Arc Three: When Life Goes On


Since she was very small, Sirena has nurtured a well hidden wish to be part of a family. Feeling let down by her mother and the music company, Sirena is startled to stumble onto the fact that Phyllis has a sister. In the midst of the confusion comes Sirena's infamous father, Eric Raymond, looking for money to fund his business ventures in Toronto. Vulnerable and bitter at her mother's omissions of the truth, Sirena looks set to fall into Eric's trap.
Can Chimera prevent her niece from becoming another of Eric's victims?
Meanwhile, Sylva is planning her twenty-first birthday bash, and Topaz is preparing to see Cameron for the first time since events at Christmas. Can she salvage the relationship she left in tatters?
And how will Copper react when Aaron asks a very special question?

NB: Chimera, (Suzanne Mayor) was the first ever Jem character I created and she first appears in my Misfit fiction, "Who Is She, Anyway?" which I wrote in the Autumn of 2001. She was a young video artist and the daughter of Pizzazz's mother. During the story mention was also made of a character called Sakura (Kaori Ito). She was Chimera's technical partner and also was introduced in Who Is She, Anyway? This story (plus a photograph of Chimera the doll) can be accessed by clicking here.
To simply read Chimera's character biography, click here :)

Prologue: February 1997  
Chapter One: Sirena's Show

Chapter Two: A Plot
Chapter Three: In California
Chapter Four: About Chimera
Chapter Five: Sirena's Aunt
Chapter Six: A Special Quest
Chapter Seven: The Plot Hatches
Chapter Eight: Eric Strikes
Chapter Nine: Webchat
Chapter Ten: Complications
Chapter Eleven: Handling Emily
Chapter Twelve: A Discovery
Chapter Thirteen: A Birthday Surprise

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