyes opened wide with pride and excitement, and only the tight grip of Nancy's hand on her arm prevented her from letting out a whoop of pleasure. "Way to go Jewel!"
"Way to go, Nancy." Copper corrected, casting the blushing Nancy a grin as they got to their feet, trailed by the spotlight back to the stage where they had performed just over an hour before.
"Hey, girls." The speaker cast them a warm grin. "California loves you, or so it seems. How does it feel to be voted for by the people like this?"
"We love California!" Sylva took the microphone, beaming into the crowd, who roared their approval. "Especially Los Angeles! Thank you, guys! You all rock!"
"Anything you'd like to say in particular about what this award means to you?"
"It's Goldie's award really." Copper took the microphone. "I mean, we all worked very hard, but none harder than Goldie. She's a songwriter in a million and Jewel wouldn't be the same without her."
"Thanks, Copper, but this is Jewel's award, not mine." Nancy, her cheeks red added her bit. "I just hope I can keep writing songs good enough for these girls, that's all."
"Being in the public eye is a rollercoaster ride." Topaz continued. "But generally, a worthwhile one." She smiled, though the sparkle didn't quite reach her eyes. "May it continue to be for a long time to come. And, of course, without the hard work of the Misfits Music staff - notably Jetta Pelligrini and Phyllis Gabor, Aaron Pelligrini and Cynthia Benton, the recording studio crew and Zoe Montgomery, who does our videos, we wouldn't be here either - so of course, thanks and credits to them"
"Jewel forever!" Sylva exclaimed, as the speaker handed them the award. "Thanks again, Cali!"
As the crowd cheered, the spotlight followed the jubilant musicians across the stage, and down the steps back into the body of the auditorium, where they had been seated for the announcements. With the rest of the room in darkness, every eye was on the four piece rock group, and as they dismounted the dais, the heat and brightness of the light began to make Topaz feel disorientated. Reaching out a hand for Sylva to steady herself, she found herself falling.
And then, in an instant, the world was black.


"It's not like you to be late to work."
Jessica shot Sadie a look of confusion, as the blond girl pushed open the front door of the centre, casting a glance behind her as she did. "What's up, Sadie? Car trouble?"
"No." Sadie shook her head. "I don't jave a car, Jess, so I'd be hard pressed for it to be that. I just stayed with a friend last night, that's all, and I had to drop by mine for clothes first." She frowned. "You won't tell, will you?"
"Of course not." Jessica promised. "But you look like you had another rough night. You sure you shouldn't see a doctor about that?"
"I'm sure." Sadie dismissed it with a wave of her hand, though her expression was haunted and it was clear that she was on edge. "What's new today, anyhow? What's happening?"
"Well, we've a new kid arriving just after midday...I've been helping clear and prepare a room for them. They're lucky - they'll not have to share." Jessica told her. "I think the name of the boy is Adam - and he's about fifteen."
"Do we know anything else?"
"Nope, nada." Jessica shrugged. "But I figured we'd get Tony on him. Kids work best that way." She grinned. "Speaking of which, I heard he broke up with that girl he's been seeing."
"Really?" Sadie looked surprised. "Already?"
"Mm. And he doesn't seem too depressed about it." Jessica looked amused. "Apparently, if what I've been told is true, he's had his wounds licked already."
"What do you mean?" Sadie stared at her, then, "Chevonne?"
"Yep." Jessica spread her hands. "That's what I was told, anyhow. Apparently that quiet girl - Sinead?- saw them kissing out the back. So you were right, as ever. They do have the hots for each other."
"I'm usually right." Sadie told her with a shrug, but her expression was still preoccupied, and Jessica eyed her with a frown.
"Come have a coffee and a fag in the staffroom and tell me what's on your mind?" She coaxed.
"You hate my smoke - what do you want?" Sadie looked suspicious.
