Don't Look Back
(A Sadie Saga)
Chapter Seven: Jetta's Advice
"What's going on out here?"
The sound of voices startled Neal into loosing his grip and the frightened girl pushed herself free, fleeing into the darkness as fast as her giddy, terrified legs would take her. Neal, realising that the interruption was caused by the club's two burly security guards, took off into the night and though one of the guards set off in hot pursuit, he was long gone. From behind them, a worried Jessica stepped out through the fire exit door, a frown on her face. She had seen from the bar the events across the dancefloor and had alerted security - she only hoped that her friend was okay. She turned to one of the guards, casting him a grave smile.
"Thank you for listening to me." She murmured.
"Any idea who that guy was, and what he wanted from your friend?" The guard asked her. Jessica sighed, shaking her head.
"Sadie's very secretive." She admitted. "About things like this. All I know is that he scared her." She slipped her jacket onto her shoulders. "I suppose I should go after her, see if I can find her. I don't like to think of her alone out there with him on the loose."
"Well, be careful." The guard advised her. "Some guys when they've had too much to drink lose themselves very easily."
"Thanks for the warning, I'll take care." Jessica promised them. "And thanks again for your help. I just hope I can find her now."
She glanced out into the darkness. "I'm gonna guess she went to her sister's house, it's the closest bolthole from here, so I'm going to try there first." She frowned. "I hope she makes it there okay."

Andrew stared at the sobbing, tousled mess on the doorstep, for a moment speechless as he surveyed his sister-in-law's pitiful state. Then, as he realised she was hurt, he ushered her inside, calling for his wife from the kitchen and making sure the battered girl was safely seated on the settee. He sat down opposite her, casting her a frown.
"Hell, Sadie, what happened?"
Sadie's tears had long since become full blown hysterics and it was some time before she could get anything coherent out. Finally, however, she choked out one word, and at the sound of it, Andrew's face darkened.
"Neal?" he demanded. "That lowlife did this to you?"
Sadie could only nod and, as Alyssa emerged, exclaiming at her sister's condition, Andrew moved beside the scared girl, hugging her tightly.
"You're safe here." He told her firmly. "You stay with us tonight, okay? We won't let anything - or anyone - get to you."
"What happened to her?" Alyssa's eyes were wide with shock. "Sadie, honey, what happened?"
"Neal happened." Andrew said grimly, seeing that his sister-in-law was still beyond speech. "I don't know what the ins and outs of it are, Aly, but the girl's hurt - I think he attacked her and somehow she got away from him and fled here. Go get her a drink or something, huh? I think she needs it."
"I think there's still hot water in the kettle, I'll pour some tea." Alyssa nodded, retreating once more into the kitchen and re-emerging with a hot cupful which she held out to her sister. "Here, Sadie. Drink this, it'll help."
Sadie, now she realised she was safe, was beginning to calm down and she took the cup, drinking it's contents gingerly, then setting it down on the table as her sister handed her a tissue with which to dry her eyes. From the bruises already forming on her arms and around her throat, Alyssa knew that the younger girl had been lucky to escape with her life, and anger seared inside of her.
"How dare he." She muttered. "Sadie, I'm calling the police, this jerk has to be stopped."
"No!" Fear leapt into Sadie's blue eyes, and she shook her head. "No, Aly, no! I'm okay, I..I got away! If you call the police he'll be even madder...and he might take it out on you guys, too! I don't want anyone to get hurt on my account!"
"Alyssa is right. We don't want you hurt any more." Andrew told her quietly.
"Then don't call the police! Please!" Sadie begged. "I'll be okay...I swear. Let it go!"
Alyssa, seeing her sister was on the verge of more hysterics sighed, but gave in, sitting down on the girl's other side.
"You're bruised." She murmured. "And bleeding, too." As she noticed the scrapes on Sadie's elbows. "I suggest you go upstairs, take a nice hot bath and then I'll put something on those for you. Andrew's right, you can stay here tonight. The girls are in bed and they needn't know anything about this, but I don't want you going home if that maniac is on your tail. I'll look you out a nightie you can use. Tomorrow we'll discuss what we're going to do, but for now you're a mess and you'll feel better after a nice hot bath."
Sadie got to her feet obediently, though her heart still raced with fear in her chest and her head whirled from the shock of the experience. She stumbled slightly, and Andrew steadied her.
"No fainting." He chided. "You're safe."
"I...I'm all right. I'm just...shook up." Sadie responded quietly. Alyssa took her by the hand.
"Then let's get you cleaned up and tucked up safe in bed." She murmured, as if talking to one of her own daughters. "In the morning, we'll see whether you need a doctor or anything else, but for now, come with me. We'll soon see you all right."
Sadie followed her out of the room, her mind still numb. All right? Would she ever be all right again?
"And what will I do?" She murmured to herself. "Where can I go now? Where am I going to be safe from Neal?"

