Arc Three: When Life Goes On


Part Three

With the wedding over, Sylva is still reeling from the confession Zoe made at the reception. However, Sylva is not the only person who knows the truth and Jesta, angry that Flame did not ruin the wedding is determined to get even. Enlisted once more by her new ally Stefana, the two plot to expose Zoe's secret for what it is.
Meanwhile, Stefana has dug up some interesting information of her own. Overhearing Sylva and Topaz's conversations at the beach, she decides to utilise the information she learns there for her own ends - to bring down the girl band through the tabloid press. Throughout this, Topaz has to make the most difficult decision of her life...
Can she really let Cameron go?

NB: This story has been deliberately written to directly coincide with a corresponding Teenangel Outsider Fiction, "With You I Am" by Gemma Dawn which can be found on the Teenangel Outsider Website (link below). This story, A Starlight Wedding, in all it's parts, functions as a story in it's own right, however there are conflicting and crossing issues and if you want a peek at things from the other side of the coin, check out Gemma's story to find out more :)

Chapter One: Zoe And Flame
Chapter Two: Spying For The Enemy
Chapter Three: Connie
Chapter Four: Back To Work
Chapter Five: A Broken Heart
Chapter Six: A Shock For Zoe
Chapter Seven: A Confrontation
Chapter Eight: A Second Leak
Chapter Nine: Press Conference
Chapter Ten: Revelations
Chapter Eleven: At The Starlight

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