Arc Four: Into The Spotlight



Topaz has been fairly idle since she gave up Jewel to concentrate on the needs of her new baby. But Hollie is now six months old, and Misfit Music have decided that it's more than time the singer got back into the swing of full time work.
It just so happens that Milton Warrington, a local movie producer, is looking for a new lead female at short notice to star in his latest production. The part, about a young singer in Los Angeles, seems the perfect opportunity for Topaz to branch out for herself and start a new career.
But things are rarely that simple. Although she charms Milton with her voice and charisma, Topaz finds that it's not so easy to convince the rest of the cast that she's more than just a rock singer turned actress, or that she is up to the pressures of the job. Caught in a web between arrogant actor Travis Banning, his catty friend Marina, and hot headed Morgan O'Sullivan, Topaz isn't quite sure who to trust, and in her urgency to be accepted, begins to take on more than she can handle.
But then there is a crisis at home, and Topaz realises exactly how much is at stake, and what she has to decide.
Will she make the right choice?
And how will Sylva settle the issue of Jack Miller?

Chapter One: A Surprise For Topaz
Chapter Two: Make or Break
Chapter Three: Audition
Chapter Four: First Day
Chapter Five: Travis' Plot
Chapter Six: Making Choices
Chapter Seven: Jewel...and Jack
Chapter Eight: Topaz Shines
Chapter Nine: Trouble
Chapter Ten: Crisis
Chapter Eleven: Morgan Explains

Chapter Twelve: Topaz's Future

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