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

"What exactly did you want to see us about, Topaz?"
Jetta shoved a folder back into the filing cabinet, turning to fix the singer with quizzical grey eyes. "You girls 'ave a photoshoot in an hour - what's so important that it couldn't wait till then?"
"I wanted to get you both alone." Topaz admitted. "Is Phyllis here?"
"No, she already left for a meeting in San Francisco." Jetta shook her head. "So whatever it is, you're stuck with just me I'm afraid. That a problem?"
"Guess not." Topaz sank down into a chair. "I just wanted to talk to you a bit about my future. That's all."
"Ain't it a bit previous, love, talkin' about your future before the baby is even in the frame?" Jetta slammed the drawer shut, returning to her desk and perching on the corner as she leant over to switch off her mobile. "What gives?"
"Well, I did some thinking." Topaz said slowly. "Passing out like I did at the award ceremony screwed up Jewel's schedule and not only did the photoshoot get postponed, it's now swallowing up an otherwise free day. Even worse, when I thought about it I remembered that the initial photoshoot had been arranged when it had so as not to clash with my ultrasound...which means now that's rescheduled I'm going to be causing uproar again." She grimaced. "The baby isn't even born and I'm upsetting everything. I'm rather worried about what's going to happen when it is. It's not like Emily, whose career is as a soloist. She can work to her own rules. I have three others to think of and they're my best friends. I don't want to let them down."
"Hmm." Jetta frowned, then, "So what do you want us to do about it?"
"I don't know." Topaz sighed. "I guess I wanted some advice. The thing is..." She faltered, then, "Well, I want to stay in Los Angeles. That's important to me. Everything that matters in my life these days is here, bar Cameron, of course, and I have nothing in Canada to go back to. I don't want to be alone when the baby is born."
"So?" Jetta raised an eyebrow. "'Ow does that involve Pizzazz an' me?"
"Well, this is my big dilemma." Topaz admitted. "I don't want to inconvenience Jewel, and I don't want to be deported back to Canada. In short, what can I do?"
"Did you ever think about takin' up a solo career?" Jetta asked her quietly. Topaz stared, then,
"Like Sirena?"
"Yes." Jetta nodded. "You're a strong singer an' you probably could. You'd 'ave the press advantage of your days with Jewel behind you, so people would know your name. It's somethin' you ought to consider, you know."
"I don't know...I'm so used to being a part of a team."
"Well, you asked for ideas." Jetta spread her hands. "Listen, Topaz. Bottom line is this. Misfit Music renews your work and resident permits for you whenever they come up for in order for that to continue an' you to stop 'ere in Los Angeles, you'd 'ave to remain an employee of Misfit Music. If you decide to leave Jewel, well, your choice, an' you know that. But you 'ave to think about this seriously. If you want to stop 'ere, you 'ave to 'ave a reason for us to keep renewin' your paperwork." She shrugged. "We don't want to deport you - or lose you, for that matter. You're too good a performer to jus' boot out back to Canada. Think it over, okay? It might be the answer you're lookin' for."
"A solo career." Topaz looked thoughtful. "Maybe you're right. I mean, it'd be weird to get used to, but I could arrange things around the baby's needs, like Emily does, and Jewel could carry on...oh, but what about Jewel? There'd only be three of them. Nancy said that if I left they'd have problems because of my bass guitar line - the bass is part of Jewel's sound now."
Jetta shrugged.
"America is a big country. We can solve that if we 'ave to." She said flippantly. "Listen, leave that to us to worry about. It's what we're paid for."
"I guess so." Topaz frowned. "Thanks, Jetta. You've given me plenty to think about, anyhow."
 She cocked her head, looking thoughtful.
"Can I ask you something?"
"Sure." Jetta nodded. "What is it?"
"How did you cope with the Misfits and Aaron?"
Jetta laughed.
"Easy, love. It's called Justin." She said, amused. "An' me ma in law, an' all."
"Ooh." Topaz frowned. "Yes, I forgot you were married when he was born. That does make it different."
"Well, then perhaps that's another thing you need to think about." Jetta raised a pointed eyebrow. "Talkin' to the baby's father about things."
"It's too messy right now." Topaz shook her head. "Jetta, you haven't said anything to Laura, have you?" Laura was Cameron's mother, and one of Jetta's childhood friends. The executive frowned.
"Against me better judgement, no. I ain't." She said quietly. "It ain't my business an' I'm not gettin' involved in it. You're my employee, not my daughter an' Laura is my friend, not my business partner. I learnt long ago that mixin' business an' pleasure don't always work."
"Thanks." Topaz looked grateful. "I'm sorry I got you mixed up in this."
"Well, what else should I expect but trouble from bloody kids decidin' it's time to 'ave kids of their own?" Jetta rolled her eyes. "'Ere, you better scoot. You 'ave to be at the venue in twenty minutes an' you won't be thanked if you're late, after yesterday."
"I'm on my way." Topaz got to her feet, flashing her manager a smile. "Thanks again. I'll think about what you said."
Then she was gone, and Jetta pursed her lips, considering.
"I wonder what we will do about Jewel, if she quits." She mused. "Oh well. No doubt Pizzazz will come up with some brilliant scheme." She shrugged, reaching over to boot up her computer. "And for now, I got corporate email to deal with, so Jewel can bloody well wait!"

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