"I want to know what's worrying you." Jessica linked arms with the reluctant girl, pulling her up the stairs and into the designated "staff room", away from prying eyes. "I'm your friend, Sadie, you know that, and I don't like seeing you frazzled like this. Is someone upsetting you or something? What's wrong?"
"Oh god, you don't even want to ask that question." Sadie groaned, dropping down onto the sofa and burying her head in her hands. "Believe me, Jess. Keep out of it."
"Nope, not this time." Jessica shook her head. "Come on, Sadie. Please? I want to help you."
"I know you do, but I don't know if you - or anyone - can." Sadie sighed. "Jess, I think I'm being stalked."
"Stalked? By whom?" Jessica stared. "What do you mean?"
"Who? An ex-boyfriend." Sadie bit her lip. "A...very possessive and possibly deranged one, at that. I thought I'd gotten rid of him - I mean, I knew him in Kent and I'm here now. I changed my number to ex-directory...I thought I was safe. But last night he called my phone - my home number! How he got it I don't know...but it freaked me out."
"If you know enough people you can find that stuff." Jessica grimaced. "Believe me. That sucks, Sadie. What did he hope to achieve by phoning you?"
"Scaring me to death?" Sadie responded. "No, he wanted to meet me. Said he needed to talk. I..." She swallowed. "I grabbed my pyjamas and fled to Cece's for the night. I didn't want to be alone."
"He's that scary a guy?" Jessica looked taken aback. "So much so that you're afraid to stay in your flat after he's only phoned you? He could be miles away."
"He could be. It doesn't make me any less scared." Sadie responded, lighting a cigarette with shaking fingers. "Really, Jess. This isn't a man you mess with. And it gets worse. When I went home to dress this morning, this was pushed under my door."
She reached into her pocket, pulling out a crumpled sheet of paper and pushing it across the table. "Here. Read it."
"Sadie." Jessica scooped up the sheet, smoothing it out on her knee and skimming over it's contents, reading it aloud to herself in low tones. "Don't play games with me, I want to talk to you. We've things that need to be settled and I know where to find you, you can't hide forever. Don't mess me about again. I'll call you and you'd better be ready to talk. Neal."
She glanced up.
"Did you show this to the police?"
"No way." Sadie shook her head. "He'd kill me!"
"You should, before he does." Jessica's tones were grave. "I'm serious, Sadie. This is a weird guy all right. You gotta take this to the police station and tell them what's been going on. They can protect you!"
"No they can't." Sadie responded sadly. "I have a criminal record, a history of drug abuse, and besides, why bother with a little stalking case? Surely they've bigger fish to fry?"
"Sadie, please." Jessica handed the note back. "Take that to the authorities. I mean it. I don't want you hurt."
"I don't want me hurt, either." Sadie admitted, taking a drag on her cigarette and flicking ash idly onto the table top. "I'm loath to go home tonight, now I know he knows where I live. I haven't told Alyssa yet - with her pregnancy and all, I don't really want to worry her more than I have to. I can't talk to Cece about this - she's sweet but she's a blabbermouth too. I don't know what I'm going to do. Maybe ask if I can sleep over here for a few nights, help out on night shifts and stuff."
"You can come stay at mine." Jessica offered. "Mum won't mind. She's spending most of her time at the rehab clinic anyway. I think she rather fancies one of the guys there, if you ask me. Still, if it's working - and it seems to be - why complain." She grinned. "Since my big brother left home for the navy, we've a nice empty room at the back of the house. You're more than welcome."
"Could I?" Relief flooded Sadie's features as the other girl nodded. "Thanks, Jess. It means a lot."
"Well, I wish you'd go see the police, but still, I'm glad to help." Jessica sighed. "I just don't think the problem is going to go away on it's own."
"I'm going to give it a chance to, if nothing else." Sadie smiled grimly, re-folding the letter and slipping it back into her pocket. She stood, stubbing out her cigarette. "And now, we both have work to do. Come on...let's see where we're wanted downstairs."

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