Archive Two

Being the illegitimate son of the Earl of Wissex may seem a romantic story to the Los Angeles press, but for Clayton Blake it has been a stigma he has carried deep within him all his life. Determined, stubborn and proud, he takes pleasure in the fact he has made it to the top of the music world through his own talent and hard work and without the assistance of the man he hates to call 'father'.

But now, thanks to the unscrupulous Darren McMillan and the LA Tribune, everybody is aware of his dubious blue-blooded connections and, touring in England, Clay feels the scrutiny all the more strongly. It seems that, at long last, Mason is taking an interest in his son - but at a high price. Does Clay have what it takes to be the heir of the Earl of Wissex - or are the rifts between father and son already too great to breach?

Meanwhile, Albert Burns has drawn his last breath, and Jetta decides she must fly to England to close up his house and do her duty by the man she grew up calling father. The old council house proves to be more of a Pandora's box, however, when she discovers the final pieces of the puzzle that Bertie took to his grave. The more she finds, the more dangerous she realises the waters are...has she discovered her true identity only for it to claim her very life?

Prologue: London, England
Chapter One: England's Rose
Chapter Two: Delving
Chapter Three: Wissex
Chapter Four: Grace
Chapter Five: Revelations
Chapter Six: Facing Shadows
Chapter Seven: A Change In Plans
Chapter Eight: County Show
Chapter Nine: Trevor Hawthorne
Chapter Ten: A Sea Chest
Chapter Eleven: Binding
Chapter Twelve: Homecoming
Chapter Thirteen: Hawthorne Blood
Chapter Fourteen: Mayfair

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